Ford Drops SFE, Keeps MPG for 2010 F-150

Ford Drops XFE, Keeps MPG for 2010 F-150

Ford is dropping the "superior fuel economy" label from two-wheel-drive F-150 pickups equipped with the 4.6-liter, three-valve V-8 next year, but keeping the SFE's 15/21 mpg city/highway fuel economy rating.

According to Ford, fuel economy had moved from 10th place to third place among half-ton pickup buyers' top purchasing considerations, so Ford introduced the SFE package for 2009 for its 4x2 XL and XLT F-150.

The SFE F-150 competes directly with General Motors' Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra XFE half-ton pickups. The Ford and GM rigs are rated the same, at 15/21 mpg, but Ford says its SFE F-150 has several notable distinctions compared with the XFE twins. The SFE F-150 tows 500 pounds more, doesn't require a tonneau cover for improved aerodynamics and doesn't require removal of the front chin spoiler if the truck is taken off-road.


Really, who takes those things off-road. They are for the Urban Cowboys that still think that need a truck. They would be fine with a Colorado or a Ranger.

The 2010 order guides have the SFE as still an option.
Where did you get this information? I would be curious to know what else they changed after putting out the order guides.

@Jeremy: The information was provided by Ford truck spokesperson Anne Marie Gattari, after I asked a question about whether the SFE label would continue in 2010.

Gattari said, "Since all [of] our 4.6-liter 3-valve 4x2s will achieve 15/21 fuel economy label, there's no need for [the] SFE [model]."

I don't get these packages. I have an 04 F-150 2wd 5.4 ext cab 6.5' bed and get 16.5-17 mpg all city. Im only 18 and get this, just drive smart

Pleae find us a picture of the new 7 lug wheels that are coming out in 2010.

I don't get why the SFE and XFE labels are only given to the crew cabs. Wouldn't the weight of the crew cab push down the mileage? It seems sort of ass-backwards to me.

Great, another way for Ford to have people pay them, to advertise for another company.
How about Cabela's pay ME, to advertise for THEM, all over my truck?? Not the other way around. Ford is famous for doing that (Harley, Eddie Bauer, now Cabelas).

What does this mean, that Ford is making the tallest axle ratio standard?

Tom 7 lug wheel HS Screw may be DOA. And would be min 2011 it it wasn't.

Do you work for Ford? I'm not asking about the Crewcab Heavy Duty although I would be really interested in. I just want to see the new wheel that is coming out. The 2010 order guide preview states that there are new 7 lug wheels for the Heavy Duty F-150.

Sorry mis unda stood. No work at Ford. Just what I read. Didn't know '10 HD was getting new wheel. About time.

Yep. I have the current 7 lug wheel and I hate it. Note from Blue Oval....New 17" steel wheel design for XL and Heavy Duty Payload Package:

"Really, who takes those things off-road. They are for the Urban Cowboys that still think that need a truck. They would be fine with a Colorado or a Ranger."

Way to stereotype, I seriously doubt a Ranger is going to haul my TT up Pacheco Pass.

This truck is sexy but they need to upgrade on the MPG.

I just purchased a 2010 Lariat ,Installed a magnaflow with duel exhaust from cat back. I am now getting 18.5 mpg around town with easy accileration and over 20 mpg on level highway driving @ 65 mph & better @ 60.Drive smart keep more than a safe distnce from vehicles & coast up-to stale green lights & stop signs.,Use common-sense, just drive smart!!

I purchased one of these trucks on 11/012008 The truck is an 09. It is the best Ford truck I have owned. I have gotten up 27 MPG on the Hwy and 20 in the city. The 6 speed trans shift smooth and pulls strong. I purchased this a year after I got my wife a Escape Hybrid. I had the battery changed out and upgrade and it gets around 41 MPG City/Hwy

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