FoldUp Pickup: The CarGo Urban Delivery Vehicle Concept

CarGo Concept

Check out this radically unconventional micro pickup truck concept from transportation and industrial designer Adam Schacter, called the CarGo urban delivery vehicle.

On his website, Schacter describes the wild-looking CarGo as a single-seat, battery-powered electric pickup that can variably change its wheelbase and load carrying configuration depending on application.

In “compact mode” the CarGo folds up like origami to function as a compact car with the cargo box nestled vertically against the cab like a trunk. “Narrow mode” extends the wheelbase slightly for improved stability plus it enables the CarGo to bank around corners, like a motorcycle. “Pickup truck mode” fully extends the CarGo’s wheelbase to allow the cargo box to sit flat. The cargo box can also be widened on-demand. Vehicle length is changed by adjusting its rod-in-tube-style chassis, like raising or lowering a bicycle seat.

CarGo Concept

Schacter says the CarGo is perfectly designed for cramped urban environments with heavy traffic congestion and limited parking. It could also benefit from eco-friendly status as a zero-emissions electric vehicle and reduced maintenance and operating costs.

Here’s what we think: We’ve driven heavy-duty tow trucks, light-duty farm trucks, and think there’s an unmet need for a new ABAT-style compact garden truck. The CarGo is something completely different. With its super small footprint, we’d call it a seed truck. It’s a brilliant design for a quickly accessible, on-demand personal urban hauler that you should be able to rent from a vending machine when you’ve got something too big to fit in your car and too small to borrow your friend’s pickup.

CarGo Concept

CarGo Concept

For lots more pictures, check out Schacter's website.

[Source: Adam Schacter Design via Yanko Design]


You got to be JOKING/// Not here in United State, Maybe over Sea... LOL You wouldn't Survive here with them...

That's actually pretty cool looking .

Awesome concept. Wonderful thinking.

This can be used by many small stores.

However they should provide atleast 2 / 3 seats by widening a little bit.

Tesla, Fisker, Wheego, Peapod are few EV's that are in the market. Hope more of this concepts come up.

As gas prices go up, we should also move to smaller vehicles. Yesterday's gas price was $2.54/gallon.

Are they street-legal in the United States?

Great concept. Small and versitile is the future. You could put a BedRyder in the back to increase passenger seating.

Good awful design! Has it immediately to look like another toy car-copy?

Cool concept, you certainly wouldn't sell your Duramax to get one though.

You are looking at the 2016 Silverado. Or maybe it is the F-150.

Neat idea as long as they stay in town and are illegal to operate on highways and interstates, otherwise they might as well stock that cute little cargo box with death certificates.

@Big Bob: nope - it will be the next Chinese Hummer or should i call HAMMEA (HAM MEA?)...:D

this is a great concept. nyc is a beast for parking pick ups. one of the biggest waste of space is the trunk and bed on cars and trucks when they're empty.

Kinda makes me sick to look at.
I fear this is where we are headed

Nice, very very nice. Pretty cool huh. Great photos too.

Daniel Roberts

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