F-150, Ridgeline, Tundra Top JD Power and Associates Quality Study

F-150, Ridgeline, Tundra Top JD Power and Associates Quality Survey
The recently redesigned 2009 Ford F-150 and 2009 Toyota Tundra have tied for first place in the annual J.D. Power and Associates Initial Quality Study in the Large Pickup category. Both scored an average rating of 88 problems per 100 trucks in a new-owner survey, which measures both design-related problems and defects in the first 90 days of vehicle ownership. Overall, the industry average for initial quality is 108 problems per 100 vehicles in 2009.

It’s unusual for a model in its first year to achieve a top score. Conventional wisdom says it takes time for a new car or truck to work out the bugs, but Bennie Fowler, Ford group vice president for global quality, says the new F-150 is different.

“Back in the design phase we were already thinking about quality,” Fowler said. “We did a series of virtual prove-outs [in computers] that simulated bringing the F-150 out of design and into production on the assembly line.”

Ford also spent more time than it ever has before preparing assembly line workers to build the F-150 at its new New-Model Quality Center, which recently opened at the historic Rogue Manufacturing Complex next to the Dearborn truck plant where the F-150 is built.

Toyota is happy with its results too, after missing the top spot last year.

"We're very pleased with the Tundra's ranking in this year's IQS, but we also want to congratulate Ford and the F-150 for its ranking too," Toyota spokesman Sam Butto said. "But we feel that [measuring] quality is a marathon, not a sprint. Toyota continuously judges the quality of its cars and truck in many different ways, including owner satisfaction after three years, Consumer Reports and our studies of maintenance performed on Toyota vehicles. We believe Toyota has the best quality and dependability of any vehicle available."

The 2009 Honda Ridgeline took home the award for highest initial quality in the Midsize Pickup category.


Good job Ford - congratulations on finally matching Toyota! :-) But seriously, I think it's a strong indicator that Ford's "recovery" is well underway. Congrats!

I'm not surprised. Ford seems to be the only"domestic" manufacturer that has worked agressively to improve their quality and reliability. This is part of the reason why they are in better financial shape than GMC or Dodge. Toyota Tundra rated poorly the first year it came out. I'm aslo not surprised that Toyota improved the Tundra. Quality, reliability, and durability are what I look at when making any purchase.

Ironically those three are in my opinion the most awful looking trucks on the US market present build... Life's brutal!

It's not Ford finally matching Toyota. In 2007 and 2008 Chevy were #1 in initial quality.

I don't really care about initial quality myself, I don't think I've ever had a problem with a vehicle during the first three months. I wan't to see how they hold up after five years.

The declaration that American cars are narrowing the gap is somewhat misleading: While it is true, as a whole, they are making gains -- the real numbers that matter to consumers is the individual cars in a particular class. For example, the top three classes of cars are: Truck, Mid-sized sedan, and SUV. Toyota dominates in these classes. Just because Americans can do cars that few people drive better -- isn't exactly the best accomplishment.

I tell all my friends to buy foreign still. And to use the power of competition to get a good price (ignore clever marketing). This is the best process to use when you are ready for a car:


You're the one who is misleading. Domestics are closing the gap because it is now down to only 6 problems per 100 vehicles difference! If they didn't have Dodge or GM in there, it would be even closer. Toyota, with 101 problems per 100, scored only marginally better than Ford (102 problems per 100.)

Btw, why don't you pay to get advertising for your site and posting your link here.

@Jordan: 101 to 102 is not dominating. Plus Ford does have the best truck, Ford/Chevy is tied for best Crossover, Chevy is #1 for the SUV, Ford is #1 for sports car, Nissan is #1 for mid size car, and full size car is Mercury. How is toyota dominating? Basically all Toyota is number one at is tied in the pickup truck, the subcompact car, and the minivan.

source: Detroit automakers closing quality gap

The J.D. Power I.Q. survey has always been a joke. You learn nothing about the quality about a vehicle in three months, especially since new car buyers will rarely criticize a car they just purchased (why did you buy it, then?).

It is amazing that 88 problems per 100 vehicles in the first 3 months would be considered good. This might give you an idea of how these vehicles will fare over time. Other sources have put Ford vehicles on par with the Japanase in quality and durability. GMC is hit and miss on quality, durability and reliability. Dodge seems to be the lowest ratings in these areas. I personally would expect zero problems in the first 3 years as opposed to the first 3 months.

Since when is the Ridgeline a "Truck".

Mike, do you know the Ridgeline's score? I tried looking but couldn't find it.


Hey guys here's how I feel about all this car/truck mess.

We should never be in the postion we're in now, " closing the gap" or "catching up with foreign auto makers" this is crazy to me. GM, FORD, DODGE all gave up the standard of excellence to the foreign auto makers because of GREED.

So now the new slogan is the US auto makers are being "Reborn". Well I hope they get it right and regain and set the standard again. It's very simple what the american people want from all auto makers: Quality, reliability, durability and a good price.

If the american auto makers will build them we will come back and buy them. BIG HERB!

It's great for Ford that they are finally up there with Toyota. Last year it was the Silverado that was up there with Toyota in quality, but the fact of the matter is that Toyota remains consistant in quality. They missed tying the Siverado by one point last year, Silverado had a 90, Tundra 91. This year they tie with Ford 88. Where was the F-150 last year and where's Silverado this year?

Toyota needs to sell more Tundras than Tacomas before they can even be part of any of these discussions. Toyota cannot not even produce the number of F-150s that Ford sells.

I sold my Tundra and bought the new F150 Platinum CrewCab in January. Everyday I still think the F150 is a far better truck than the Tundra. The back seats easily fold up with just one hand, opening a huge area of floor space for storage. The Tundra rear seats only fold down with a cheap plastic tray backing of the leaving no room for interior storage of heavy items.

In addition, the rear bed is a full 6.5 ft bed compared to the short bed that's the only option for the Tundra Crewcab. To top it off I'm getting consistent 14.5 to 15.5 MPG in combined city/highway mileage.

Th Tundra sucks, and is a piese of garbage, its a joke, needs to die.

suck my pants ford,dodge,gmc,and chevy!

What about the plugs breaking off in the fords? and plugs getting blown out . And some of the older models burning up coil packs. This is a bad problem and what's even worse ford knows about it and has done nothing about it and I think thats just plain pitiful !

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