What Others Say: Motor Trend Compares the Ford F-150 and Toyota Tundra

What Others Say: Motor Trend Comparies F-150 and Tundra

The folks at Motor Trend have posted a head-to-head comparison that features their last two Trucks of the Year – the Ford F-150 (2008) and Toyota Tundra (2007) – to determine which is the better rig.

We selected a winner in our 2008 Light-Duty Shootout, but which will Motor Trend choose? The F-150 and its numerous towing and hauling innovations, or the Tundra and its super powertrain that's optimized for pulling big loads?

Read on to find out.

[Source: Motor Trend]


The ford is the best hands down

When it comes to the work load, the ford is better equiped, stronger, and more durable, however I would take the Tundra for its reliability.

Toyota Tundra is alright, sure its has alot of Power, but its need the Fully Box Frame and that Dashboard Cluster need to go. But I would take the Ford. It may not be Fast, but it will get the job done. F-150 claim to be the Safey Truck in America now.

I want an F-150 with the Toyota powertrain in it, I wonder if I could swap.

the 5.4L is older than the Tundra Motor, its more reliable, for real work, so get real here guys, the F-150 is more durable, which makes it more reliable.

I don't even know why Motor Trend wastes their time with a test comparison like this between the F150 and Tundra b/c everybody knows the Ford is better.

I am not a Ford guy, but even I attest that the F-150 is the better choice here.

I'm with Sierra_WT. I'm a diehard Chevy/GMC guy, but I would pick the Ford over the Tundra anyday.

wow to pull gm or dodge period..imagine the toyota whit a 3.73not a 4.30 .and we no they dont have a good frame,,

Why would you want a "Fully Box Frame" because the commercial told you so. Yes a boxed frame is stronger than traditional channel but not when they reduce the material thickness. Also a boxed frame traps moisture and debris causing it to rust faster. Drivers on the new Hummer H2 could hear the water sloshing back and forth.

Brent, you make me Laugh!! Thats not TRUE!!!!!

Brent is a joker?

The Ford sure has a great interior. Best I have ever seen in a truck. The Platinum is the ritz through out. Ford also has better innovations. The tail gate step is a great feature and tow command as well as far as innovation that will actually get used on a daily basis. The Toyota as usual, is more refined, with a far superior engine transmission. Roll down back window is outstanding. Still do not know why center "port hole" windows still exist as they are essentially useless. I have spent adequate time in both and I guess that if I had to be spending a large amount of time on the road commuting and then pulling jet skis and quads on the weekends I would roll with the Platinum F150. It is just a great place to be while the hours pass. If I was pulling large loads and planned on holding onto my truck for 7+ years I would roll with the tundra. It really is a tough decision. However, there is a reason people research and still end up forgoing an easy 10k package of rebates for an F150 and buy a Tundra. Its a toss up for me.

This would be COOL take F-150 Ford Truck and drop the 5.7 Toyota motor in it!!!! You might as Well, almost everything on these Trucks are from CHINA!!!! HA HA HA

why all the talk about a fully boxed frame? if they were so important and tough, why doesn't the F250, 350, and 450 use them? that's right...they are not fully boxed either....do some research before you comment on the lack of a fully boxed frame on the tundra. it is designed to flex, which makes the ride not suffer...like a F150....

and another thing....the TUNDRA is made completely in the USA. unlike most other 1/2 ton trucks...it is either made in Texas or Indiana....which the last time I checked...is in the USA....not china.

The Tundra is assembled in the US. But so are many F150s. Even though they do build some F150s outside the US, more F150s are built in the US than Tundras. The F150 is also assembled with more US and North American made parts than the Tundra is. So please don't try to say the Tundra is more American than the F150.
The Indiana site was specifically for the 4.0L and 4.7L model Tundras, while all 5.7L models were built in TX. Toyota has since converted/retooled the Indiana plant to build other vehicles, so the San Antonio site is now the only location the Tundra is currently built. Plus the Tundra is only built in the US cause Toyota built it specifically for the US market. Toyota knows they couldn't sell the Tundra in Europe or over in Japan.
Yes the Tundra uses mostly a C-channel frame, which in itself isn't bad. But it uses 3 different frame sections and either welds or bolts them together, which causes a lot of problems. The front most section which houses the motor, is fully boxed, while the other two sections are C-channel. Now the 3/4 & 1 ton trucks, as well as most semi-rigs use a c-channel, but these are much heavier duty, thicker gauge steel than what Toyota uses on the Tundra. This can all make a significant difference.

This 2nd generation Tundra has many issues. From chrome rust, bed bounce, 20 camshafts (reported), easily chipped paint, air vents with a mind of their own, radio issues, torque converter replacements, collapsing tailgates, gauges you can't read in the day light, vibrating mirrors, driveshaft replacements and these are just the most common issues reported through multiple Tundra owner sites. So to say it's built better or more reliable than the F150, we'll just have to wait and see. Could care less what some mag says is more reliable, real world owner experience is a much better source.

So which would I take. The F150 hands down. Inside and out, top to bottom, the F150 is a better overall truck. The Tundra may have the 0-60 times or hp/lb-ft numbers people drool over these days, but those factors aren't the end all be all of the full-size truck world. The Tundra doesn't have a better powertrain as a whole, simply the motor. The F150 6spd transmissions is much smoother and better tuned for towing purposes. Inside and out you can see where Toyota cut corners to get this truck launched, and still it was delayed a couple months. Personally, it's a step backwards in quality from the 1st Gen Tundra, which is now being impacted by frame rust issues similar to the Tacomas.

The ford is still the best truck produced today. some have better features than others but overall the ford is still the better truck and its going to get better.

The Tundras "Frame" is a joke! Watch the youtube videos of silver creek lake and tell me that a fully boxed frame is helpful...the bed of that tundra is about to twist off haha..im sorry but Tundras are joke..the only thing they have is power and speed and honestly if your into that get a sports car..trucks are made to work..and about the whole American and where they made..in the End the money from Ford goes to America and the money from toyota goes straight to Japan.

Given Obama's recent CAFE numbers for 2016 we might as well enjoy whichever vehicle we prefer today. Unless some great research and engineering happens we will have to fold ourselves in half and try to fit into small vehicles. Ouch!! Just buy the vehicle you prefer. You might as well enjoy it while you make the payments. Thank goodness for variety while it lasts.

"in the End the money from Ford goes to America and the money from toyota goes straight to Japan."

Profits earned goes to the shareholders not America which in itself is 2 continents. You mean the United States of America!

Stop comparing a publically traded company with the U.S. Constitution! Ford does not work for the U.S. government so when you buy one of their trucks, you are benefitting their shareholders not the country!

As yes Ford like all of the domestic companies has foreign operations meaning money is being sent overseas to keep those operations running. We live in a stupid globalization world, nationalities no longer apply where vehicles are built anymore!

Ford is in business not to benefit the U.S. but to benefit their shareholders!

And just like the majority of U.S. companies that have flocked overseas to build with cheap labor, Ford is one of them, you cannot deny this.

"in the End the money from Ford goes to America and the money from toyota goes straight to Japan."

Also note that China has outproduced the U.S. in vehicle production. Meaning China is now the front-running market in this world.

And yes Ford is building plants there as well as the other 2 domestics. Ford and the others do not care about the U.S. they care about making profits NO MATTER WHO BUILDS THEIR VEHICLES AND WHERE!

You have a lot to learn about economics and business.

hahahahah tundra sucks.

Thank you for clearing my America statment I'm sure nobody realized what I meant..and yes I do understand that shareholders account for companies but Ford company is based and mainly produced in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.. Being built and produced or "made in America" means alot to people in this great country.. Even though some toyota trucks are built in America (San antonio) Toyota is based and ran in japan making most of the profit sent back to japan.. I understand there are shareholders all over the world but Toyota is a japanesee company.

Give me the Tundra! Not at all a fan of Toyota, but I know first hand the F-150 is JUNK. We get every new F series that comes out at work and they all are JUNK. Last year we got the 08 F-1-2- and 350's same engine idle problem as with the previous gen. Check engine light was on with-in 1100 miles in the 350. To be honest our work site Chevy's and Dodge's aren't any better than the Ford's. The Toyota is EXTREMELY impressive considering America's been building trucks for nearly a CENTURY, what a shame.

In my opinion the latest F150 and other Ford HD Trucks are just ugly from the front look... But there's another more problematic item: why the hell Tundra had to copy the Dodge Ram "Get of my may"-design? Aren't they enough creative to design their own look or the Toyota want to be perceive "tough"?

I recently test drove the 2009 Tundra, and the 2009 F150. Both drove great, they both had the largest V-8 their manufactures offered. The Tundra's motor is hands down the winner, but when I factored in ride, smoothness, fit and finish(yes the ford is better), braking and what I can get for the money, I choose the F150. Hey guys, Ford hit a homerun with this truck. Talk is cheap, go drive one first, then comment. It's easy to read all the stats that magazines put out, but until you truly drive these two trucks, you really wouldn't understand

we have a 400ford the bigest motor ford makes and it will not die


The frame things really not a big deal i mean semi trucks use open c-channel frames and they can pull more weight than both these trucks combined, and to say all the profits that come from the tundra go to japan is complete ignorance. Your over looking the Americans that build them and the 80%+ domestic parts content the tundra has. These are the two best trucks on the market, i'm sure all you Government motors company fan boys would beg to differ but its the truth for real truck work, this is what you should look at if your in the market. I ended up getting the tundra because its got way more towing and hauling power and a better feel when your dragging 10K up a hill. I do still like the F-150 thought, it was my last truck.

And, no tundra is produced outside U.S borders. If you want one in another country they have to be exported.

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