Ford Exec Confirms "Coyote" Engine

Ford Exec Confirms

In January, we reported word from our sources that in 2010 Ford will drop the current two-valve, 4.6-liter V-8 and three-valve, 4.6- and 5.4-liter V-8 engines for the F-150 pickup truck and replace them with a new 5.0-liter V-8, code-named "Coyote," that will be shared with the new Mustang. Now, a Ford exec in Australia has said on the record that the engine exists.

Drive Magazine quotes Russell Christophers, Ford Australia's product development director, who said about the Coyote and its anticipated approximately 400-horsepower and 400 pounds-feet of torque power ratings: “I have seen the performance curves and it is a pretty good engine.”

The V-8 is not dead. Stay tuned.

Spied! Coyote 5.0-liter V-8

[Source: Drive Magazine]


A lot of American companys are takin parts from Australian branches, Camaro, Ranger, G8, now this engine has connections with Aus.

Glad to hear this. I don't mind the latest F-150 at all except for the performance. The current engines are completely inadequate and acceleration is bottom of the pack. Can't wait to see what they come up with.

This engine sucks! The Dodge Ram has 5.7L compared to their 5.0L. It also has 390hpwhich is still enough to beat this engine.

Nice try dodgeram09 but there isn't going to be a Ram much longer.

It's going to say FIAT on the tailgate. Fix It Again Tony!

haha dodgeram 09! It's 5.0 and has more power and torque than a 5.7 hemi...

Aussie, I rather get it from them than from China or Mexico!!?? Hey Mike that Falcon sure look like those 1993 Mustang body style. The headlight are different through. You think they will come to U.S. ? (Falcon) Way to go Ford bring the Wolves...

Hey nice picture! Of the coyote not the truck!

this engine might rate 13,000 towing, and its gonna kill he Hemi, overrated piece of crap that thing is, you cant even tow 10,000 pounds with that hemi motor, it just sucks.

This is just one of the two engines the F150 will be featuring in 2010. If the power numbers are correct for the 5.0L this engine will be lighter than the Ram 5.7L & with the 6.2L on the horizon with more hp & torque chevy,dodge & toyota will be in lots of trouble. Imagine what will happen when Roush,Saleen & SVT puts a supercharger on these engines. Whoa!!!

Ugly, cheesy graphic of the coyote next to the truck. What, did someone's 15-year old son have time on their hands?

@rich: No. Someone's 30-something-year-old son did. :-)

I am a fan of all American Trucks but I am still worried about getting a Ford Truck the last two died on me not saying they are all bad or not being biased to start arguments but I just hope they get it right this time. I want all of my favored domestic trucks to be the best they can be.

Also no offense but if I want to tow 10k + I would get a 2500 or a 250. So as a no preference buyer I dont look for that in a F150 or a 1500 at all. I look for durability strength and endurance.

dodge ram sucks so ugly i work the rigs in alberta canada i drive a ford f150 harley my sister got a foose f150 nobody drives those crappy ass hemis here this 5L ford engine is sweet nice hp and toruqe cant wait for the 2010 f150 harley my dad already bought a platuim ford truck my moms buying a raptor when then come out ford family for life !!!!!! dodge ram just die already lol

The only weak points on the Mustang was the rear live axle when compared the Camaro's IRS and the 4.6L V8 compared to the Camaro's 6.2L, 426 HP OHV V-8. But with the Mustang's lighter weight (both the Camaro and the Dodge Challenger are heavy-weight larger vehicles), this engine should put the Mustang on top especially with a more modern OHC 5.0L Coyote engine. And Ford has the best chance at survival--from a business standpoint, the most honorable of the "Detroit 3." Ford planned ahead and was pro-active compared to the long-time blotted GM and the weakened Chrysler Corp. I would like to see all of the Detroit 3 survive, but for now, Ford's way ahead of the pack and deservedly so.

i'm not trying to pick a fight with anyone here but we all know that the engine's hp and tq ratings only account for one small portion of the truck's overall towing capacity. there is also the transmission, overall gear ratio, transmission oil cooling and engine cooling, frame strength and suspension, brakes, as well as overall weight of the vehicle, and any cargo and passengers to consider. just because an engine makes more hp and/or tq doesn't mean it will increase the towing capacity. and we have classes of trucks (1/2 ton, 3/4 ton, 1 ton...) for a reason; each class is capable of a certain amount of work, and you buy your truck based on the amount of work you need to do. you dont buy a 1/2 ton truck to do the work of a 3/4 ton. like Americantruckfan said "if I want to tow 10k + I would get a 2500 or a 250"

having said that, if this engine is as good as they say it is, then i can't wait to see it in action, and i applaud Ford on a job well done.

350hp & 350ft-lbs with ZF's 6hp28 transmission should make the F-150 competitive.
400hp 375ft-lbs with the TR6060 transmission should narrow the gap between the mustang and camaro.

dodgeman09: So a HEMI motor with more cubes but less power with a 5spd trans is better? Personally, I'll take less cubes with more power and a 6spd trans (most likely better mpgs too). That 6 speed should surely help keep this 5.0L/302cid in its sweet spot if tuned properly. Plus the upcoming 6.2L Hurricane coming out at the end of 2009, currently limited to the Raptor and has been estimated as having up to 500hp in N/A form, should ensure the F150 is put over the top. The only advantage I see currently the Ram has is the motor (5.7L vs 5.4L based on power not longevity/reliability), and some soft touch interior items. Otherwise looking at the rest of the truck, the F150 is much better overall. And I do not like the coil over suspension either or those ugly cargo boxes in the bed rails.

the hemi is a waste of money and an engine. it belongs in cars and thats it. put 10,000 pounds behind it and it cant get out of its own way. i suppose if all you do is run at the drag strip with your truck its fine but thats all its good for.

I agree with Andrew. you can have big tq and hp numbers but if the other components such as the transmission and differential, are not engineered properly the towing capacity and acceleration are greatly affected. if they keep the drive line the same and increase the number it should be able to make the hemi obsolete and the f150 untouchable. I am personally happy as long as people buy domestic.

Are you guys telling me FORD is bringin back the 302 sence the 4.6 is JUNK

The Ford 4.6 is a very good engine - I have one. Never a problem and with cheap, simple mods - I walk GTOs (yes, the new 350 and 400hp versions). Mine is a "heavy drop-top" with a "slow" automatic. 2007 GT.

The new 302 is NOT bringing back the old pushrod 302, it is and ALL NEW 306 CUBIC INCH 32 valve MONSTER. Don't forget a good rule-of-thumb: 10hp =100lbs

In other words, a camaro that has for example only, not actual numbers: a 3800lb 430hp would be 400lbs (or 40hp) disadvantaged to a 3400lb Mustang GT given the mustang had the same HP. If coyote Mustang GT has the estimated 400 hp then it would have a 10hp advantage (or approx .1sec or 1mph 1/4mile drag time advantage).

As far as the IRS, I've heard nightmares about the IRS in GTO's. SO, is it really better for the kind of car/purpose ... NO. FAST (not quick) cars are mostly ALL solid rear axles for a reason. They can handle the power. A quick tune on a coyote should yield about 450hp and about 600hp with a pump gas blower or 700hp with a kit Turbo. We are talking about GT's here, not SRT8's or SS Camaros .... just a plain jane GT for a lot less $. Ford's already on top with the 4.6/sales/running it's company right/etc. Just imagine when they unleash the Coyote. USA FORD WINS Hide, run and tremble pushrod GM and HEMI lovers.

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