Seven-Slot Dilemma: Hummer H3T or AEV J8 MILSPEC?

Seven Slot Dilemma: Hummer H3T or AEV J8 MILSPEC?

If you've ever wondered why the front ends of Jeep and Hummer trucks and SUVs sport similar seven-slot grilles, it's because both brands trace their family tree back to the long-defunct American Motors Corporation.

In the 1970s, AMC owned Jeep but spun off its military-vehicle line into what would become AM General, before AMC and Jeep were bought by Chrysler. AM General became the company responsible for the Hummer brand, and was eventually bought by GM to make civilian versions of its trucks and SUVs, just like Jeep made. Throughout that period, AM General hung on to the seven-slot grille. Chrysler tried to sue GM over the grille design, but a court decision settled the dispute in GM's favor, paving the way for these off-pavement trucks to keep their distantly related looks.

We've just tested the AEV kit version of the rugged Jeep J8 pickup, and came away suitably impressed by its capability. We were also amazed by its steep price: $50,000 nets you a bare-bones military-spec truck that's a direct descendant of the famous Willys Jeep. It still has a solid front axle. The J8 rolling chassis is pre-wired to receive a four-cylinder diesel or Hemi V-8 gas engine, but there's no factory warranty when you drive away.

On the other hand, we've also tested the new Hummer H3T pickup, which features the latest in off-road technology, like front and rear electronic locking differentials, GPS and full-time four-wheel drive. It has an independent front suspension and a choice of 3.5-liter five-cylinder or 5.3-liter V-8 gas engines, for a price of about $40,000, including a five-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty.

So, the question is, which seven-slot truck would you buy? The old-school AEV J8 MILSPEC, or a new-fangled Hummer H3T pickup?


the jeep, no question about it.

$50k for a Pseudo-Jeep made in Egypt? I'll stick with the HUMMER. I may be biased, but capitalism won't be -- let's check sales numbers in a few months. With that said, I would have enjoyed going on both off-road tests!

jeep straight up

It's funny you mention "capitalism "and Government Motors.

I won't be buying either of these. My next truck will be a 2011 F-150 or F-250. No bailouts and the best trucks on the road.

"$50k for a Pseudo-Jeep made in Egypt? I'll stick with the HUMMER."

HA HA HA!!!! You mean you'll stick with a Surburban that has been squared off, loaded with plastic parts and wussed-up to sell to people with too much money and not enough sense.

Hummer != Humvee

Since I drove both of the them in the same terrain and the both basically handled the terrain the same, I have to go with the H3T. The J8 is cool, but since I'd actually drive my off-road vehicle everyday with my family, the H3T is actually functional...with front and rear lockers.

I have a 2009 H3T - I think its the greatest! I had it on a maiden voyage, it followed a Chevy pick-up and a Dodge on four wheel drive terrain. I think it preformed better then the others on side slope (tilt angle). I recommend the HUMMER!

There are still people left who would choose the hummer? Fools! What's under the milspec jeep shell? A JEEP! What's under the ugly hummer badge? A Chevy Trailblazer.

On the other hand, if you're a soccer mom, I can see you might want the Trailblazer. But if you want to see dirt, get a jeep.


Actually, there are no Hummer models that use any Trailblazer components. In fact, there are no other GM vehicles that use the H2 or H3 chassis.

The fact is that this site has reviewed this truck and had quite a few good things to say about its off-road capability. Four Wheeler Mag named the H3T their 2009 truck of the year and the H3 their 2008 4x4 of the year.

If you need more proof, visit

H3T - Why the hell would anyone want a Jeep that feels like you're driving covered wagon sans horses, for 50K. Although, the H3T is also overpriced, it's a much better value.

Actually the Hummer H3 and H3T borrow the Chevy Colorado Frame. Not sure how much commonality they have since they have very different exteriors and interiors, but they definately roll off the same line in LA using the same chassis as their basis.

Actually, it does borrow the Colorado frame, and then some. It's beefed up a great deal. The H3's body is a beast. Why do you think it's so much heavier? 5% parts, that's all they share. you can NOT get the axles and tcase the H3 has on a tblazer or a Colorado. They're no where near the same. If Hummer had the smarts to make a single cab long bed H3 or H2, they'd sell like hotcakes.

What's the Payload of the H3?

Barely 1000lbs vs. 2600lbs for the H3.

Duty cycle? Military vs. Mallrat cycle.

Stop comparing tools vs. toys

What's the Payload of the H3?

Barely 1000lbs vs. 2600lbs for the J8.

Duty cycle? Military for J8 vs. Mallrat cycle for H3.

Stop comparing tools vs. toys

Overpriced outdated Jeep , Overpriced overglamourized gas guzzling piece of G.M ? Neither for me ! I owned a jeep,been in the hummer off roading . My 95 Tacoma with 4500 bucks in mods will SHAME either except the diesel jeep in gas mileage.So take your overpriced 'TOYS" My toy cost me atotal of 7500 bucks and has 310 R.W.H.P. Not 40 to 50 grand !! Too many idiots with too much money!Oh yeah, I just took a 3000 mile trip in my 14 year old tacoma and nary a problem arose ! Just sayin'. OK start hurling your insults now.

I love jeeps! I use them for traction on the trail in my k5 blazer on the trail but sometimes they get stuck in the tread of my 38s.

Jeep. Period.

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