Dodge Ram 1500 Ranked Top in Quality by Strategic Vision

Dodge Ram 1500 Ranked Top in Quality by Strategic Vision

Last week, J.D. Power and Associates gave its nod to the Ford F-150 and Toyota Tundra as the top full-size trucks in JDPA's Initial Quality Study. This week, it's the Dodge Ram 1500's turn. Consumer research firm Strategic Vision has awarded the half-ton Ram 1500 the best "Large Pickup" ranking in its 2009 Total Quality Index. In fact, the Ram scored the highest of any truck in the 15-year history of the TQI study and 15 points higher than it did last year.

"Our all-new 2009 Dodge Ram is rated by owners as the best truck ever built," Doug Betts, a senior vice president at Chrysler, said in a news release. "It is a game-changing, class-leading truck that is second to none. This award confirms that we are making significant changes and improvements, which enhance the overall ownership experience and are being recognized by our customers."

What were the features that Ram 1500 buyers liked most? The survey showed strong numbers for the new RamBox side-saddle storage, and the interior got the best score ever granted by full-size-truck customers.

Strategic Vision's TQI is based on buyers' ratings of all aspects of truck ownership, from buying and owning to performance and driving. A total of 20,101 buyers who bought 2008 and 2009 models from September to December 2008 were surveyed.

Here's how the Dodge Ram stacked up against all large pickup trucks:

Dodge Ram 1500 - 899 points
Ford F-150 - 883 points
Nissan Titan - 881 points
Chevrolet Avalanche - 877 points
Toyota Tundra -  867 points
Chevrolet Silverado 1500 - 842 points
GMC Sierra 1500 - 799 points

Segment Average - 862 points


I couldnt agree more I own 09 ram trx4 crew with ram boxes . It truly is the best truck I have ever owned. A+ chrysler keep up the great work. bob

Strategic Vision would be who??

This is odd because, like the article says, the F-150 and Tundra made J.D. Power and Associates list but there is no Ram 1500 on there. Then some how it gets the highest ratings in 15 years by Strategic Vision. This just doesnt add up.

what a joke, the list is messed, this means nothing, its un relible for work, what a joke, god.

@ rock36

If your saying that Strategic Vision is biased torwards Chrysler vehicles look at the list of winners:

Small Car: Ford Focus sedan
Small Multi-Function: Volkswagen Rabbit
Mid-Size Car: Volkswagen Jetta Sedan
Large Car: Nissan Maxima, Pontiac G8
Near-Luxury Car: Volkswagen CC, Audi A4 sedan
Luxury Car Mercedes-Benz S-Class
Specialty Coupe: Volkswagen New Beetle
Premium Coupe: Chevrolet Corvette Coupe
Minivan: Honda Odyssey
Entry Utility: Volkswagen Tiguan
Mid-Size Crossover Utility: Toyota Venza
Mid-Size Traditional Utility: GMC Envoy, Toyota 4Runner
Large Utility: GMC Yukon XL
Near-Luxury Utility: Infiniti FX, Infiniti EX35, BMW X3
Luxury Utility: Land Rover Range Rover
Standard Pickup: Honda Ridgeline
Full-Size Pickup: Dodge Ram 1500

And another thing the Dodge Ram has been around for about what 15 years?

Maybe it's because since it was introduced it kicked Ford's and Chevy's ass every single time.

Srtageic Vision who? With the amount of recalls the 09 Ram had it shouldn't be ranked top quality anything.

2009 Motor Trend Truck of the Year: Ford F-150

2009 North American Truck of the Year Ford F-150

2004 Motor Trend Truck Of the Year: Ford F-150

F-150. It was the best-selling vehicle in the United States for 23 years and has been the best-selling truck for 31 years.

* Sorry that was the entire F-Series but the points still there.

For all of those out there who think that JD is a more reliable sorce then Strategic Vision, you can think again. JD referse to "past history" as a basis for "reliablity," and does very little consumer serveys.

By the way it sounds Strategic Vision does mostly all consumer serveys, which is the only way to collect relevant information

Ford people are blind loylists. You point out that the Dodge has had more recalls, but every first year product has them. And for those who call the latest F-150 a new model, please look futher into it. How much of that truck was redesigned. By my eyes it is just the front clip and interior, with very little done to any suspetion (just bigger and longer, like Ford does with every truck every time they refresh. My guess it is to try to get the guys with small diks to think they are compensating)

The Rams NEW model the only thing not tweeked significantly is the front suspention, even the trans (Which is an older 5 speed, has had new electronics added to help with its shortfalls) BTW even with a OLD trans, it still WAY OUT performs the F-150.

The Ram out performs the F-150 on every RELEVANT HALFTON test. NOBODY should be towing more then 8000 lbs with a half ton.

How can they give this award to a pickup truck that can't even get 20mpg? The new Ram averages 13-14mpg in the city and 19 for the highway. Hell, a new 2WD Ram can't even get 20 on the highway. I'm not a Ford guy, but they would've been better off giving it to the F-150.

Hey ! Isn't there a dodge advertisment for the new ram that says 390 hp and up to 28mpg. I wonder if they are trying to sell a crock of shxx to the public with that statement ? I have a 2004 1500 hemi no MDS, I can average about 11-12 mpg city with careful driving and about 17-18 highway driving with rpm at 1350 ( 50-55 mph ). Question ! In Truckin magazine how come the tundra dyno'd better than the ram and it has only 381hp ?? Does the Ram loose more power in delivering torque to the rear wheels than tundra?
I would like to see an outside party test this engine bhp at the flywheel to see if chrysler is bullshxxing the public.

LoL .. wow Ford Fanboi's!! Settle down there fellas, this award is based on consumer reviews. Dodge really do a good job with the new RAM. I don't care if you're a Ford, GM, or Toyota guy you have to admit this truck is the best they have put out. Yes the F-150 has been the best selling truck for years and that is great! But that doesn't mean another truck can't get better reviews for the current model year.

Oh, and what recalls are we referring to? Do you own the 09 Dodge RAM or are you just reading the "internet?" My old F-150 has too many recalls to list here. New model year vehicals are bound to have recalls and redesigned models even more likely.

As for the advertisement for 28mpg? I have yet to see such thing and honestly to mention it with out providing proof is idiotic. Yes the RAM gets worse gas milage than the F-150 but it also has 390hp at the crank. The F-150 has what, 310hp? More power = more fuel consumption.

You can't compare the 2004 HEMI with the 2009 HEMI they are different engines. In addition to that the trucks are different in terms of weight and aerodynamics.

As far as the Tundra having more Rearwheel HP, I have not read that review. Did they do apples to apples comparison or did they test a new RAM with the 3.21 rearend and give the Tundra a larger rear?

Yes I have an 09 RAM, its an awesome truck and great quality. I have no recalls, plenty of power, awesome ride comfort, and the fuel economy is acceptable for a "TRUCK" with 390hp and 3.92 rear.

Don't get me wrong, I loved my Ford it was a great truck. After driving the big three from Detroit the RAM just rode better, handled better, had the most power, and looked the best.

But to each their own and I know the Die Hard GM, Ford, & Toyota FanBoi's will never open their minds.

Granting awards for top quality with less than a year under the belt is ridiculous. Give these trucks a minimum of two years out in the field and then choose. JD Powers is no better either. These organizations need a grip and conduct these surveys once a vehicle has got some serious mileage built up. Besides, their results are nebulous at best.

As for the "Best Sold equals Best Built". Not necessarily.

I have a 2009 dodge ram. I couldn't agree more with the award. I'm very happy with the truck all around. The interior is very comfortable and laid out nicely. It has a great ride. They did a nice job with this truck.

Rightfully so the 2009 Dodge Ram "best truck ever built".... and talk about improving on your only weak point, the interior was also rated the best ever. Oh and if your going to come at me with towing or payload numbers, don't bother. You buy a half ton for 75% play and 25% work. How can you play with 300 horses from a crappy "Triton". I'll stick with the 400 horses from the HEMI. I am a 21 year old Construction Project Manager and I own a 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 quad cab short box HEMI. It easily suits my every need for work. Why have a 1500 when you have nearly the same capacity as a 2500 super duty?

why are ford guys always so mad?

why are ford guys always so mad?

I love it,the GMs are at the bottom.Guess their "new" generation of truck stinks as bad as the last 2-3 generations....Glad to see Chrysler getting some credit for a change...its long overdue.

Whats up with the FORD guys . I own a 09 ram NO recalls yet. my 97 Ford had so many problems I could not count or A''FORD''. Car and driver and edmunds .com gave ram top honors as truck off the year and every test ram has been in it does really well. The Dodge is so much more fun to drive than a Ford the Hemi destroys the Ford everyone agrees about that the Ford is underpowered and still gets worse MPGs then Dodge. How do you exsplain that??????. So if dodge owners like there trucks maybe you should shut up and leave us alone period.

This is a joke. Chrysler and quality are the exact oposites. .quality is meassured by how long a vehicle can last along with how many problems per 1,000 vehicles & and the materials its made of. Chrysler has proven themselves almost the worst of all auto companies in the US and is catching up to be like the KIA's. oh yea, drive that kia , exciting.


No recalls? Yeah right. The 09 Ram had 4 recalls!

Blah, blah, blah... The truth is: today's vehicles are so close in build quality that it takes a good fleet of them to figure out the true tens of a percentage point in quality difference from one make/model to another. In the end it takes a good owner to keep the vehicle up in a good shape. If you are a loser of an owner (never changing oil, for example), then you will kill even a Rolls-Royce in the matter of months.

Don't waste your time discussing this - you are all right, and yet, you are all wrong. Enough of this discussion. Peace.

Umm.. what does FIAT have to do with the quality of the current RAM? Was FIAT involved at all in the design and development into this truck; I think not! Is this bad opinion of FIAT based off the quality the cars had the first time they tried to enter the US market almost 30 years ago? 30 years is a long time my friend, even more so in the auto industry. In Europe the top selling autos inclued 3 VWs, 2 Fords, and 2 FIATs. FIAT quailty in Europe is equal to Ford as well as other domestic brands.

I keep seeing people claim that the RAM has numerous recalls. Please list these recalls instead of just says "4 recalls!" The only recall I know of which by the way did not affect no where near all the trucks and is not an offical recall was the windsheild wiper blades could get water in them causing a short. Wow, thats a major recall compared to one of the numerous recalls on my F-150 one being the Cruise Control Switch that could for no reason short and start a fire. If you want to get into a pissing match as to recalls we will be here all day regardless of the vehicle and who made it. The reason is just about every flippin vehicle ends up with some sort of recall in its lifetime.

The quality in the way this truck was put together shows the direction this company is heading and thats a good thing.

Now, like I said before; all the big 3 trucks are of good quality and I'm not putting anyone down. "I" find the RAM the best truck out there right now and that is MY opinion and my right. If you rather have a Ford, Chevy, Toyota, etc .. than that is your decision and I hope you enjoy it.

I know this hurts the non-Ford truck owners feelings, but they are not close in build quality. Dodge 4 recalls, poor crash tests, and decreased capability. GM/Chevy poor crash trests and old. Tundra poor construction and ugly. Ford is the best.

Here we go with the 4 recalls again. What are they? I mentioned one that affected a very small about of owners.

Poor crash tests? The RAM, Silverado, and Ford all got 5 stars for front crash test. Side impact ratings I will admit the Ford does get a better rating than its competators but that is because it has Torso airbags standard. Both Ford and Dodge have standard side head airbags. Ford is at the top as far as side impact with Dodge 2nd and the rest behind these two. The other advantage a person would have in a side impact in these vehicles is that they are "trucks" and sit higher than most vehicles on the road getting the driver up and out of harms way.

Trust me, having a slightly lower side impact rating does not "Hurt my feelings."

Sorry but to the one that said the ram can only get 19 highway, wrong, I have gotten 21-22 on the highway, and 14-16 around town. In my 09 Crew Cab Ram (biggest one of the 09's)

Dodge Ram is Finally getting the ATTENTION... Good looking truck!!! Now as far as the Recalls all Trucks and Cars has them.. I'm a Ford Guy, But own a Chevy. I still have my 77 D100 Dodge Truck with the 318 2 barrel and still running and drive like new. If you maintain them right they last a long time. There 1 thing I wish that the New Ram Hemi engine didn't have is that MDS V4 n V8 Mode.. I think it can get the gas mileage with just the V8 and 6 Speed Auto Transmission. But anyway great Job DODGE!!!!

Recalls are normal as autos get more complicated. Depends on how serious the recall actually is.
I'm biased...I have 2 Dodge Rams - a 1500 & a 3500 Mega cab.
Good for Ford....Good for Chevy...we need our strong economy back & we need to keep loyalty & our $$$ in our Autos. What has happened to this country our fathers & mothers built for us?

I have the 2004 RAM 1500 with the 3.7L 215 HP Automatic with sure grip 3.21 rear end. My milege isn't steller but, I did pull almost 21 mpg fully loaded on a trip from New Hampshire to Philadelphia last year. I usually see 480 miles plus on highway only trips. I have not had any recalls. My check engine light comes on once in awhile but goes out after a gas cap adjustment. Most full size trucks don't even offer a v-6 anymore. Even though most people don't need anything bigger than a six. I was in a drive in saturday eating lunch with the wife. Over a dozen full size trucks in the lot and a couple of cars. They needed all that horsepower to drive out and eat fried clams and onion rings.

i know the ford fans are pissed off but get over yourselves .the dodge ram ia an amazing truck i love mine to death wouldnt trade it for anything . Everybody is always saying dodges are horrible and ford is the best apparently not. look at the reviews.

I own a 07 1500 SLT. It is a quad cab and a 96" box. The second biggest 1500 you can buy. Its got a 5.7 hemi and I have gotten 23mpg. But on a regular day I only get 17mpg. Depends on how you drive her. I love my dodge, but if only the seats were as soft as a chevy.

Hands down Ford is the worst truck I ever worked on. The 5.4 Triton is probably THE worst engine to come from Ford ever, knocks at idle, etc. Dodge's powertrain is bullet proof, build quality is second to none. Chevy/GMC are a close second but are dated designs. If Chrysler can keep improving quality it WILL be the best selling pickup in the USA. Good job Chrysler!

sorry but the american cars. are now everyone a really pize of shitt... the best truck ever it was the toyota tundra..

um i have an 09 ram IN THE CITY i am getting over 17mpg. on the highway from nw indiana to sw missouri i got over 22mpg! A+ in my book! only recall i had was a battery sensor (big freaken whoop) and the rear spoiler on the tailgate(omg my trucks gona die) SHUT UP.......GFY!

My hemi consistently gets 17 on the highway and my dads 09 hemi gets 21-23. I am glad to see the ram getting this award because it deserves it. When they offer the new 8 speed later this year I wonder what the mpg will be?

Hey mike any word on the ceo's comments on bringing the half ton diesel to market as he mentioned at the NAIAS.

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