Recall Alert: 2009 Ford F-150

Recall Alert: 2009 Ford F-150

Ford is recalling 8,735 new 2009 Ford F-150 pickups to fix a problem that may delay or prevent the truck's brake lights from illuminating when a driver taps the brakes to slow the vehicle down. According to Ford, the issue is caused by an improperly adjusted brake stop lamp switch.

Dealers are expected to remove and reinstall the brake stop lamp switch free of charge. F-150 owners with questions can contact Ford's customer service center at 1-866-436-7332 or obtain information online at

The recall is National Highway Traffic Safety Administration campaign ID number 09V150000.


Wow, the "relaible" F-150 strikes again, way to go Ford. "Built Ford Tough" lol, and dam that thing looks ugly especially from that view, cardboard box on wheels anyone?

Hey RamMan, did you see as well the other recall today?

The 9,000 for a brake light has nothing to do with the most capable, best truck around

suprise suprise, cant even hook up the wiring correctly in the tail lamps, wonder what else is wrong with it. I must not be looking at the whole picture here though.

Fordcrap---- if you'd like to see what else is wrong with the Ford... the problem is circled for you on the grill. hahaha, what a pos.

Good find, Rob. That makes 4 recalls for the 09 Ram. 09 F150 only has one.

And let's not forget the poor crash test rating given to the 09 Chevy Silverado and marginal rating given to the 09 Dodge Ram.

Ford not the only one has recalls!!! Chevy GMC, Dodge, Toyota and bunch more. If you don't like Ford keep your foot in your mouth. Chevyman I know you had problems with yours. I have a 99 Silverado new body style and had a couple things recalled, but had it taken care of. Not ashame to admit. 1 Funny part was the tailgate cable was recall and Guess what its made from China... LOL So we have china parts for Chevy'''''' Now thats Ashame!!!!The good thing is they are fixing it... Look at Tundra they had cam broken in the motor and now there frame is rusting.. But its not just Ford, ITS all of them. So quit being Jealous.. LOL

Fact, the only recall on the 04-05 150 was for the same thing, 4th recall for the ram, the engine cant handle towing, ford is #1 will continue to be the leader, and you cant beat it, its the true workers truck, fords just love you.

Chevyman the 90 model chevy truck had this same problem and it was solved. The problem is that we are no longer putting American parts on anymore, its coming from China and Japan... My cousin had to have a tailgate cable replace and it made from China...We're losing our American Parts. Everything comes from over Sea... Thats way we have POOR Economy here in USA.. Thats Bad.. Now we will probably lose our Freedom ....But I will not lose my "IN GOD WE TRUST" AMEN....

well did i miss something? ford is recalling to make an adjustment on a brake switch! For the brake light! Come on guys your grasping for straws! Ford is building better quality trucks ,cars and suvs than Gm,or dodge ! and ranked as high as toyota ! thats a fact! Thats part of the reason bankrupt crystler,and soon to be bankrupt Gm are in the trouble there in there quality stinks! Oh and by the way thats after all the billions in tax payer money they got.
As for me I'll be buying a new Ford very soon!

there is nothing wrong with the brake light or wiring on the f150. the recall only involves taking out the switch and turning it a 1/4 inch and putting it back in again.

Hey Mike Levine, Heard anything more on the Coyote 5.0? Will it be out in 2010 Spring or 2011? ?

Say what you want man, but that piece of crap you refer to out sells any other light duty p/u in the world. I've got a 2001 and it has been great. Ford may not be the fastest all the time and they may not be the cheapest all the time but they do a whole bunch of little things good and that makes them the best all around. Nuff said.

As a previous 1998 F150 owner and now a 2007 Toyota Tundra owner, I can say that NOTHING ever went wrong with my Ford for over 130,000 miles and ten years. I just wanted a new truck. Ford couldn't get me the color l wanted. After driving the Tundra, I was sold. The power train is great.

But, if I was in the market for a new truck would be the Ford F150 Lariat. The drive train with the new six speed tranny coupled with the best looking interior in the industry has sold me. My Tundra is fine, but the interior is just black and grey plastic. Oh well, can't wait until 2017. Then I decide....


Mike, When is the 5.0 Coyote coming to the F-150's ???? Thanks..

Since when did the crash test rating for the Chevy change from a 5 star to a poor rating?!

You haven't heard about this? Since right here...

Chevy/GM is poor.

Dodge is marginal.

Ford is good (the highest rating.)

wow all of you sound like little kids fighting on who is a better superhero (i.e batman vs superman) all trucks are essentially the same one might be better than the other but in the end they all get the job done. now am i right?

My dad can beat up your dad.

At least my new FORD is not owned by obama motors or fiat or a jap truck so unless you have a problem with american trucks shut up

i just bought a new 09 ford f150 had a 05 ford and had not a thing wrong before that had a chevy 2500 heavy duty with a 1 ton carrige i could have bought 3 trucks with the money i put out to fix the many problems so 1 recall ha.

I have a 1999 Ford F150 v8 that has 70,000 miles. I am now looking at replacing the head gasket for the 3rd time. I cannot get Ford or any of the dealers to give me a break. There must be something wrong with the motor, other than just replacing the gasket. Someone needs to wakeup and fix it right. I mad as ####.

Yes but, but, Ford is the highest quality, most reliable, most economical pick up on the planet.
Isn't it?

cough, cough, cough, bullshit!

y'all must be forgetting the 10.4 million Fords recalled for faulty cruise control switches not so long ago. In their infinite wisdom, Ford powered the switch ALL the time, even with the key off. So your rig could catch fire after sitting for weeks. Brilliant!!!

I have a 2009 Ford F150 supercrew and it rides smoother and runs quieter than its competitors. I get around 20 miles per gallon. I have the big engine in it and have no problem if I need power to get around a Chevy. Love My F150!!!

I have a question. Has anyone had any problems with their new 2009- F-150 having a surge? Ours was gently going backwards today with NO foot on the accelerator (just letting it drift with the foot on the brake) and suddenly the truck roared and it went flying backwards through our 15" landscaping ties and hit our house. Oh and better yet, that beeping sound that's supposed to come on when you back up never even went off. I would love to know if anyone else has had this happen with the engine surging. Thank goodness no one was standing near the truck because they would have been killed.

I love my 2009 ford f150 but that recall does not compare to all the defects my ford has had. It leaks through the back window, the chrome is peeling on the gear shaft, rear view camera replaced twice, visor clip keeps breaking, the moon roof sags and has been replaced four times, powerpoints keep blowing out! so dont complain cuz i have more problems to deal with!

All these people talk crap about ford i haven't had a chevy dodge, toyota beat my truck i have raced chargers rt not the six crap i have the 3v 4.6 and its got more ass than any truck or car in my class i am very happy with my truck no disapointments at all chevy has crap ton of recalls and always i mean always leaks oil every chevy leaks oil yall can't lie. and i haven't seen a chevy that is from 98 and older never has the orignal motor everyone at my work owns chevy's and that talk so much crap and always have rental cars cause they chevy dead like a rock broke down

for all the comments about ford not bein the greatest. CHEVROLET.... CHEAP HEAP EVERY VALVE RATTLES OIL LEAVES EVERY TIME. Toyota. why buy something that has TOY in its name. ford might have minor issues but atleast there transmissions hold up unlike dodge. And if you want to talk about cardboard box on wheels. look at scion and toyota again. i have a 2009 f150 and ill put it up against any toyota dodge or chevrolet

ok, ive read all of this and ill say something. have anyone of you seen the actual tests that ford has put the chevy dodge toyota and f150 through? braking the truck completely down and showing you the parts and durability of them?? ill admit when a truck is better but seeing the facts first hand it palinly shows that the 2009 f150 is the stongest, most durable, fuel efficent, technologically advanced truck on the road. dont believe me go to the ford dealership fi you dare, and pick up a copy of the dvd "The Truth About Trucks"
its free, so no excuses....

On Saturday, May 28, 2011, I rented a Ford 150 truck from Budget Car Rental with the intention of going to Austin, loading up some things from my daughter's apartment and moving them back to Garland for the summer. On Monday, May 30, 2011, she and I loaded her sofa and a few other small items into the bed of the truck. Turns out, the sofa was too long for the bed, so I decided to lift the sofa, close the tailgate and rest the end of the sofa on the tailgate. Well, to our surprise and dismay, when we attempted to close the tailgate shut, the tailgate detached from the bottom hinges of the truck and fell off the truck. UNBELIEVABLE! I had the truck angled slightly downward in the back (REMEMBER, we’re in Austin so I was able to have the truck backed slightly downhill) to make it easy for us to load the sofa to the edge of the bed of the truck and slide it in. The tailgate dropped on both of us, resting completely on my daughter's feet and hitting the top of my knee on the way down, ending on my foot after gouging a piece of flesh from my foot and scraping my shin. She and I both had to go to a Medical facility in Austin.

I like my F150, Its a really nice truck and gets great gas mileage!!

Our 2009 ford f-150 has had two surges where we have had no control. Fords road assistant only cover 35 miles on a tow. Our dealership is 100 miles away. Would you want to drive over the mountains with this problem? Not me.

My son can beat up your dad

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