Diesel Trucks Gather at 2009 TS Performance Outlaw Show

Traction-intro-560Diesel Trucks Gather at 2009 TS Performance Outlaw Show
Words and Photos By: Dan Sanchez

Who would have thought that the heavy-duty diesel pickup would become the hot rod of the truck world? Diesel pickups make up the majority of heavy-duty trucks sold in the United States, and they’re extremely popular in the South and Midwest, where they were originally used to haul things like hay and horse trailers. Now, diesel trucks can be upgraded with aftermarket components that allow them to get more than 25 mpg and achieve 800-plus horsepower.

High-performance diesel trucks such as these congregated at the 2009 TS Performance Outlaw Drag Race and Sled Pull this month in Bowling Green, Ky. Deep in the heart of diesel truck country, this event attracts hundreds of trucks, along with thousands of people who come to participate, test and witness the extreme performance capabilities of these vehicles.

Caption: Spectators got to see many of the sled-pull vehicles up close as they prepared for competition. Several classes included street-driven trucks with bigger turbos and counterweights added to the front.

The show included a portable dynamometer for truck owners to show off their machines’ power. John Powell and his 2007 Chevy Silverado Duramax made 811 hp and 1,303 pounds-feet of torque, while Jason Revis and his 2005 Dodge Ram, equipped with a 5.9-liter Cummins, netted 516 hp and 1,068 pounds-feet of torque. While other trucks pulled big numbers on the dyno, the fun was cut short due to some torrential rains and strong winds that blew in that afternoon.

The next day’s drag-racing portion of the event was also canceled, but the sled-pull at the Southern Kentucky Fairgrounds took place later that evening, and there wasn’t an inch of the fairgrounds that didn’t have a diesel truck parked on it. Smoke poured out of big exhaust stacks and tires spun on the hard-packed dirt course as street-driven diesel pickups, locked in four-wheel drive, pulled a heavy sled down the length of the course.

Caption: During the show, several truck owners signed up to get their vehicles placed on a dyno, with some producing big numbers – including more than 800 hp and 1,000 pounds-feet of torque.

At first it seemed all too easy for the stock classes to pull the sled down the 400-foot course, but more weight was soon added to the sled, showcasing the best performance these trucks could muster. Sled-pull classes are determined by the inlet size of the turbocharger, and included a stock 2.6 class, a street-driven 2.8 class, a 3.0 class and a Modified class. With the number of trucks in the individual classes that competed that day, the sled pulls didn’t reach the final rounds until early Sunday morning.

In addition to the competition events, truck owners at the show were welcomed by diesel performance manufacturers such as ATS Diesel, Industrial Injection, Snow Performance, Optima Batteries, Fluidampr and several others. Many truck owners took advantage of special pricing offered on aftermarket components and got expert advice in selecting the right products for their truck and application.

Caption: One of the more popular engine swaps we saw at the show was the removal of Ford’s Power Stroke for a Cummins engine. While it doesn’t emphasize brand loyalty, it does say a lot about diesel owners’ performance preferences.

Events like these are an intriguing showcase for the latest trends and newest products in diesel performance. For example, one of the prevailing engine swaps we saw at this event was Cummins engines in Ford F-250 pickups. This is quickly becoming a performance trend among diesel truck enthusiasts who aren’t loyal to any particular make or model. While this event offered just a glimpse of the performance potential of late-model diesel trucks, we can only anticipate that next year’s event will bring out faster and more powerful trucks that will really show off their true potential.

Sled-Pull Results

2.6 Class
Jason Beasley, Houston, Mo. – 2006 Dodge Ram, 338.01 feet

2.8 Class
Matthew Williams, Shelbyville, Ky. – 1996 Dodge Ram, 300.29 feet

3.0 Class
Rod Tarr, Edinburg, Ill. – 1996 Dodge Ram, 357.03 feet

Modified Class
Shane Kellog, - Forrest, Ohio – 1997 Dodge Ram, 302.39 feet

Caption: The sled pull was one of the most exciting parts of the show, and the crowd was anxious to see some competition.


Okay, so the Dodge Ram won all of the categories eventhough there were Chevy, and Ford Trucks There.

Damm The Silverado, and F-150 SUCK!

What the HELL does a F150 have to do with diesel drags?

Get out of your mom's basement and get some sun
dodgeram2009, ya doorknob!!!

And the word is "Damn" not "Damm". Chrysler has enough problems without you "helping".

I agree with Martok ram is the woset truck ever made

ford trucks rule

The Cummins is by far my favorite of the Deisel engines.

To avoid arguments I have no preference in domestic trucks I would buy which every truck was the better.

At work however I have driven the each brand of truck with their deisels. So I have driven all of them and I just like the Cummins.

Each Engine does change though adn when I drive future ones it will change probably. Who knows I might like the 2012 duramax lol.

the ford is the best truck. doesnt have the best engine but overall is the best truck

cummins is great but the reason is because they cheaper to buy, repair, and modify than v8 diesels so lots of mods on the winners cummins

CUMMINS POWER...nuff said. Only in a Dodge.

Cummins are the only reason why people buy Fiat trucks. It cannot be b/c of the overall quality of the truck. Cheap interior, bland, thin body parts, weak frame. Crawl under a Ford or a Chevy then look at a Fiat frame. No thanks give me Ford or Chevy.

get over it there are articles on this web site were your favorite truck has won. but i can't wait to show this article to my supervisor who drives a 06 ford 3500 with a 5th wheel and all available aftermarket goodys. Ill just show him the part where they took out the powder stroke and put in a cummins.

who the hell would want a dodge? the wiring goes bad in them, their cloth seats rip real easy, there is no room in their so called crew cab and the mega cab is just to damn ugly. chevy has the room, the power and better built engine, the best powertrain warranty, and the longest lastability in gas and diesel trucks!

If Ford would just put a Catapiller diesel motor in there new
diesels and be done with it there would be no more talk about whose is better, Cat would outpull all yall ...so (nah)!

WOW! I mean WOW not to Dodge but to Ford when I see this : http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2009/10/video-2011-ford-super-duty-surprises-at-diesel-truck-pull.html A stock Diesel pull around 300 ft !!!!!!!!! A stock,did you believe this ??!! Yes,GOOD JOB FORD !!! Great!!! And look at this truck (Dodge) on this page with all this modification pull a little over 300 ft.WITH ALL MODIFICATION!!! I can say only one: Ford always was #1 but with this new truck and diesel its a #1 ahead all competitors and leave them (Competitors) behind.Great job Ford!!! THE BEST OVERALL BUILT TRUCK!!!STRONG FRAME,AXLE,BODY,NICE INTERIOR,BEST LOOKING TRUCK OLD AND NEW MODEL AND ETC.

A stock Diesel pull around with it there would be no more talk about whose is better, Chevy has the room, the power and better built engine, the best power train warranty, and the longest last ability in gas and diesel trucks .

Ok, obviously we all have a different opinions as we can see, like: mine it's better than yours, and so on. There is a difference in between those trucks brand name Chevy/Godge/GMC/Ford, etc and there is no doubt about it. Like trucks build on Fridays, when every plant guy rush to get out of there. I mean bad, like one guy here complained, which mention that he got a Chevy with 6,6 Dmax and been in service 53 times. I said come on dude, you could of got out of that bad car long time ago with the help of lemon or BBB. I own an 08 Dodge Ram 1500 5,7 HEMI (35600 miles so far). I'm in process of getting a diesel probably Chevy/GMC or Dodge certainly diesel. I honestly HAD NO ISSUES what so ever with my Dodge. I heard the Duramax suppose to be a very good diesel with no troubles, and Cummins as well. We will always buy cars based on rebates available and manufacture discounts or personal preferance in the end.. Those trucks get better and better every year. Todays's quality is bad no matter what !!!

damn that is bad ass

dodge diesel 12v are the best truck get one they are good no mater wat any one tells you. :) woow

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