Spied! Ford Ranger "T6" Global Small Pickup

Spied! Ford Ranger
Photos: Brian Williams for Brenda Priddy & Company (top) and James Stanford (bottom)

Ford hasn’t said officially what, if anything, will replace the U.S.-built Ford Ranger when production ends in 2011 but recent spy photos captured half a world apart point to a brand new, globally produced small pickup taking its place by 2012.

The engineering mules seen in these pictures might look like facelifted, double-cab versions of the Mazda BT-50 that’s sold outside the U.S. and shares a common platform with the Thai-built overseas Ford Ranger, but sources say their duct tape and cobbled bodies hide the mechanicals and running gear of Ford’s next-generation global small truck. That new pickup will likely mean all Ford Ranger models would be built on a single global platform, codenamed "T6" that's being designed in Australia. The current overseas Ford Ranger shares only its name with the Ranger built for North America.

The move is expected to mirror Ford’s recent product strategy to cut development costs by designing new vehicles on a single global platform, like the new Ford Fiesta compact car that recently went on sale in Europe and is promised for the U.S. next year.

Photographed T6 test trucks are configured in both left- and right-hand drive versions and are longer and wider than the current overseas Ranger. The mules are powered by diesel and gas engines. An industry source says the T6 Ranger for the U.S. will likely be powered by a new 1.6-liter four-cylinder direct injection turbocharged EcoBoost engine producing at least 175 horsepower and 180 pounds-feet of torque. Ford's 3.0-liter Duratorq TDCi four-cylinder turbodiesel engine, rated at 154 horsepower and 280 pounds-feet of torque, is expected to be carried over in the new truck for buyers outside the U.S.

Spied! Ford Ranger


I think I might have found my new truck , I just hope Ford still sells the in regular cab long bed 4x4 versions .

I should say start selling them again , they still make the RCLB 4x2 I see a lot of them as work fleet trucks .

So the left hand drive mule was spotted in Australia and the right hand drive mule was spotted in the US? Two sets of test drivers in two different countries both having to pay extra attention when on the road :)

Guys, if you want to see the new ford ranger goto www.ford.co.nz and have a look they are on sale here in New Zealand, What that truck is in the photo is the new Mazda BT-50, (Id bet you a bet you a beer cus I have the current BT-50 and the grill design with the mazda logo is very similar)
Small trucks are huge business in Aus & NZ Toyota Hilux is number one and Ford & Mazda a distant 3rd.

This page to check out the ranger;

I LOVE trucks in general but I think that that all the new full size are just too big(and ugly jaja) and I love the Ranger infact I looked for one but for the money I had I bought a 1989 Mazda B2200 when it was REAL mazda and I gotta say if Ford makes the t6 GREAT if Mazda makes it cool not bad at all



Ford needs to bring this truck to North America with the crew cab and the diesel engine, they wouldn't be able to keep them on the lots

Offer 4 doors and a 6 foot bed.
I will buy 6 for my company and a 4x4 for me.
I mean it.

Finally. Some legitimate talk of the Ranger replacement...

But a diesel option will never see the light of day in this country, along with so many other great models around the globe (ie. the Hi Lux and brilliant 70-series Land Cruiser pickup). Big oil doesn't want greater efficiency and CAFE requirements are all back-asswards, etc. etc....So many overkill standards and greedy interests here that plague diesels, it's a shame...

But if that's the way it has to be, then I just hope Ford can engineer that gas engine to give us a worthwhile 30+ mpg, otherwise we're right back to the same situation we see with the Ranger/F-150. In terms of fuel economy in an automatic transmission, why buy small when bigger is not much more expensive and gets darn near identical MPG?

Bottom line: there is absolutely no excuse for the next generation Ranger (and Colorado for that matter) to not get 25-35 MPG in the automatic and 40+ MPG in the manual, on GAS. And be able to do some decent work. Maybe not F-150 or Silverado-level work, but a decent amount. And don't tell me the technology is not there and they "can't" do it. B*llshit. It all boils down to doing what everyone else who doesn't get government bailouts does these days to be successful: create smart, innovative products that SELL. It can be done, and needs to be. Find a way. Period.

No diesel for America is just plain DUMB.

The T6 Project is being engineered in my home town and as a Ranger Owner (rest of the world version), I am very keen to see the fruits of Ford Australia's work.

Remember though this is just an engineering mule, the body is cobbled to together, the tub is off the existing Ranger/BT-50, the doors also look like they've come from that too. The front looks like it's off the current mazda BT-50 but the front guards, Bonnet (hood) and windscreen are different, as is the overall shape.

What's interesting is the dramatic increase in track, that has to mean that the T6 will be aroun 100mm (4") wider than the existing narrow model.

My hopes are around something slightly largers, with much better suspension, improved ride & comfort and continued heavy carrying and towing capacity.

Do it right Ford!

When is Ford going to bring the diesel ranger to the US???

FRF, you already know the answer to that question, but I sympathize with you for asking it anyways. Obviously there are many special interests and nonsensical forces at work against the propagation of diesel tech to the American masses, which are beyond our means to comprehend.

So if/when it doesn't happen, we can't hold Ford completely responsible. Yes, it can be done, as anything can for the sheer will of it, but the overhead involved with trying to ready a US-legal version of the Duratorq I believe will discourage Ford from pursuing it, as it has done to so many companies with great diesels in other continents.

But I'll join you in hoping...

Can somebody please sell a pickup in North America that is small, 4x4 and get good mileage? In Canada 4x2 is useless in winter. I don't want a crew cab. I don't want extended cab. Can't somebody make a small 4x4 that can get at least 25 mpg? This is ridiculous because the new Ranger looks too big. I'll wait to buy when somebody figures out that people don't want these behemoths anymore.

looks like a hilux :S

Man, I'd love a 4-door cab Ranger. Small diesel would be great too, but probably not going to happen in the US.

Sure does look like a HiLux!

Glad to see Ford going back to their roots that created the Ranger in the first place, Mazda did!

By the way, those pesky rear lower shock mounts, when are the domestics gonna learn?

I also hope Ford will get rid of their torsion-bar sprung fronts, I have never seen such unprotected t-bars in my life, that should be a safety hazard!

That is an engineering mule as reported in the article. It is the drive train that is being tested, the actual panels/ exterior are a combo of old/new parts. There is no way a mule would be out on the road with the front end exposed like that If it was the real deal.

I know the design team for wiring in this T6 model!! hahaha

Please - just put a diesel in it before you bring it over?!!

Simple: No 4-cyl diesel, no buy.

I don't need a huge jacked-up less-than 12mpg truck/ego alter so I can impress the neighbors. Give me a truck that will get the job done, last forever, and be economical!

I've considered emigrating to South America or Australia/New Zealand just so I can own a 4-cyl diesel pickup.

America is truly the land of stupid, overly bureaucratic "to-big-to-fail" auto builders who let their hubris, the unions and over-regulation destroy their creativity.

I would really like to see Ford out of all of them succeed (without my tax money).

Build this Ranger with a diesel and I will buy three (enough for my lifetime).

Don't hold you breath, Bevis. I'm right there with you, but our oil greed and backwards emissions standards won't help consumer diesel gain traction here any time soon. And what's worse, it goes without saying that diesels are usually paired with no-nonsense vehicle design (ie. the brilliant Land Cruiser 70 series, Hi Lux, etc., all made for every continent but here)...vehicles that fat, bloated America hasn't seen in its car and truck designs since the early 90s at the latest...and design is only getting worse as the years go by it seems, so I see no change in the whole overall trend of bloated, small-windowed, hideous looking vehicles mated with increasingly idiotic gasoline engines purposely designed to keep petrol consumption at steady levels until big oil can figure out how to transition into the next price-fixed atrocity to drug deal us. It makes me sick to even think about it, because I'm calling it now and I know it's exactly what's going to happen...as we the people all bend over like good little sheep and take it.

Sorry to be so negative. It's just that hoping for something as simple and common sense as what we want in this instance is almost like hoping against hope.

America wont bring a Diesel to the US. That would make sense. Since when does America do anything that makes sense?

Has anyone considered a revolution. Stop sending lawyers and corporate hacks to washington. There is power in numbers. The Ford diesel ranger is the balls. Ford has good vision. They build a super product. Too bad Americans can't figure that out.

I love the New Zealand Ford vehicles. The the vehicles are so much better design than the North American brands as far pleasing to the eyes... Why can't we have those vehicles in the USA? Ford USA vehicles are soo boring compared to Ford vehicles overseas.

im sick for this!!!

Mahindra from India is set to release a turbo deisel in your country before the end of 2009 that gets 30mpg and has capacities exceeding those of the Ford Ranger, which I regretably just bought....although I got a huge discount....but this Mahindra is exactly what I have been waiting for....I hope it comes to Canada soon after what used to be the greatest nation on this earth....study your history Americans....why did you fight three wars with the British empire? How do we defeat this one which is conducting economic war on your country since they floated the dollar in 1971....the new empire...anglo dutch oligarky

I like the Ranger CrewCab WideTrack... COOL, But look at that price tag $52,000 plus. That over there.. I think United States need to build the F-100 here. But I know that won't happen.. I'm going to wait til the 2012 F-150 crewcab with 5.0 Coyote... Or maybe check out that Ranger Crew Cab WideTrack... Will see...

Posted by: Trip | May 13, 2009 1:12:25 AM
Can somebody please sell a pickup in North America that is small, 4x4 and get good mileage? In Canada 4x2 is useless in winter. I don't want a crew cab. I don't want extended cab. Can't somebody make a small 4x4 that can get at least 25 mpg? This is ridiculous because the new Ranger looks too big. I'll wait to buy when somebody figures out that people don't want these behemoths anymore.

---check out Mahindra TR20 4x4

Right now I not worried about absence of diesel, particularly since theyve been MIA in small US trucks since the 1980s, but I do hope this new Ranger gets the EcoBoost 4- and 6-cyl engines (260-300+ horsepower please) with EPA north of 25 mpg's. That'll blow the doors off mid-size trucks.

Maybe the Mahindra will do to small pickups what the Korean cars did to small cars. Offer inovation at a low price and make manufactures like Ford stop ignoring the market. I personally hope the new Ranger doesn't get much bigger. Stretch the extended cab to put functional forward facing seats that I could strap a car seat in. Offer a 200hp ecoboost 4cyl with a manual trans, 4x4 that gets 25mpg or better on the hwy. Make the 4 door version to "replace" the SprtTrac and keep the price in the ball park. I am waiting another year to see where this truck is going. Give me the above mentioned ext cab 4x4 and I'll buy one.

>And what's worse, it goes without saying that diesels are
>usually paired with no-nonsense vehicle design (ie. the
>brilliant Land Cruiser 70 series, Hi Lux, etc., all made for
> every continent but here)...vehicles that fat, bloated America
>hasn't seen in its car and truck designs since the early 90s at
>the latest...
>Posted by: T | May 27, 2009 12:53:34 AM
I have to disagree on the no nonsense vehicle design being paired with diesel engines, in Argentina I drove a 2002ish Toyota Corolla with a 2.2L turbodiesel engine and a manual transmission and a Kia Carnival (known as the Sedona in the US and UK) with a 2.9(?)L turbodiesel and a automatic transmission. They were not noticeably louder than a comparable gasoline powered car unless under heavy acceleration and I liked them a lot.
My dad has (here in the US) a 2003 VW Jetta TDI which while it has a distinctive "diesel sound" is nothing like the older (1980s) VW diesels that we have had in the past.


If Mazda/Ford can keep this truck 'worth' buying, alot of people will eat this new platform up. I owned three early 90's Mazda B series and they where the best trucks Ive owned! Worked hard and embarassed full sized trucks stuck in snow drifts 'I live in Canada'. Canadians love small trucks, they make sense and can work hard. Give us a DIESEL! Why buy a 5000 pound fullsized pickup to haul around your 200 pound ass, when a truck half the weight can do the same job cheaper...mmmmm Baconators

Ford Ranger 4X4, crew cab style, with at least 5-foot bed, and economical MPG please. I will get it!

Looks the current BT50 body and new "T6" load box. Maybe with the new T6 chassis for R&H development and fine tuning of ride characteristics.

It's nice of Ford to have had this truck/capibility and not share it with the US... now i'm stuck waiting for an Indian company to bring in their 4 cyclinder diesel crew cab pickup to the US! its goofy looking but at least they're making it available. Mahindra Appalachian!

Don't worry if the Mahindra sells well it'll grow to the size of a full size after a few revisions.

Engineering Design team! I know them... well-experienced

I really like my 3rd Ranger a 2007 but what I need now is four doors for grand child and passengers a diesel to pull the boat in and out of the water with really good mileage.

Spotted one of the "test mules" in Michigan and got a small video. The truck I had seen was right hand drive and here is a link....


Good to see something new with the Ranger!

people the truck in the photo is not a ford ranger. it is the new mazda bt-50 built in thailand, the new ranger has a different type of front end and tail lights. here in central america we have both the ranger and the bt-50, both are turbo intercooled diesel standard and double cab 2wd and 4wd just thought to mention this

check out the 2010 mitsubishi L200 sportero pickup

please Ford do throw in a short wheel base sport truck that can be tricked out like the f-150 truck used to look. We dont all own companies, and may want a sport ute as the ausies might call them. Some thing smaller lower ground clearance and capable of looking hot on a friday night! :-)

I have a friend who sold Fords all his life but has now switched fo Toyota. He tells me that the Tundra is coming to the US with a small diesel in the near future.

+1 to: Mazda needs to bring this truck to North America with the crew cab and the diesel engine, they wouldn't be able to keep them on the lots




Is Ford going to sell the diesel engine in Canada or Mexico? If so I would take a trip North or South to buy one.

Give me a real truck bare bones! Manual every thing! For gods sake make it a tdi! My f450 I'd is down for electro grimlins. Make it simple like Toyota 1980 .

Why can't we just go down to South America and drive a diesel Ranger home?

It's too bad no Ford execs will ever see a site like this because the consensus seems to be identical: WE WANT TO SEE A DIESEL OPTION IN THE RANGER!!! I would sell both of my current vehicles if I could just have a small 4x4 truck with an economical diesel. The only thing that's come close in the last few years was the Jeep Liberty and Grand Cherokee CRD, but they axed those too, and they are not viable work vehicles (no frame).

PLEASE bring the USA a diesel regular cab or extended cab version . The current crop of full size gas trucks are plush limp wristed fat posseurs, the small truck are under togued ill handling two seaters. This little pit bull has real truck credentials, comparing favorablely to mid sixties to early seventies pickups.

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