Mitsubishi Offers Free Goat With Purchase of New Triton Pickup

Mitsubishi Giving Free Goat With Purchase of New Triton Pickup

Mitsubishi Motors in New Zealand is giving away a free goat with the purchase of a new Triton pickup truck. The company says it's an effort to help stave off recession in the country.

"“We firmly believe that New Zealand’s recovery is in the hands of the rural sector, and they’re the people who are buying our utes,” said Peter Wilkins, MMNZ's general manager of sales and marketing. “Goats, like our Tritons, are hardy, versatile units, which will integrate directly into existing farm operations.”

Wilkins also said goats are cheaper than pesticides for controlling weeds and can be fleeced to produce wool for fine clothing, and that goat milk has a reputation as a nutritious alternative to cow milk.

For Triton buyers who already own a goat or goat herd, there's a "no goat package" that consists of a five-year/100,000-kilometer extended warranty, five free inspections, 5,000-kilometer road-user charges, five years of roadside assistance, and $500 of genuine or approved Triton accessories, Wilkins said.

No word yet from Mitsubishi on whether it'll give away a free pirate with remaining Mitsubishi Raider pickup trucks in the U.S.


Mitsi stole that idea, have a look:

Just checked out the youtube link and realised that mitsubishi really have some cheek. It is blatantly obvious that they have dtolen the small car yards idea and are even more blatantly taking the credit. You big corporations are all the same!

Why didnt they sell that truck here in the states? Looks quite a bit like a Ford Sport Track.Surely couldnt have sold worse than Raider (a name stolen from Dodge's rebadged Mitsubishi Montero 2 door SUV).
Wonder what Mahindra will offer for free for US buyers to buy their soon to come mini pickups? Maybe a free Raider! Or a VW Routan.

The Mitsubishi is known as the "Cartoon Pickup' here in Australia due to its quirky styling.

Sign on the realtor's office:


Is this like one of those Ridgeloin trucks that gets body creases?

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