Hubble Astronauts, We Salute You

Hubble Astronauts, We Salute You
Photo: NASA

This is outside our normal beat but it deserves mention.

When many days seem to bring challenging news or word of difficult change, we thought we'd take a moment to recognize the superb team of NASA workers, scientists and astronauts who made the latest space shuttle mission an amazing success. Working on the ground and 350 miles above it, this focused group of Americans repaired the Hubble Space Telescope, giving it another five years of life. They made a plan, practiced and executed it and overcame adversity on-the-fly through ingenuity and persistence and showed us what the right stuff is all about.

Thank you.

STS-125 Space Shuttle Atlantis crew roster:
- Scott D. Altman - Commander
- Gregory C. Johnson - Pilot
- Michael T. Good - Mission Specialist 1
- K. Megan McArthur - Mission Specialist 2
- John M. Grunsfeld - Mission Specialist 3
- Michael J. Massimino - Mission Specialist 4
- Andrew J. Feustel - Mission Specialist 5

P.S. The space shuttle is really a space pickup truck.


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