With or Without Chrysler, Cummins is Committed to Light-Duty Diesel

Cummins is Committed to Light-Duty Diesel

With or without Chrysler, Cummins is committed to continuing development of the all-new light-duty diesel engine that was slated to debut in the Dodge Ram 1500 by 2010.

In January, Chrysler told PickupTrucks.com that the ultra-clean diesel engine had been postponed until 2011 or later. Then, last week, Chrysler declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy with backing from the Obama administration, leaving potential Ram 1500 diesel buyers further concerned about the engine's fate.

“Chrysler’s delay has no impact on the [light-duty diesel] engine,” said Mark Land, director of public relations at Cummins. “We’re still moving forward with development, we’re just pacing it differently.”

In Chrysler’s court filings, Cummins is listed as its fifth largest creditor. The Columbus, Ind., engine maker is owed almost $44 million related to its 6.7-liter six-cylinder inline diesel engine produced for Chrysler’s Dodge Ram heavy-duty pickups, plus continued research and development, Land said.

Land said other manufacturers have expressed interest in the engine.

“We have other customers who are interested in the engine, including Nissan,” Land said. “We’re also talking to others about the engine.”

Nissan previously announced that it had formed a partnership with Cummins to supply diesel engines for its upcoming line of light commercial vehicles, scheduled to start production at Nissan’s Canton, Miss., plant in 2010.

Land wouldn’t say what the engine’s architecture would be, though it’s expected to be a 5.0-liter V-8.

In spite of Chrysler’s delay, Ford’s continued postponement of its light-duty diesel for the Ford F-150, and Toyota’s and GM’s decisions to indefinitely postpone their half-ton diesels, Land says Cummins is bullish about the engine’s long-term prospects.

“We think [coming out of the recession] it’s going to be a good market for diesel engines,” Land said. “And this new engine is a great engine.”

Cummins has supplied Chrysler with diesel engines for its pickups since 1988.


wow thats cold...but i guess its their choice

Good for Cummins to use the diesel in other trucks and application. No reason for them to go down with Chrysler, they build great reliable products

Whom ever comes out with a DIESEL will have my cash on there hood!

I agree with Rick - there are plenty of us that want to buy a diesel vehicle; look at the long line of buyers sitting on waiting lists to purchase a VW Jetta. I want a light duty diesel vehicle that will provide me with the torgue to pull a horse trailer or boat and the gas mileage to use it everyday. In the U.K. 70% of the automobiles are diesel and Ford and GM (through Opel and Vaulhaux(sp?)) make great small diesel vehicles that have better gas mileage than the hybrids that people are pushing here in the States; U.S. citizens drive more highway miles - diesel gets much better gas mileage than a hybrid. Good for Cummins for staying in the game - I'd love to buy an SUV or smaller truck with a 5l Cummins engine.

I hope Cummins never leaves the engine bays of Chrysler products. They've been partners for so long that it would be a sin to see them seperate. Regardless of what some may say, Cummins could leave the entire everyday consumer market and have it affect them minimally. The real profits Cummins makes come from OTR engines in class 6-8 trucks and off-road engines for use in heavy equipment. Not to mention marine power and enormous generators. Still, Chrylser makes Cummins some cash, and Cummins sells some trucks for Chrysler (some still only buy Dodges for the engine). It's a good partnership that I wouldn't want to see ending any time soon, or ever.

Here is Nissans chance to steal market share away from the other full size pickup trucks. If Nissan would be the first to market with a 1/2 ton diesel there sales would go through the roof. Consumers are ready for diesels in light duty pickups and Nissan could catch everyone by surprise if they would "JUST DO IT"!!!

My vote is to quit giving air/web time to these companies regarding diesel engines until they change their mind. I love this website, but I'm sick to death of the "No new news" or "delayed again" stuff.

I'll be the second person in line with "cash on hood" (right behind Rick apparently)...but until then, no more posts until someone has a firm release date.

I agree w/ Steve. I think Nissan should jump all over this. I'm already thinking about my next pickup. I've got a couple years left to pay off my current Titan and would love to get some more power and gas mileage, but I don't really want/need a super heavy duty truck. This would be great! Pull the trigger Nissan. Then advertise like crazy. Don't let the Titan die, please!!

Yes yes and yes. We were shocked and disappointed with Toyota's decision to delay the Tundra LD diesel, mostly because it's a product that many consumers will embrace if-and-or-when someone has the balls to produce one.

Having said that, Nissan seems like a long-shot to make a LD diesel. If they do, it will likely be in a re-skinned Titan. Unfortunately, the same old Titan design is outdated when compared to trucks from GM, Ford, Dodge, and of course Toyota.

I'm a Ford guy but props where props are due... That 6.7-liter six-cylinder inline diesel engine is a beast.

Jared, what you talking about? The 6.7 inline 6 is a Dodge Cummins for the 3/4 n 1 tons. Ford making a new 6.7 Scorpion V8 Diesel. But now Dodge making a V8 5.0 Diesel for Half Ton Truck.. Chevy will have the 4.5 and Ford will be 4.4 and they are also V8's....Toyota Tundra is an Asin Diesel brand. Yes I would like to see the Titan get a Diesel.. Just have to wait and see next year sometime....

I'm glad tohear something positve for a change. bring on the L.L.D. I want to keep my job!!!!!

Yes, yes, yes... I miss my 6.0litre F-250 4dr, 4WD... 600#ft of torque & great fuel mileage of 7k # of "rolling steel" 17.5mpg. I love my 5.3 litre '08 Sierra, but boys, put a +25mpg diesel in this thing. Oh yeah, reliable, +200K operating life and +550#ft torque. Cash on hood ready (under $32K, 2WD)!

Cummins has carried a history of success in the trucking industry through all class ranges. They're highly respected and any manufacturer should feel priviledged to win a contract with these guys. Kudos to Cummins!

I think Nissan should jump on this too, I think a diesel is a better option then a Hybrid, where you have to worry about having two differant systems that probably wounldn't get as good as mileage as a small diesel would.

i have used a 236 cube perkins in f150 and now have a 5.9 in 97 2500. ilike this engine and the 4 cyl now has about the power of the old 5.9. it would the simplest way to put a diesel in a half ton. the only number that counts is torque. the four cyl should be less expensive with fewer parts. who needs rpm over 2500 rpm in normal driving. fiat sells this engine in europe now.

Here's the deal. The two best looking trucks on the road right now are The GMC Sierra and the Ram. (Tundra is ugly, F-series is just dorky looking). Whichever has a light diesel in it will be my next truck. I don't need 3/4 ton but want mileage and tow power. GM should beat someone to the punch for once and do it. But if it the Ram with a C on the side 25mpg then that;s where my money will go.

OH MY Gmc and Chevy are the 2 Ugliest body style Sierra look like Ford front enf and Chevy side looks like the Titan... LOL Ford and Dodge are the best ones out there. But as far for Saftiesr Truck is the New F-150... We all have different Taste and Opinion...The Nissan Titan looks way better than the GMC and Chevy....

I think its great that Cummins is releasing this statement. I am a Dodge guy through and through, but I'll be the first to admit, that Dodge does not make a good enough truck to match this motor. Its about time that Dodge make a truck worthy of this motor. Its like they don't recognize how lucky they are to have this partnership with Cummins. Just think, if Ford had gotten the contract with Cummins instead of Dodge. I can guarantee, it would be the best selling diesel truck. I've seen it written many times, that the best truck made would be a Ford with a Cummins engine and Allison transmission!

I agree with you 110% Shawn!!! I couldn't said it any better. I remember back in 1988 Ford had the chance with Cummins Diesels. But they went with the Power strokes. Big Mistake!!!! Now they broke it off with Navistar and building a 6.7 Scorpion which will be from Europe.. Someone said a rumor its will be a Duramax... WRONG!!!!

Posted by: Shawn | May 8, 2009 6:49:20 AM
I agree with you 110% Shawn!!! I couldn't said it any better. I remember back in 1988 Ford had the chance with Cummins Diesels. But they went with the Power strokes. Big Mistake!!!! Now they broke it off with Navistar and building a 6.7 Scorpion which will be from Europe.. Someone said a rumor its will be a Duramax... WRONG!!!!


The 6,7-litre Scorpion V8-diesel will be made at the FORD Chihuahua-plant in Mexico and SOP will begin soon.

Cummins was really important to Chrysler (Dodge) but honestly, I can only imagine the volume and margins are far better in the rest of Cummin's business -- big trucks and heavy equipment. I know Dodge Ram fan boys will feel betrayed but Cummins never needed Dodge. Instead, Cummins was the only thing that pulled Dodge through many years when the Ram had nothing else (save maybe solid axles). Admittedly, late model Ram's have a lot more going for them but they need to because of how competitive the pickup market has become.

If they put the 5.0 Cummins in the 1500 Ram Truck will the front Suspension be beef up to hold that weight? Also will it have a 6 speed Auto & Manual???

I am surprised that any domestic light truck makers are still contemplating v8 engines. Six cylinder v6 engines--as shown currently by Mercedes Benz and the Dodge Sprinter version--have much power potential and are far from being fully developed. My thought is that the new v8 diesel designs were also intended for future use in large domestic cars. Large cars are not in disfavor, so that may one factor in the delay of new v8 diesel engines.

I bought another Dodge 3500 mega cab. I would love to see the 5.0 come in a Ram 1500. I am a cummins fan first, and I would jump ship as soon as they went to nissan or who ever, I heard that GM is considering it in the suburban platform.

I would buy that also. half ton diesel with decent economy. I would sell all my big truck happily. heck even car if the truck got close to 30mpg

So that at least 2 that I would buy cummins!

I've never owned a Dodge Cummins truck, but there's something about a Cummins diesel engine I've always liked. I like the low end torque diesels are known for. I like the noise they make, the clattering they make at idle. It's too bad a diesel engine wasn't offered for the Ram D150. Even in 3.9 litre 4BT diesel form, it would've given Dodge truck customers a diesel engine option, if they don't want a huge engine, but want the benefits of diesel.

i am so glad this internet thing works and your article really helped me.

The Dodge truck now days looks great and is also very tough. They have a good resale value with the Cummins and they can do any job possible. The new Dodge Ram team is really doing some fantastic things and the other two are copying a lot of their details. It nice to see. Also, it would be nice if there was a strong diesel motor in a 1500, problem is, diesel fuel is almost a $1 more per gallon in the US and that has not changed since they went to the ULSD (damn EPA)!

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