Automobile Magazine Drives Jet-Powered F-150

Automobile Magazine Drives a Jet-Powered F-150

We've driven all kinds of pickups: gasoline, diesel, natural gas, propane, gas-electric hybrid, electric-only, hydrogen fuel cell. But we've never piloted a jet-propelled pickup truck like the Ford F-150 that our friends at Automobile Magazine recently tested.

Truck and jet-engine enthusiast Chris Lentz paid $12,000 for his 2005 Ford F-150 STX, then another $10,000 for a Czechoslovakian-built M-701 turbojet to mount in the cargo box. The turbine power plant weighs 728 pounds and produces 1,962 pounds of thrust at 15,500 rpm. Lentz also custom-fabricated interior controls to shift and blend power between the F-150's stock 4.6-liter V-8 and the jet engine. He also bolted a 20-gallon kerosene fuel tank in the bed to feed the jet.

Automobile Magazine drove the one-of-a-kind F-150 at a test track to find out how fast the piston-turbine gas-kerosene hybrid could fly. We won't spoil the results. Read on after the jump and decide if your new weekend project will be your own Czech-American Ford flyer!

[Source: Automobile Magazine]


Finally, a ford that will get worse mileage than the 6.4 PSD :)

that's what i'm talking about!

Boa, what a nonsense truck - some people really haven't anything better to do!

Oh, look! A Ford with flames coming out of it.

Wow. I'm so impressed.

and those flames are not comming from under the hood!!!

LoL .. I'm sorry I just couldn't resist. Nothing against Fords, heck I have one. Though it did have a recall so my speed control switch wouldn't catch fire. :)

I think the guy who built this shows some imagination and great engineering skills. Those who can do, those that cant need to be quiet.

Wow !!! Good job looks great all the power to you!! I laugh at people that bad mouth things like !! You got nothing good to say shut your mouth !!

I love it! I think it's awesome and a nice toy to show off. Good job

I saw Doug Rose drive his jet powered car around the pits of our local dragstrip in 1970 and it wasn't anything new then. All I see is a useless pick-up

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