Recall Alert: 2009 Dodge Ram 1500


Chrysler has issued a recall for 37,407 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup trucks equipped with manual temperature controls. The software for the heating ventilation and air conditioning module may not work, causing the windshield defrosting and defogging functions to fail. This could become dangerous if visibility becomes impaired while driving.

Dealers will reprogram the module for free. Owners may contact Chrysler at 800-853-1403 or the NHTSA Vehicle Safety Hotline at 888-327-4236.


It can't be no worst than the Tundra's.. Tundra had 5.7 Cam Breaking but got it solved and now the Frames are Rusting. They are replacing frames, but instead giving another Truck they just replace it an take your motor and other things and put it on the new Frame... Me thats a waste of time, I rather just have another Truck or give me my Money Back....Thats Crazy!!!! Well, hopefully Dodge gets all of this taken care of... Things Happen and it all of the Automobiles not just Dodge..

This is the fourth recall of the 2009 Ram since March. Earlier recalls dealt with a clutch pedal problem, a windshield wiper problem and a windshield wiper module motor assembly problem, according to NHTSA.

"It can't be no worst than the Tundra" ... boy, you from the country aintcha?

The cams on the Tundra were limiited to 20 trucks total and all owners got new engines. There have been NO reports of frames rusting on 2nd gen Tundra's and even if there was, YOU are the only person on earth who thinks someone would be dumb enough to replace a frame...Wow...

Toyota is the one that's dumb enough to replace a frame. It makes no sense in replacing a truck frame since it is time consuming.

Thunera... Boy you must be a CITY BOY... Yes the Frames are rusting..Not all got replace new motor, one got a use motor from a truck that has been wreck, but the motor only had 12,ooo miles and was Ok and the owner was upset that he filed a Lawsuit on them... LOL read up??!!! The has Advertised it... Yes I'm Proud of Country Redneck!!!!!!

Hey Randy that Thundera is a City Slicker.. LOL I read that too about the Tundra Motors and Frames Rusting... He just don't want to hear about it....

Nice of Chrysler and to shut up all the ford bashers out there.

seriously, another1 for dodge. ford has 1 recall so far and that was just the braking tail lights and ford fixes their recalls no problem but chrystler, you might have dificulty. so just so you know, my Ford is built so tough it doesn't need any corrupt government bailout money and it still hasn't gone bankrupt even thought chrystler took it but ford didn't and still endures and stands strong.

God Bless

Fords paying back there mortgage, there good for 102 years more, ford knows where the trucks stand, same recall in 08.

Actually Ford Did take a Bailout Just not the Same one GM and Dodge have. Read up Plz. What Ford did Was Ask there Creditors to give them money to survive the economic downturn they were told NO. So Ford went to the Goverment and asked the Goverment Co-sign(Backup) there creditors so that they could get the loans. So yes Ford Did get help. And Who cares Really, Buy American Or Go Home.

God help America!

If you like your truck, fine. But why does everyone have to bash another brand?

Are we not a free country, where individuals can decide for there selves what they want to drive?

The a/c in our 2009 Dodge Ram w/ 3500 miles is no longer working. Dodge Service said it will be at least 8 weeks for the required part!! Its 100 degrees in Dallas -- unacceptable. They will not give us a loaner or help in any way -- the service man actually told to pick up the truck and they would call sometime in late October when the part comes in.... Any advice on how to handle?? I'm irate over the situation. No wonder the auto industry is suffering so much.

To : Frustrated Ram owner I would go find another dealership 8 weeks unacceptable shipping anywhere in the u.s. does not take 8 weeks hope you figure something out sooner . Went to the car wash in 09 ram my daughter got a shower sitting in the back seat water poured in thru headliner took it to the dealer they said it is coming in thru the brake light up there part on order. I have owned a 97 intrepid,01 dakota , 01 intrepid ,05 ram , 09 ram and really had no problems i run them all hard but i also change oil on schedule and my preference its always castrol .

It's pretty hard to defend a car company (Toyota) that has stalled correcting a mechanical defect that has been killing people. They told us it was the floor mats and now they are replacing 4 Million gas pedals? Sounds like the Ford Pinto gas tanks or the Ford Exploders. I could never figure out how a blown tire would make a vehicle barrel roll. You should still be able to maintain control. Doth thinks they are full of crap and selling us defective vehicles that can kill us.
Ford is the biggest offender with exploding gas tanks in Crown Vics and Pintos and fires in numerous vehicles and Exploder roll overs. They are also the first to deny any problems and throw anyone under the bus they can (like Firestone) to try to save their reputation.

Have a 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 Crew cab. Love it but......... Had the windshield module recall, the wiper sensor, started knocking so they had to replace the lifters on right side , and air conditioner went out. bought it new Feb 09. kinda upset about it. anyone else had this much trouble with theirs?

I have an 09 ram sport and I drive the piss out of it. 20,000 k's no problems....

My 09' ram 1500 has an issue anyone having an issue with volume on radio sirius equipped when I turn up or down it shuffles between current volume and one up or down example 12 11 12 11 12 and does not change volume.was this a recall?

paint is starting to bubble on my 09 ram??? anyone have this problem ever? i want a new vehicle or my money back its gonna rust out in like 3 years if this continues still awaiting a respnse from chrysler

Had major problems with all 4 rotors warping at 20,000 miles. Dealer said out of 12,000 warranty, extended warranty didn't cover them. Dodge would pay 1/2 cost to "turn" the rotors but would not replace with heavy duty rotors & pads that the truck should have been designed with!! Cost 800 to replace pads & rotors. All the recalls mentioned in other complaints posted.

Grant, It hasn't been proven yet. We are still waiting for the final results from the NHTSA.

have a 2009 1500 slt crew i'm on my 3rd computer truck starts on its own and windows roll down in the middle of the night. remote works some times but takes a lot of pushs to make it work. Had to have the actuaters replaced on the HVAC. Love the way the truck drives but sure seems like a lit of trouble for a truck less than one year old.

I have an 09 TRX Cerw,I love the way the truck drives the best truck I have owned so far,the only troubleI've had is the front seat tracks had to be greased they were making a noise and there's some part the y ordered for the recall it took a week to get the part going tomorrow for the instal the guy with the rotor trouble I had an 05 f-150 I drove across a large puddle of water and warped the front rotors with only 7k miles on it don't blame your truck for your actions.

2009 ram sport only problem was rims were fading replaced no? asked
great truck 50.450 kilo's runs great


I have also bought a brand new 09 ram 1500 crew cab 4x4
and the bumpers are rusting all around the edges informed my dealer dilawri on hunt club in ottawa and have just been
ignored from the get go
they tell me that they have some sort of fix but have yet to come forward with any
does any one else have this problem

also have 09 ram 1500 4x4 bumpers rusted tierod ends shot after 18,000 remote works sometime had looked at 3 times they just keep replacing parts did say there is a recall for the bumpers like the truck but begining to wonder about it lasting to long

10K+ miles on my 09 crew cab. ZERO problems!!!

I have a 2009 Dodge Ram 1500. The paint is starting to bubble. This truck isn't parked outside at night either. Paint bubbling on a 2009, comeon'!

anyone have any help?

We bought a new 09 Ram 2wd SRT Crew Cab with the 5.7 Hemi in July 09. We have 9,946 mi. on it at this time and have had complaints since 3,400 mi. The dealer has fixed the drivers seat clunk with a new track (grease didn't work). We complained at 3,400 mi. about chrome on the plastic chrome clad wheels going bad and the chrome on the rear bumper rusting (Dodge won't replace either at this time). We keep our truck very clean since we have the hockey stick bed stripes, spear hood stripes, tri fold bed cover and fiberglass body color running boards. We get complements on it all the time. We also have serpentine belt noise (chirp) that the dealer doesn't want to fix. They claim they have put a new belt and tensioner on it (chirp is caused by misalignment). They then told me it is the nature of the beast. I have heard other 5.7 Rams with the belt noise and others that don't. Has anyone else had belt chirp, bad chrome clad wheels and bad chrome bumpers repaired or replaced? Also, about a week ago water started running out of the drivers side A piler due to a windshield leak. We are taking the truck in for the HVAC recall on Jan 3rd and hope they can fix the leak and will fix the belt chirp. We do still love the truck, just hate the problems and the run around on the belt noise and the chrome issues.

have had my 2009 ram 1500 crew cab slt plus since june 2009. love my truck but sometimes I just cant believe the problems its had 1. insulation falling off heater box and leaving tar on floor carpeting on passenger side - dealer removed and did not replace 2. heater recall issues - dealer fixed they think 3. seal falling off driver side rear door - dealer fixed 4. rust on both bumpers - dealer said they would buff it out but I would have to wait a week because they were too busy - buffed it out by myself 5. bad vibration in the front when braking (30000km) - dealer replaced upper/lower ball-joints 6. exhaust manifold bolts on the passenger side broke off - dealer fixed 7. chrome tube side steps flake from new - took 1yr of complaining before dealer replaced them. 8. every time I pull my camping trailer the check engine light comes on - still don't know why. Truck just rolled 50000km there is probably more but can't remember, still like my truck and hopefully this is the end of my problems. o ya belt chirps when cold.

2009 Dodge Ram TRX Crew 4X4. I had most of the common problems in which Dodge did warranty or covered under their recalls. Although after their recall on the manual thermostat switch I swear I fog up my windshield more. Love my truck even if it was bought back in Mar 09 and due to deployments I'm not with it. But hey thanks Uncle Sam my truck has a low mileage of 13,000 miles on it!

I have a 2009 Dodge Laramie and paint is bubbling. Dealer gave me run around.. Also have a sound inside dashboard that sounds like gears of HVAC doors are grinding

Bill the grinding noise you are hearing is exactly what you said it is, the plastic gears in the hvac system are stripped and the should be covered in the hvac recall, it was on my dodge(didnt have any problems with mine but they replaced them any way when they did my hvac recall). So I would have them replace them. And to the guy who said that warped rotors are from turning to hard in 4wd on dry pavement with a locked differential, sorry bud, but you dont know what your talking about. Warped rotors are from rotors getting to hot then being rapidly cooled. Like using your brakes and then running through a water puddle. It has nothing to do with turning in 4wd.

The Problems that we are having with our 2009 Dodge slt 1500 is 1...The recall on heat and fixed! Great!
2....Yall ready for this! Our truck started smoking and stalling out with NO power yes SMOKING out the tail pipe solid white smoke and you couldn't even see the traffic behind you! HOW embarassing is that....SOOOO the dealer lead us on for 6 months that they didnt know what was wrong and they where doing this and that and finally they broke down and put...rebuilt heads, Brand new short block(is what they said) and everything else was rebuilt or used..and called it a new motor!!! Now the Problem is even worse then what it was before. We almost got hit by 2 semi's tring to change lanes in traffic heading back from Gainesville last weekend because the truck stalled when we slowed down slightly. We tried to pick up speed again and the truck would not go no power! What a peice of crap...The deal said that they have to go to atlanta on our truck alone because they have never heard of anything like it!
DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS PROBLEM!!!!!!!!! even after a so called rebuilt motor

I have an 09 ram 5.7 and have gone through several recalls.
My motor just started knocking at 33,000k. Taking it to the dealer in 2 hours. It sounds like the lifters on the right side. I also had an interior sound barrier that was attached with a tar adhesvie that melted off last summer into my passenger floor board. But I must say, It's my first Dodge and the best truck I have ever seen inside and out. Great job Dodge!

2009 Ram, 5.7 Hemi, 4 x 4 crew cab. 35,000 miles No major problems. I have noticed the stero issue but only in the summer when i run the AC. volume wont turn up with the volume knob. I also have bad tire ware, origional Good Years want to dip. I rotate every 6,000 miles. cross to rear straight to front. I also just got the AC recall but have not been able to address it yet, currently working 6-13's. I have driven my ram from KY to PA, NC, NY, WA, NE, all to and from KY. I have averaged on each trip atleast 18 mpg but as good as 21.5 mpg. my last trip was from KY to NE towing a 28' 5th wheek with goose neck adapter. Plenty of power but the fuel economy went down to 9 mpg. it pulled it at any speed i wanted and at times faster than i realized 70mph was not a problem. I did have alot of sag in the rear but i have ordered air bags for the ride home. I was having trouble with the remote not unlocking my doors untill several attempts. had remote start installed and havent noticed it since.????? with technology today, i dont care if u buy ford, dodge, or chevy you can have problems with any of them. they are built or designed by humans and were not perfect why should the automobiles be.................

I own a 2009 Dodge 1500 4x4 with a 5.7 l hemi. No one but dodge techs have ever touched the vehicle. It has just over 40,000 miles on it. I am having problems first with the mil indicator light and shortly after with the gas cap off light. I first was advised it was the gas cap to buy a new one and drive the truck 60 miles and that would fix my problem. I have had the vehicle inspected again and am told the issues are related to the Emissions switch located above the gas tank. First is this a common problem, 2nd being that it is Emissions related would it not be covered by the extended emissions warranty?

2009 RAM 4x4 1500 Hemi Currently 71500 km

I keep a spreadsheet of millage. I get 18.74 miles per Canadian gallon city/highway combined.

Great truck however, I have had the front bumper replaced by the dealer free once and have to have it done a second time because of rust. They say they will do it again for free. I had a dime-sized bubble in the passenger side rear wheel well paint fixed for free by dealer just last week.

I had the driver side lower ball joint done once which was caught by the dealer tech during a routine oil change, also free.

My most recent problems are electrical. Its going into the dealer on Monday. Lately, when I go to start it it will make a noise like a solenoid not working or something. (electrical clunk is the best description I can come up with) They probably don't have solenoids anymore now but thats what it sounds like. Then on second attempt to turn it over it will turn over no problem. The clock resets to 12:00 at this time (only once) and I've noticed an intermittent interruption in the sound track on satellite radio too.

I hope its the computer so that it can be replaced for free under warranty.

2009 Dodge Ram - A/C stopped working, dealer took care of recall, but won't fix A/C under warranty (40k Mi). Good ole American Union Labor building another POS Dodge.

I have a 2009 dodge 1500 2 wd automatic with a 4.7. I have a problem with my truck bumping whwn I let off the gas. It also feels like someone lightly bumps me from behind when I stop completley. Today i noticed shifting from reverse to drive or reverse to drive it has a klunk noise like a u joint ping from the drive shaft.

Just bought 2009 dodge ram had to take it to the dealer for ac/ heater recall. Also told them to check my headlights because they were going on and off one night I came home. They said they didn't find anything wrong but the other night on my way to work my lights started to do the same thing. Is there a recall that you know of or what could be wrong with it.

I have a 2009 Ram trx crewcab 4x4 28000 miles purchased in april of 09 5.7 hemi the motor has had a knocking noise since new almost sounds like a main bearing dealer said there wasn't any problem I just hope the lifetime warranty will be a reality if the engine fails. took it in for the HVAC controls recall and the tierod end seals recall now the paint is bubbling on the front bumper I pointed it out to the dealer and they are waiting for an answer from Chrysler...its a nice truck otherwise
we'll see how good Chrysler is


Hang in there buddy. The Ram is a good pickup. The Lifetime Powertrain Warranty makes it that much sweeter.

To Dennis with the headlights it is the connectors both headlamps loosing pin tension at the connector rec feeding a zip tie to tighten connector will fix no recall yet

I have 2009 Ram 1500 Quad Cab. 30,000 Km. Brake rotor warping .No hill Driving to sreak of.No real heavy traffic stop and starting.Is there any recalls.for rotors

I have a 2009 Dodge Quad cab 1500
after around 40K my damper motor stopped controlling and started making a loud knocking sound.
I had already taken it in for the software change, my question is could the software recall have caused my damper motor to go bad before the software upgrade?

The reason I have posted about my damper motor is because the dealership wants $800 to replace the damper motor. I have read other posts about problems dodge has had in earlier yr models similar to my own. You would think by now there would be a fix to this problem.

We have 2009 Dodge ram 1500 4×4 a light keeps coming on that saysfuel saver. It has never come on 3 years we have had it. Anyone else having this problem?

How does the HVAC recal work? My 09 just started doing the "plastic gears grinding" thing and it's stuck in the floor vent possition. Is the recal mileage based? The truck is now 3 years old with 80,000 miles on it. Thanks.

I bought 09 RAM w/hemi brand new in 09.. no problems till warranty expired ... 1. Truck didn't recognize key in ignition. 2. Transmission leak 3. Exhaust leak 4. Power seat does not go back or forward 5. Dirt in brake lines. 6. Knocking noise in the dashboard ......all of this with in 5 months....truck has less than 50,000 miles.....I beleive I bought a lemon

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