Nissan Exec Says Ram-Based Titan Still a Good Idea

Nissan Exec Says Ram-Based Titan Still A Good IdeaAutomotive News reports that Brian Carolin, Nissan North America's senior vice president for sales and marketing, is confident that the next-generation Nissan Titan light-duty pickup will be built by Chrysler off the 2009 Dodge Ram half-ton platform, despite Chrysler entering Chapter 11 bankruptcy and partnering with Fiat, a rival to Nissan's European ally, Renault.

"It's a project that is beneficial to both parties and profitable for both parties," Carolin said of the Ram-based pickup program.

Last month at the New York auto show, Nissan North America vice president of product and advanced planning Larry Dominique told that Nissan is committed to staying in the full-size truck market, even if Chrysler doesn't build the next Titan.

In February, Nissan and Chrysler jointly announced they would indefinitely halt plans for Chrysler to build the next-generation Nissan Titan half-ton pickup off the 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 platform, blaming the pause on the global financial meltdown. Also similarly impacted was a reciprocal manufacturing agreement for Nissan to produce a small car for Chrysler by 2010.


I can see a Dodge Ram-based Titan having a chance in the US, assuming they replace the base 3.5 V6 with their 4.0 from the Frontier.

Still, it's going to be a fairly tough sell. The new Ram looks gorgeous, and I don't think Nissan would be able to match it in that regard.

I personally would prefer them to keep it its current size and basic design, and see them work to improve its fuel economy. The current Titan's got a lot going for it, but its biggest fault is its low fuel economy.

Nissan is junk!!!!!!!!

The Titan has NO chance.

Posted by: The Luigiian | May 11, 2009 9:25:51 AM
Nissan is junk!!!!!!!!

Posted by: HT | May 11, 2009 10:02:05 AM
The Titan has NO chance.

Posted by: Vince McMahon | May 11, 2009 10:24:20 AM

And who is in bankruptcy?


Hey, buddy! I never said that!

Nissan is no better or worse than anything coming out of Detroit these days.

Bring on the Ram Titan!!! It might as well call it little Ram Titan.. LOL I can't wait to see this. Probably will out sell the Big Ram 1500.. Who Know!!!!

let me make something clear , the titan does'nt have a v6 in it,the person who wrote that is a moron, it has a very beutiful and powerful 5.6 v8 in it, so before you write something bad ,about the titan get you facts striaght, and a dodge truck
sucks, that should tell you something about dodge chrsler what ever you want to call them , they filed banruptcy theres no quality there i would never by a dodge or chrysler and i wish they would go bankrupt, becuase if i wanted a dodge i would of bought one ,but once the titan is made by chrysler/dodge i will never buy a nissan again of any kind, the nissan titan is an awesome truck, and while your pushing
your dodge to get fixed i will still be driving my titan, and nissan you suck for becomming a trader, to your cause to save money, or is your egineers to stupid to make a new design for a truck , nissan you have a good thing you know to make a truck , but once it becomes a dodge i will be going back to a toyota truck, becuase there nice and good trucks, and in closing i love my titan truck, and i truly hope that nissan does' not go the route of dodge chysler that would be bad very very bad don't ruin a good thing

Either way the 5.6 sucks. overhead cam engine? In a truck? what a weak joke man up and get something with a pushrod motor oh thats right the Americans are the only people with balls enough to run pushrods think about it if you know anything about a engine push rods are the most reliable way to go and the world could only hope nissan would go bankrupt to rid there junk from the road. As to you anti American nissan boys why do think nissan had to pair with renault cause they werent doin so hot either. Grow a pair sell your titan.


Whoa...let's work on a little something I call punctuation. Anyway, Chrysler was in bankruptcy when you wrote that.

The Dodge Ram offers some very unique solutions to today's drivers. Many trucks never leave the road (I don't care if you like it or not, that's the truth) and Dodge recognized this with their new rear suspension. The Ram is a capable, comfortable ride targeted specifically to the majority of truck and SUV buyers. Every truck has its pluses and minuses - be open to learning more and find one that fits your needs best.

"let me make something clear , the titan does'nt have a v6 in it,the person who wrote that is a moron"

I was referring to the 3.5L V6 in the Dodge Ram.

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