Spied! 2011 Ford Super Duty Exposes More Grille

Spied! 2011 Ford Super Duty Exposes More Grille
Photo: Chris Doane/Brenda Priddy & Company

Oh, say can you “C” what our spies have caught: It’s the resculpted front end of the 2011 Ford Super Duty in our best glimpse yet of the heavy-duty pickup's revised grillework.

In this picture, we can see styling influence from the 2006 Ford F-250 Super Chief concept in the test truck’s bold crossbars, Ford oval and new “C-style” borders that frame the grille.

The tester's grille bars have more space between them than the tight tolerances of the Super Chief's bars, for real-world cooling needs. The current Super Duty's hallmark side nostrils appear to have vanished, replaced by distinctive new C trim pieces on the sides of the grille that end abruptly at the top intake. Other styling updates are likely to include taillights similar to the new 2009 Ford F-150's.

2006 Ford Super Chief concept

Mechanically, we expect the 2011 Super Duty will use Ford's all-new in-house 6.7-liter Scorpion V-8 diesel engine. The gas engine is expected to be the new 6.2-liter premium V-8, which should replace the 6.8-liter V-10. Another major powertrain change is the likely end of manual transmissions.

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it's ok I guess, looks better than the Silverado, but the new RAM HD looks way better

The Silverado's Diesel motor is still superior to the Ford's. The Duramax is now going to be the "proven" motor and since Ford has NEVER built their own diesel engines, I would steer clear from them for at least a few years until they're proven to hold up. The Duramax motor has a lot more potential and I suspect that once Ford ups the ante with higher HP and Torque numbers, GM is going to raise the bar with the Duramax and we're going to see unheard of power ratings from them, probably torque numbers at or close to 700.

from what i heard the new deisel is 400 hp and 720 torque so its already better then the duramax

Well Duramax has take off speed and Ford too, But the Cummins out pull and tows..... A better and long lasting than the others!!!! The 2010 HD look real sharp and Ford is looking good, but the Silverado they look Awful Ugly.. But that's my opinion...

This will crap all over the GM diesel, what is Randy on about? Ford has made diesel engines in Europe in partnership with Mazda "Duratorq," and also invested in diesels with Peugeot, Land Rover and Jaguar, which has put out the 2.7TDV6, which was ahead of the game at the time, and variations have included the 3.0L V6, and twin-turbo versions of both engines, as well as the Land Rover 3.6L TDV8. I think Ford has the technology to make good diesel engines.

This is going to be The Truck to buy next year.

Hey Mike,
I got a strange question for you. Everyone is showing the Super Duty to be redesigned for 2011, but the new engine will be out in 2010 because of emission requirements. Is the 2010 going to have the new diesel motor in it or is the 2011 going to be an early release like the 2008 was in early 2007 to meet emission standards? To me it would make more sense to do a facelift in conjunction with the new engine, but what do I know


Just my opinion, but I don't like that grill at all. Of course it is the prototype, but to me it just looks odd the way it has those two huge bars just kind of floating there, and besides that, at the rate Ford is going, eventually the trucks not going to have a grill, just I giant blue oval :-D

For now, based on spy photos, I'd stick with the chevy HD or the dodge HD....but again, that's just my opinion. and this is just the prototype, I wont make a final judgment on the looks of it until the real one is revealed.

@Brian: Great question, actually. Think about it like back in 2007 when particulate emissions limits were tightened. Those laws went into effect on January 1, 2007 and about a month later, after inventory had been sold down, we saw the updated 2008 model year Super Duty go on sale. Same pattern applies for January 1, 2010. We'll see 2011 Super Duty go on sale later in 2010. 2010 model year SD may be very abbreviated compared to 2009 or skipped all together. 2008 model seemed to go on for about 2 years.

y dont no about cummins out pull gm or ford but all the test y look cummins is last mabe just the engine is good but after you put the tranis...is last...show me a site whit the cummins is better to pull.....from the factory.....the day you start to play in the engine this is everybody games..

is funny the ford people they all impress about the ford truck,,imagine if they drive a gm....

Randy Duramax is a Isuzu Diesel and Chevy didn't build this. The only one I seen Chevy built was that Mickey Mouse 6.5 Diesel.. Hey Math Commins been around alot longer than Ford or Chevy Diesels and Commins still be running when the Body fall apart... LOL

All you guys see is the grille???

The 2010 order guide is out. Take a peek...


The continuity of the grill and headlamp treatment on the Super Chief concept is much more desirable. Could use a fine mesh material to replicate those horizontal bars designed for the Super Chief concept and maybe achieve cooling requirements.

Yeah about the duramax being better, yeah it is a quality engine, but why buy an Isuzu truck, since that is all Chevy is now, just rebaged when it comes to the trucks. Then again that is probably why GM is known as Government Motors now lol

At least Ford doesnt have the Chevy LUV front suspension like the GM HD trucks have , way to go Ford .

Why don't they list the new engines in the 2010 order guide? Are they coming out on the 2010 model, late 2010 and thus why they don't have it listed, or are they waiting for the 2011 model? I'm confused. Give us your thoughts on the order guide in a new blog post.

Bryan - Where did you get the order guide from? If the 6.2 and Scorpion are not in the order guide, they might be saving them for the full remodel in the 2011 MY. That would make most sense to me.

UUUUUUUUUUUUUGLY. The Super Chief was much better.

a lot of I guess "Ford" people have been bashing GM for having a partnership with Isuzu for the Duramax, but correct me if I'm wrong, last time I checked Powerstroke is built by Navistar. So I'm thinking maybe those Ford people may want to think about that one, especially since Ford's been putting the Powerstroke in their trucks a lot longer than GM has put the D-Max in there's. Oh, and I have a Powerstroke just to throw that out there before anybody says I'm some Die Hard GMaholic :-D

Rumor has it that the new Scorpion 2011 diesel engine for Ford is going to be a joint venture with Duramax. That's only good news for Ford since their diesel engine are horrible and get the worst MPG and break down...and on top of all of that Ford doesn't stand behind their product....read what owners have to say in Edmonds.com in the F450 forum. Give me an Allison - Duramax combo any day. YOu can keep your Ford and Dodges (sorry I meant Fiat).

Sorry you have to give me the Dodge Cummins over Duramax any day. You look out on Hwy and all you see is Dodge or Ford hauling or Hot Shot driver. Too many of the Duramax just sit in driveway to look at... LOL

I have been told that the 2010 Super Duty is basically unchanged from the 2009, except the FX4 option has been dropped and there are a couple of new colors. Look for the 2011 soon after the first of the year. The 2011 is not an all new truck, it is a minor restyle with new engines and possibly some chassis changes that will make a lot of people upset....... BTW- the Duramax is an Isuzu design but it is built in a GM UAW factory in Ohio, but I hear the Scorpion is a French Peugeot design built in Mexico. Nice!

I have heard just the opposite. The 2011 will be a major restyle.

i thought ford was getting the cummins in 2010, but whatever. And I agree with what i've been reading here. Duramax already has more stock power than powerstroke and cummins. It only took them around a decade to surpass the two other diesel "workhouses". i think that says something right there about Izuzu's ability to build a very solid diesel. Granted, injectors go at about 120000 miles, but those are replaceable. I have heard two people say that they have had more trouble than that, and they were guys that jacked their trucks and blew turbos cuz they were being freaking gay with their trucks. I have known several people that have dmaxes and run them every day, all day, pulling crap,and love them. I have seen several delivery and construction companies replace their entire fleet of ford or dodge trucks with the gmc duramax diesels. the only large company that run dodges have mid 98 24 valves that the bodies are still great on them. I expect that when they do replace these trucks, when they get sick and tired of ripping the trannies out on them, they will purchase GMC trucks. Don't get me wrong, ford still makes a decently solid truck, but, GMC has far surpassed the competition.

I don't really mind the looks of the current Super Duty, except for the dash and the fact that it says 'Super Duty' on every flat surface. Is the 2011 getting a new dash?


Ford has broken their partnership with Navistar. It cost ford a lot of money to get away from their crappy diesel engines. This new scorpion diesel is going to be built by ford in house. It is not a partnership with anyone. Same for the diesel for the F150, its called the lion and going to be built in house at Ford. The scorpion is rumored to have aluminum heads. This is a good call by Ford to build them in house because they do not have to buy the engine form another company and they can up profits and provide a quality product.

First of all the duramax diesel is, is junk. a bunch of trashy nuts an bolts put together to try an compete with real diesel motors. But the bottom line is it just will never be what a powerstroke is. ford is king of the diesel market always has been an always will be.

OOOO AAAHHHH a new Ford grill. It's pretty sad when the ALL NEW FORD is a new grill and tail lights. New engine too? I'll let someone else deal with that.

OK guys lets just get 1 thing straight here. Ford has been building their own diesels for many years. They started I believe in the mid 80's. That engine was the 7.8 ford 6 cyl used in the commercial truck and saw over 500,000 miles easily. So before you say ford never built their own diesels do a little research.

Duramax: Yup put it a hill with a load and pretty soon the computer says whooo we got to dial the fuel back or we will burn up and the comes a old B series cummins around you with a bigger load as your duramax is cooling it's heels.

I have owned 3 (04-07) 6.0L power strokes, 1 2005 Cummins, and now own a 2007 Duramax. I tow (14,000 lbs) every weekend and used all of them as daily commuters. I cannot wait for Ford to get it right with their diesel. Ford has the best chassis of all 3 but has stuggled with the engine. GM makes a city boy truck that is helpless when off-road. Dodge is an old lumber wagon with modern styling. Neither Dodge or GM can handle the payload or towing capacity that the Ford can. I have owned all 3 brands and cannot wait for Ford to get it right. I'll be back to Ford, as soon as the new engine is proven as tough as the rest of the truck. How many of the poster out here have actually tried the competition?

Okay so first off that is an ugly truck. they should just crumple that sketch up and throw it away. Ford by the way stands for Fix Or Repair Daily. explaining the engine. the gloplugs in the engine are just too weak. they also felt like having the V8 diesel, but by doing this they only lost power and durability. Dodge has a 6 cylinder engine, but yet it still pushes out more horse than any other ford. (stock) the reason dodge only has 6 is because instead of 8 small headers they have 6 HUGE ones therefore pushing out more power than the normal V8. If you wanna buy this truck go for it. Just make sure that when your broken down on the side of the road needing to be towed, or if you got stuck in some mud or snow, make sure to call your friend that has a Dodge.

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