Fiat-Controlled Chrysler Emerges From Bankruptcy

Chrysler Closing Almost 800 Dealers Nationwide

Chrysler Group LLC and Italian automaker Fiat have completed negotiations for Fiat to take over the majority of Chrysler's assets after Chrysler completed Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings that removed billions of dollars of debt and closed almost 800 underperforming dealerships. The move creates, "a 'new' Chrysler that has the resources, technology and worldwide distribution network required to compete effectively on a global scale," according to a press release. Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne has also been named Chrysler's chief executive officer.

"We intend to build on Chrysler's culture of innovation and Fiat's complementary technology and expertise to expand Chrysler's product portfolio both in North America and overseas," said Marchionne. "Those Chrysler operations assumed by the new company that were idled during this process will soon be back up and running, and work is already underway on developing new environmentally friendly, fuel-efficient, high-quality vehicles that we intend to become Chrysler's hallmark going forward."


time for the Dodge Ram to kick some ford ass

Yeah if they don't decide to kill it or sell off the truck division for the sake of "small, fuel-efficient vehicles."

So RAMMAN, you think dodge is going to use its new Italian shoes to kick Fords ass? Maybe dodge ram should hook up with Hummer and mix in some Chinese Kung Fu to put more kick in those loafers...

Hey f150 all it will take is the 5.0 L baby cummins to stomp a mud hole in the f series. It's by far a better looking rig. Want a diesel buy a Super Duty. PAY UP SUCKER!!

No F150 I think I'll just be happy with crushing your dreams of being the "BOSS" of all engines when the new 6.4L HEMI comes out and blow it away, is that 6.4L HEMI fuel efficient enough for you Adrian?

i cant wait for the 6.4 l hemi..major ass kicker, hey will white...if you wanna diesel get a ram hd

There was a very good reason that Fiat abandoned the US market years ago.

That reason was that Fiat reliability made GM and Chrysler products look good.

Heh, this so appropriate coming from the Obama adminsistration.


all you haters quit hating, you guys always say dodge is gonna be better than ford, but it still isn't, the 6.4l hemi gonna be available in only the hd's i think plus it can't compete with the 6.8 v10. and cummins is a great engine (5.9 not 6.7) its useless if your truck can't handle it.

IMO the can also put the 6,4 Hemi (or 6,1) in the Ram 1500 plus the body package from the Ram R/T concept (see SEMA 2008) and make an SRT8 model of it...that would be a great reborn of a muscle truck!

6.2 L Boss engine in the F150, plus the coyote 5.0 coming out in 2010, so unless the ram can up its payload and towing to the same level as F150, fords got ya beat

Does anyone want to buy a slighty used F150 2009. My neighbor went for a ride withme in my 09 Ram and now he want to sell his Ford to buy a Dodge.

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