Spied! Ford Ranger "T6" Global Small Pickup

Spied! Ford Ranger
Photos: Brian Williams for Brenda Priddy & Company (top) and James Stanford (bottom)

Ford hasn’t said officially what, if anything, will replace the U.S.-built Ford Ranger when production ends in 2011 but recent spy photos captured half a world apart point to a brand new, globally produced small pickup taking its place by 2012.

The engineering mules seen in these pictures might look like facelifted, double-cab versions of the Mazda BT-50 that’s sold outside the U.S. and shares a common platform with the Thai-built overseas Ford Ranger, but sources say their duct tape and cobbled bodies hide the mechanicals and running gear of Ford’s next-generation global small truck. That new pickup will likely mean all Ford Ranger models would be built on a single global platform, codenamed "T6" that's being designed in Australia. The current overseas Ford Ranger shares only its name with the Ranger built for North America.

The move is expected to mirror Ford’s recent product strategy to cut development costs by designing new vehicles on a single global platform, like the new Ford Fiesta compact car that recently went on sale in Europe and is promised for the U.S. next year.

Photographed T6 test trucks are configured in both left- and right-hand drive versions and are longer and wider than the current overseas Ranger. The mules are powered by diesel and gas engines. An industry source says the T6 Ranger for the U.S. will likely be powered by a new 1.6-liter four-cylinder direct injection turbocharged EcoBoost engine producing at least 175 horsepower and 180 pounds-feet of torque. Ford's 3.0-liter Duratorq TDCi four-cylinder turbodiesel engine, rated at 154 horsepower and 280 pounds-feet of torque, is expected to be carried over in the new truck for buyers outside the U.S.

Spied! Ford Ranger


I like the fact that they are going to keep a truck to compete with the other major players, but Ford should redesign the front end to something a little more appealing.

Add me to the list of truck owners who are waiting for a midsize diesel pickup...I am driving an '88 full size Chevy and will keep it until the diesels are available. I just got rid of a Ford Taurus with 300K. I would buy a diesel Ranger in a second.

Bring the diesel to the US-it only makes sense. A work/utility vehicle that might 30 plus mpg would be awesome, but our government will legislate it out of existence. It doesn't even need to be 4 x 4, but it would be handy if it were. I love my V 10 super duty to go out and make money, but 70 pecent of the time I could do much of my running with a small pickup. Bring it on Ford.

My wife drives a 2002 VW Beatle Diesel and gets 45 mpg. I managed to keep my speed at 65 once and got 48 mpg on a 200+ mile trip. BTW I once had it running at over 100 mph and it was still pulling. I lost my nerve at 120. Don't do this at home...
I wish Ford would design a small diesel for the Ranger that would perform like this. The VW diesel is rated better than the BMW diesel just imported to the states.

hey ford you took a chance on the diesel van.go for the ranger as an optional diesel. dont forget lpg and propane. aka trifuel.oh and there is a pump for diesel in every station in america

If this is indeed the new Ranger, I suggest that the designer smokes crack. The body style is damned ugly.

I have had many Rangers, even had a 1986 turbo-diesel – It was the best of the bunch and a US too, except the engine, which was a Mitsubishi (40MPG). I’d like to see the new Ranger in a regular cab, 7’ 4x2 manual transmission in a cab and chassis. I use a Reading utility body (aluminum) that I move truck to truck. The reason the Ranger has been a success over the years is consistency – you could count on your fleet being pretty much the same even though the year spread might be ten years. If Ford fails to deliver, I am looking at an Indian truck that might be imported – but only if it has a manual transmission offering. Its frame will take my Reading utility bodies.

Can't wait for it to arrive!!! I love my 07 Ranger Level II, but would have liked it a little larger. This new one looks just what I've been waiting for. Come on Ford, lets get to it.
I'm ready to buy!!!!

I doubt Ford being known for beautiful cars and great designs and concepts would put a piece of crap like that to replace the Sport trac their most attractive truck on the market.they would be signing of their own death sentence.That crap design looks like something out of the kawaski motorcycle factoriy

i want to buy pick up truck

Such a heavy car. This would have been a great truck. Very impressive. Anyone, inside or outside the U.S. might have buy this. Very great job.

I know many Rural Mail Carriers who would love to be able to buy a RHD Ranger 4door expanded cab and I am one of them. I am currently driving my 4th Ranger. Love my Fords.

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