Sources Say 6.4-Liter V-8 Coming For Heavy Duty Dodge Ram

Sources Say 6.4-Liter V-8 Coming For Heavy Duty Dodge Ram

If the legacy 383-horsepower, 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 won't cut it for your hauling needs in the next-generation Dodge Ram heavy-duty pickups, hang on just a bit longer. An all-new 6.4-liter Hemi V-8 is on its way by 2011 with power ratings of between 450-hp to 500-hp, according to our sources.

The 6.4-liter V-8 is said to be based on Chrysler's current SRT8 high-performance 6.1-liter Hemi V-8, but with a larger bore and longer stroke optimized for use in three-quarter-ton and one-ton truck applications instead of street racing. The engine is already being tested on the road in HD Ram engineering mules. There's no word on what transmission it will use, but ZF's new six-speed gearbox designed for gas or diesel engines might work.

An SRT-tweaked version of the 6.4-liter is also expected to debut in the 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8.


This has always been Dodge's way to "fix' a mediocre vehicle: "stick a bigger motor in it!" Then you get a mediocre vehicle with a bigger motor in it. That's all.

That should be good for 4 mpg towing.

What's wrong with the cummins!?! They should make it an option for the 1500's, possibly a SRT8 RAM!!

Great news for Dodge, sounds like they will have the Ford 'Boss' 6.2L beat. Diesels are not going to be as popular in heavy duty pickups in the future. Too expensive, unreliable, poor fuel economy. And you can just forget about any diesel 1/2 tons. The small Cummins, Ford 4.4L and the 4.5L Duramax have all been cancelled. BTW- I hear GM might be working on a big gas V-8 for 2011.

This is whats wrong with the auto industry now,its all about horsepower,no mention of fuel economy or retail pricing.Sticker prices need to fall about 8-10K,and horsepower needs to top out with 300hp diesels.How did anyone tow back in the 1970s with Ford 400s boasting only 150hp? Chrysler 360s with 170? And with no diesels.Everbody now THINKS they need 500hp,but in reality,250 would be plenty.

hey Ford, who's the BOSS now? You ford guys have had the most underpowered truck for 7 years. You finally get a glimmer of hope with the boss 6.2L V8, and to tell you the truth I was pissed that it was prolly going to take the HEMI's crown but your short lived glory days are over ford fans because the HEMI is going to kick your sorry buts again. Us Dodge guys will let you know how 500 hp feels.

im excited for this new engine but i really dont see the point of a gas motor in a HD...diesels are very reliable and create the most torque needed for towing

Hey Brandon, Dodge ain't getting a new engine. Hell they hopefully won't be around much longer!!!!!!!!! I agree with Vince a mediocre vehicle with a bigger engine. Dodge makes trash always have!! That is why you don't see any of them in heavy duty service like you see Fords and Chevy's. They can't handle carrying anything heavier than a trash bag full of saran-wrap. Hemi stands for Huge Engineering Mistake Inside. Ford is king just remember that. They have been for the last 32 years and will be for the next 32.

Ford is currently making an engine called the "coyote" It will be a 5.0 liter engine that is naturally aspirated and is expected to produce approx. 400 - 400+ hp and torque. This will replace all current ford engines from the 4.6 to the 5.4 liter or whatever size they make for V8. Also they are making a V6 Eco Boost that will have the similar hp torque numbers as the coyote. Folks "this is the way to go in these gas stretched trying times". Thats right! big horses with smaller displacement by using state of the art technologies such as Gasoline direct injection, forced induction, alcohol injection, higer comression, low friction, low inertia autoparts etc, etc. Absoluetly maximizing! This is what should be done with the smaller 5.7 liter hemi. They should have no problem making this engine make 450-500 horses/torque. Ithink one of the problems with the whole industry is that their more worried about "how" they can best bleed their customers bank accounts by just teasing us with a little bit of technology at a time. They just don't get it !
This is not a way to run a business. Gm seems to be getting the picture with all the GDI that is going on there, but chrysler ??? C'mon guys you did good with the 2009 5.7 hemi but there is more work to do there yet . Don't wait because no one out there will ever buy a truck again unless it has all of the technilogical bells and whistles like I spoke of above. "YES WE ARE GETTING EDUCATED AND SMARTER". I myself will never buy another truck unless it has direct injection and has also optimized its use (lean burn under light loads yuda yuda). Look at what there talking about with the 6.2 liter camaro (direct injection 450+hp).
I am a 2004 dodge ram owner with the 5. 7 hemi and the bummer part of it is the coyote will kick my ass with smaller displacement. Bigger is not the better way to get more hp chrysler boys. That is just an old 1960's trick so wake up!!
I want to see the Hemi win with power/torqe to displacement ratio. DO IT OR DIE !! YOUR CALL!!


Good job Dodge. You Ford guys are all a bunch of whiners. You all complain about fuel economy yet the Powerjoke and Triton V-10 both will get worse fuel economy then the Cummins and the new HEMI. The only thing that is worth braging about on a Ford is the frame. Dodge has been conistently turning out better trucks since 94. The only thing the Ford has been putting out since 94 is trucks that can hardly get out of its own way.

For the guy that is touting the "coyote" and "Eco Boost" well we will see what happens in five years when the Coyote finally makes it to market, as for the Eco Boost well hook it up at a 10000lbs trailer and see how long it lasts. If they put it in a car, it won't last in a truck.

The End

By the way you need to look at what is here and now. The HEMI does have the best power/torque to displacemnt ratio. WHAT DOES FORD HAVE?

hey fordtruck77 you should know the hemi motor is used on top fuel drag racing making thousands of horsepower. how are dodges mediocre? bigger motor whats wrong with power. maybe some of us can afford it unlike others. if you dont want a big motor dont buy it. simple as that. Ford is only in better condition cause they sold off other companies and thats what helped them out. Dodge has a different aim at buyers. Ford builds them for people that need them for work Dodge aims mostly at the casual buyer. Their not dumb just aimed at different buyers.

For those questioning why Dodge is putting gas motors in their HD pickups; You have to realize that, like some have said, diesel engines are getting more complex, and more expensive to own/operate. Big (gas) V8s can still pull a lot of weight, and cost THOUSANDS less to buy than a diesel. The only difference now is that big gassers are getting similar mileage to these new emissions diesels (thanks EPA, by the way). You have to cater to all buyers. Not everybody wants to spend six grand on an engine that will now take years to pay for itself. And that's if you're actually using your truck to make money. Plenty of people still prefer gas engines.

Hey Garrett, let's start shooting down your arguments one by one here jr., about the whole bigger engine in a mediocre vehicle, You know as well as I do that the only knock on Dodge's has been their interiors well sorry buddy but the 2009 model outdid ford interior no contest. So what do you have to brag about now, so at least when Dodge didn't have the best interior they had a beast engine, now Dodge's interior is better than Fords so now I guess you guys have a new idea of putting a weak ass engine in a mediocre vehicle. Also, I have heard the new Dodge Chassis Cab models are the best selling and also trump the Super Duty's in most comparisons.

don't count on it, you guys dissing fords don't reallze that the Hemi is not a realy hemi, and it is shity for towing, dont rely on this engine, ford hasint even released numbers, they got alot up there sleeves.

Very good dialogue and a lot of bias depending on a Ford or Dodge preference.

So we don't get confused with the fundamentals, lets consider the following

Current 1500 Ram is good for about 68 hp/l. This is achieved on the base Ram 1500 with mid grade fuel, low exhaust backpressure and 10.5:1 compression ratio. This is very good indeed for a 2 valve/cylinder engine.

Assuming similar performance on a 6.4L engine, expect about 435 hp. This is a best case scenario in a light duty pickup/Muscle car.

For a heavy duty application expect a significantly higher exhaust backpressure, and lower compression ratio, and regular fuel use for commercial use customers cost of ownership. The '09 2500 Ram HD delivers 355 hp (395 ft lbs). This is 62 hp/l. The 6.4L equivalent would be approx 400 hp.

The only way to make 450 - 500 hp is with 4 valves per cylinder. There is no way that Chrysler has the money to do that right now, or the competitive need to do so.

Bottom line is that come the rumored Ford 6.2L, there will not be much to choose between any of the engines from Ford, GM or Dodge.

Don't expect direct injection on any of these HD trucks either. At a cost of $500 per engine for a few HP, it's not affordable. You'll get it on the Camaro's and Challenger's no doubt.

This just in from Drudge.

"Obama Slashes CHRYLSER's Advertising Budget by Half... "

No advertising means no sales. No sales means no money coming in. No money means no new products.

Hey Brandon So what do you have to brag about now, so at least when Dodge didn't have the best interior they had a beast engine (yeah right), now Dodge's interior is better than Fords so now I guess you guys have a new idea of putting a weak ass engine in a mediocre vehicle. Also, I have heard the new Dodge Chassis Cab models are the best selling and also trump the Super Duty's in most comparisons". The dodge doesn't even come close to the Super Duty payload or capabilities. They don't even come close to Fords #1 selling truck title PERIOD. So where ever you heard the bullshit line is false. You must have heard it from a dodge dealer desperate to sell some "sucker" a ram HD. (Which by the way is a contradiction in terms) And the last time I checked the F-150 won 2009 Motor Trend Truck of the Year award. WOW your dodge got a slightly less plasticy cheap interior.........WOW!!!!!! It won an interior award!!!!! I work at a car auction and our main factory account is Chrysler. Let me tell you the pieces of junk they sell SUCK. Even the rental car companies don't want them much beyond 10,000 miles! I hope with that "employee plus" pricing they advertise for, I hope they at least include a AAA card and a tow-truck on stand-by. Oh and by the way the tow truck that will be towing your broken down dodge will be a Ford Super Duty!!!

Perfect timing to talk about reliability, Ford just recalled 9,000 2009 F-150's for faulty brake lights, The Rams blows away the F-150's interior, it's more powerful, better looking, more reliable, and go to the Dodge website as it says the Ram chassis cabs have best in class GVWR. Ford is garbage and you know it you redneck. Oh and how are those Super Duties that decide to start on fire doing? ......Thought so punk.

09 Ram has three recalls. Last time I checked 1 Ford recall was less than 3.

PS If you check the Ram website they are still comparing the 09 Ram to the 08 F-150. If you want good propaganda get your info from the Ram site. I don't trust anything on the Ram website.

Perfect timing, Brandon.

The 09 Dodge Ram just got it's 4th recall today.


Boys, Grow up!!!! Let take a Ford Frame and Rearend and put Chevy motor and Tranny on and then the Dodge Body on. LOL Then no one can Argue over something Dumb. My opinion is that all of these Truck have had recalls and there not 1 ever come off the Assembly line that hasn't had any problems. Thats why we have Dealership that has a SHOP for you to have it taken care and fix the Problem. Everybody has there own opinion of what Truck they like. Now I have 1 thing I don't like is the MDS or MSD of the V-4 and V-8 Mode on the Hemi and the Chevy's. If I wanted a 4 cylinder I would buy 1, But why didn't they just leave the Hemi as a V-8 and put a 6 speed Tranny on.. Another thing is why the 5.7 Hemi have to have 16 spark plugs??? The 6.1 Hemi don't!!! Hopefully this 6.4 engine won't be like the 5.7 v-4 N v-8 mode!!!! I just giving my opinion and not argue who got the best Truck, I think they are all good, if they wasn't then they would not have built any of them.....

F-150 is a Level up on the ram, the Hemi is over blahed hype, dodge just set the recall record again, more than chevy and ford, why are the dodge Fuel Filters in the gas tank? Ford Tranny over Chevy anyday.

In its annual automotive issue last month, Consumer Reports recommended 166 models -- not one of them a Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep, the three Chrysler nameplates.

"Their products had bad fuel economy, noisy interiors, poor ride quality, the worst finish in the industry and their seat comfort is not good," says David Champion, director of automotive testing for Consumer Reports, a nonprofit product-analysis publisher that has seven million subscribers. On reliability, Mr. Champion added, only two Chrysler models scored above average: the Dodge Caliber and Jeep Patriot.

Consumer Reports bases its recommendations on engineering and laboratory tests as well as feedback from hundreds of thousands of drivers. The April automotive issue of Consumer Reports typically sells more than 300,000 newsstand copies, twice the usual number.

Chrysler has performed only marginally better in the reliability rankings of J.D. Power. In the 2009 Power study of reliability over three years on the road, the Chrysler brand performed above average, but the Jeep and Dodge brands fell well below it. In the most-recent Power study measuring initial quality in new cars, all three Chrysler nameplates performed below average, with Jeep ranking 36th out of 36 brands.

Of seven full-size pickups reviewed by Consumer Reports, only one -- the Dodge Ram -- failed to make the recommended list.

Boo hoo - so sad.

The facts are inescapable.

the F-150 interior has been the best for years, its really always just refreshed, or stepped up, Chrysler is known for cracking interiors, so take that dodge.

If you believe what consumer reports "reports" then you need more help then people who are in the special olympics.

I agree that increasing the efficiency of smaller engines should be the direction auto manufacturers go instead of increasing displacement. Heck, BMW makes a 3.0L N/A that puts out 300/300!

I don't know why you guys think this has the 6.2 boss beat? The 6.2 is now being advertised by Ford as being 500 HP. The little 5.0 is 400 HP.

If the new 6.4L HEMI is put in the new HDs, hopefully it will be a truck engine with the torque hitting at a lowere rpm then the current HEMI. I am and will alwayse be a fan of the HEMI but I do agree that the current 5.7L is much more a car engine than a truck engine. As for thoes who complain about the interiors and ride stiffness, who cares... its a heavy duty pick up. If you want a smooth ride but a caddy!!!! You want fuel milage buy a Honda!!! What happened to the old woek horse trucks of the 70's and 80's? They got the job done without heated seats auto climate control, tv's, ect. All brands have their ups and downs but if im looking for a new truck i shure don't read consumer reports. Every truck i've owned has been a Dodge from 85' model to 04'. Every one has proved to be a reliable workhorse with power to spare.

One of the reasons this is being offered is due to the fact that all the enviro-wackos basically ruined diesel engines for the foreseeable future. All the emissions junk that is now required has caused nothing but technical problems. Anyone with half a brain knows this, and like me have decided not to go with a diesel. Yeah, that was a great idea...make minor strides in pollutants and kill mileage and reliability in the process....IDIOTS!!! As much as I care about the environment, I despise the idiots who support it.

So, here we are again trying to make large displacement engines work for our towing/hauling needs. Now I personally like the idea because I'm a muscelcar guy to begin with, only need a truck for personal use and towing an RV a few times a year, and only drive about 7500 miles per year. But I'm in the minority, so I wonder how the heck this is really going to appeal to the masses.

Yair...can't get my head around 400 hp in a ute. I reckon you blokes....and the American auto industry.... need a reality check.
Here in Australia our conditions, distances and applications are beyond the capabilities of your so called "heavy duty" utes and we get by with three litre Japanese diesels.

Yes the Facts are inescapeable !!!!

Dodge Ram longest lasting most reliable full size trucks...those are the facts...Hell best riding,looking ,best interior ...facts are facts.. Ford are dog slow!!A 4.7 Ram blows the doors off a 5.4 Furd!!

Chrysler has the fewest amount of recalls...fact as well..good for long term reliability as the Caravan ranks most reliable 3 years down the road!!!!Fact are facts!!!

The consumers reports is questionable,they rate a Chrysler 300 with a Hemi as not recommended(saying hemi not reliable) and a Dodge Charger with a Hemi recommended(saying hemi very reliable),they are the same car just different body panels...the mechanicals are the same,so in reality consumers is b.s ,totally inconsistant.

For consumers reports they give Chrysler a bad rap,but the only major complaints were to reprogram the computer that made some cars stall,easy 10 min fix..Toyota's rusted away 900,000 recalled,Toyota sludge problems,bad welds remember the Tundra anyone..Honda bad, bad water pumps 3.5L,timing belts and transmissions that always break down..
Ford... need a 5.4 cyl head,cause your spark plug broke after 5,000miles..HA!!!

The 6.4 Hemi hopefully will be an option in the Ram 1500(I own a 05 srt-10 quadcab)

People are confused why they need power in a gas engine..Diesels are very expensive to repair,maintain and the expense of diesel fuel..look at the pump price people..with strict laws for diesels,they will add to the price of a diesel truck..

As people saying an old 360 had 170 Ford 400 had 150,but with lower hp you use more gas to get the truck rolling and maintaining speed,a 390 hp Ram quad cab gets better gas mi than a 170 hp 360 single cab ram of old.

The Dodge Ram 4500,5500 out sell the Ford heavy trucks and Dodge just got back in that market last year,so it will take some time before you see more of them.Around here I see more Ram heavy duty trucks as tow trucks every day!!

ford stands for freak'n-old-rebuilt-dodge and everybody has recalls and by the way what does motortrend know about trucks anyway

I would'nt be basing your info on a biased magazine. Yea so what if Chrysler threw out some bad cars, like the Nitro and Sebring. But if anything the Ram is not one of them. If you think Ford is so great a recent comparison by Edmunds says clearly the Ram is the best new truck. It GOT 1ST PLACE. WHAT DID FORD GET? FORD GOT 4TH PLACE EVEN BEHIND THE NEW FOR 07 TUNDRA, AND NEW FOR 08 SILVERADO. SO GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. AND AS FOR THE DODGE RAM NOT BEING RECOMMENDED, YOUR BASING THAT ON THE 2008 MODEL. WHY DON''T YOU PICK UP A MAGAZINE AND SEE THAT THE NEW DODGE RAM GOT A 68 ROAD TEST SCORE, WHICH IS ENOUGH TO GET RECOMMENDED, AND THEY DO NOT KNOW ABOUT THE RELIABILITY WHICH HAS IMPROVED FROM BELOW BASIC AND SOON TO BE BASIC OR AOVE BASIC.

Guys, lets face it the dodge ram with the cummins engine only beats the super dutys tow by 1,000 lbs, while the the super duty only beats the ram in payload by 1,000. the point is they are both great trucks, they just specialize in different areas. now if anyone wants to get a little more in depth, then both trucks have 350hp and 600 lb-ft of torque, the dodge website says that the 6.7 liter cummins turbo diesel engine is an inline 6 cylinder, while every other site says its a V-8. i think its a V-8. The ram has a 6.7 liter cummins turbo diesel, and the super duty has a 6.4 liter power train turbo diesel. there isn't much info on the dodge engine but there is on the super duty engine. some of the highlights of the super duty are the that its DOHC and that the compression ratio is 16.7:1 (which is amazing.) even though i have more info on the super duty, its not because i like the super duty more, its just cause i couldn't find much on the cummins turbo diesel. lol. I really have no preference between them, but like the stats say, they are almost the same in performance, and at the end of the day they will both get the job done. (as long as its a ram or super duty, because chevy and gm trucks are not that good.)

Remeber this 385 hp they claim comes at 4500 rpm now who will use that. If you do you will get 4 mpg. I want to know what the hp is at 1500 to 2500 rpm. Thats the HP I use. Great if the truck has a potential of 385 hp you and me will never utilize that on a 450 mile trip we will utilize probably like 100 hp.
Correct me if I'm wrong.

There seems to be a lot of people praising the sludge company, (chrysler corp.) I have only ever driven a chrysler
truck for 3 weeks (company truck), it had approx. 35,000
miles on it when it was in my possesion and I could not believe the problems it had in such a short time. I understand it gets worked hard and it had a hemi in it, LOL! but like snapping drive shafts at 30mph, harsh upshifts even when hot, and don't forget it's fleet maintained and I believe it's an 05 or 6 like what gives, I own a 94 silverado reg cab 305 TBI with like 120,000 and some odd miles(not KM) and i'm not a light foot either. That dodge ain't half the truck my chevy is and never will be. I've looked around, blue oval, bowtie boys, Sludge co.(Chrysler) and really in my experiences I have to say GM gets the nod in my books. Ford Modulars lack low end TQ. New Vortecs have decent TQ/HP. but it's so high in the powerband it's almost unusable and as for Chryslers, I personally would stay away from that junk all together. The tech. offered is really no better than it was 15-20 years ago. And that goes for econo. numbers as well. I still avg. 18-20 MPG with my old chevy unloaded. The Heartbeat of America is still winning. For real!

Just a few points:

1 - Ford didn't need any gov. money

2 - F 150 sales numbers are higher than dodge, must be a reason

3 - the Boss engine is designed to grow to over 7 liters

4 - if you want to pay hellish insurance, buy a 500hp truck

5 - if you want an awesome 0-60 time, buy a car

6 - if you want a truck that will do truck chores forever, get a 5.4 powered ford

7 - if you want to keep a truck in the shop, buy a dodge

Best truck offering would be Ford frame/axles, Cummins engine, Allison tranny (or Dana axles)

man...i am kinda sick of hearing people saying that big engines are not necesary in big trucks....

i think its just you goanna tow a 10,000 trailer with a 3.2L or watever crap of small ECOweak engine...


Wow I love How Dodge has always led the way in truck technology for the past 90 years starting with the Dodge Brothers who were making engine before Henry even had a factory. Ford is just pure filth, and that why their new truck spend more time in the shop then on the road... Its also why you never see Fords towing anything and Dodges towing massive loads, often exceeding the manufactured maximum limits.

The blok from Australia and his toyota hilux. I would love to have one but the tree huggers over here won't allow it. So we have all the polution crap on our diesels. Thats why they are larger and less efficient.

i have owned a f-150 a silverado and currently drive a 07 1500 ram with the 5.7 and it by far out-performs ford or chevy gettin way better milage doing it with 18 city and 22 highway i have also hooked my dodge to several fords and chevys and it has dragged all of them without breaking a sweat and as for fords new 6.2 il put dodge up to it anywhere and out- perform it in anything period i went to all dodge on my farm because ford or chevy neither have near enough power for me they are both collosal wastes of money

You boys must be using trucks for hauling groceries......Let me tell you how this truck deal works after about 250,000 miles if you are pulling about 25,000 lbs. of steel...........The Ford Diesel that they "redesign" every year will be in the floor of the dealership....for the third time. The Duramax will likely break you in two ways............with the fuel consumption and with a likely broken crankshaft..........The Dodge Hummin' Cummins...........It'll still be out there running strong..........Trust me.........all of the BS stops with the review of repair bills....figured at cost per mile on the highway......not figured on hokey, dreamworld BS. Compare the weight of the Duradud and the Power Smoke.....Diesel Life=Strength.........from iron.
Don't forget the milk when you go get the groceries in your Power Smoke or Duradud!

i think its a great idea. with dodges hemi mds technology they could get the fuel economy numbers to where they should be even with such a large displacement engine. in reality mpg when your towing doesnt account for all that much anymore when a ford diesel injector costs approx $1200...and theres eight of em. the newer style hemi has been very reliable and affordable and short blocks are much less expensive then cummins or duramax's. up to you, can spend more money on fuel have it start everyday still tow your 16000lb and wont break the bank if an engine goes out of warranty or you can live with the diesel plagues but get amazing amounts of power...with also terrible fuel economy. the new 6.7l cummins gets 9mpg towing. and hasnt gotten any cheaper. granted it can pull small villages away how useful is that when u cant afford to fill the tank becuase of the extra ten grand you spent on the engine upgrade. ten grand buys alot of gas even in todays market. point is a work truck is a work truck, their all bad on fuel now, who cares as long as it gets you there without sweating while merging on the highway or up hills that never end. a bigger hemi would be welcomed until they can start making diesels that pass emissions that were as good on fuel as in 2002-2006 then forget about it! petrol is the way to go for 2012

Ford and Chevrolet's diesel engines (Powerstroke and Duramax) can't even compete with Dodge's Cummins inline-six cylinder (I6). Powerstroke and Duramax are light-duty diesel engines, and Cummins is a medium-duty, that's a fact. Chevy's Vortec and Ford's whatever engine they use now-a-days can't compete with the HEMI. It has 390HP and 475 ft.-lbs or torque, and averages at 17 MPH city, and 21 MPH highway. But, back to diesels. An I6 engine is the highest torquing engine on the market today, which is why Cummins uses those for Dodge. Dodge has been a 6.7 liter engine since 2007.5, and has been making a High Output (350HP and 800 ft.-lbs. of torque) engine since 2008. Ford copied Dodge in using a 6.7, because that literage is neither to high to have terrible gas mileage, or too low to have horrible towing. It is right in the middle, and it produce 800 ft.-lbs of torque. Ford copied Dodge for this exact reason, but since they have a V8, it will produce 400HP and 800 ft.-lbs of torque. In short, Ford copied Dodge in order to gain better torque ratings.

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