Ford Receiving Requests for Crew Cab Raptor

Ford Receiving Requests for Crew Cab Raptor

Last night, we attended the premier of the new film “Raptor – Born in Baja,” that documents Ford's off-road racing and development efforts for the Raptor program at last year's Baja 1000. Before we hit the theater, though, we had the opportunity to chat with Mark Grueber, Ford's marketing manager for the F-150, for some updates about the production truck.

Grueber told that dealer orders for the Raptor are ahead of expectations.

"We have more than 1,000 orders so far," said Grueber. "Last year, when we were getting ready to reveal the Raptor, it was a very difficult sales environment. In some ways, even more difficult than today. Gas prices were over $4 a gallon. Now that fuel prices have come down, we've seen a lot of interest in the Raptor. The [number of] orders is higher than we expected."

But some potential Raptor buyers are asking for more interior space than the 133-in. short-wheelbase SuperCab configuration will provide.

"We've had requests for a crew cab [Raptor]," said Grueber. "We haven't made any decisions but there's some demand for it. Not everyone is going to use [the Raptor] for aggressive off-roading. It could be something similar to the four-door [Jeep] Wrangler."

Hardcore off-road enthusiasts are likely to have reservations about a four-door, 145-in. long-wheelbase Raptor that's certain to compromise desert-running and rock crawling performance for extra interior space, but what do you think? Would you buy a Ford F-150 SVT Raptor SuperCrew?


I think I would definitely buy a Crewcab Raptor if it did not hinder the performance of the truck to bad. I would have room for other people to enjoy the off-road experience.

I think a crew cab would take away from trucks off road credentials, but I guess if they can sell them Ford will build them.

No, I'd buy the New Crew Cab PowerWagon for real offroading, not jumping dunes. Lockers, electric sway bar disconnect, and a whinch...yeah I'll take that anyday.

I still need something that can tow more than the Raptor is rated for...which if I remember correctly is 6,000lbs. But a crew cab is a must for me, so it is a step in the right direction!

If i was in the market and had the money for a new truck i would give the Raptor a serious look, and although i would not buy the 4door i see no reason not to make them if the demand is hi i am sure that a 4door raptor is still more off road capable then anyother stock pick up

If I would need more cabin space in this (great) off-road truck, than sure, why not...but honestly said I prefer the present configuration, because it simple has enough space for me.

I don't think that the extra 12 inches of wheelbase will make any real difference to its ability to run through the desert. It might make it even better, since the longer wheelbase would add to its stability

A Raptor Bronco would better compete with the Wrangler....put the money there,pickups will be regulated out in a few years anyway.How is a truck like this going to meet CAFE requirements?

I will buy one if they ever come out!

What about the 8,200 GVW SCrew. What is its status. I'm sure Fords getting requests about that one too.

Sign me up for a white crew cab raptor with the 6.2 please, that would be my dream truck.

I'd like a long bed with a LITTLE storage, NO SEATS, behind the seats. Don't have any use for a crew cab at all.

I, like Paul, think that Ford's missing a golden opportunity to not make a hard core offroader like the Bronco. Dodge is missing the same boat by not making a two door Powerwagon. Low low tcase, lockers, winch, sway bar disconnect. It'd sell really well! Keep the frills out of it. Rubber floor mats, neoprene seat covers, tach, oil guage and hand throttle. It isn't rocket science. Build it, I'll buy one.

No need for a crew cab you could just put the extra seats in
when you need them. With a BedRyder you get the manuverability of a short truck with the seating of a crew cab.

"It could be something similar to the four-door [Jeep] Wrangler."

LOL. Yeah, only twice the size, twice as obnoxious and half as capable.

I agree with the need for a Raptor that would be capable of carrying 4 adults, but I think they should explore other options to keep the wheelbase down. Some things on my mind... that Bronco concept in pick-up form, or the future F100/Ranger with the Raptor treatment.

Sign me up for one as well. Exactly what i would love to drive.

FORD please just do it... in crewcab !

Reality check for some of you. This truck was not desgned to compete with Wranglers. In fact it was not designed with it's primary off road purpose being a rock crawler for the Rubicon. Look at where the research and video come from. Baja. It is more a prerunner than rockcrawler. I am sure some would love a stripped version of it but look at truck sales numbers. They would certainly not justify it for a specialty vehicle. By dressing it up they hit a bigger demographic. You'd have to have alot of disposable income to buy a new truck for around $40k and then thrash it off road. In all honesty many of these trucks will be more on road than off road. The Raptor package is more than a few skidplates, doodads and stickers so it may be a little tougher to willy nilly add body styles.

Good on Ford for finally dealing with the performance deficit of the F-150 in recent years, but they need to offer a regular cab version of the Raptor, plus offer the big engine in all trim levels just like Dodge and Toyota. The Raptor obviously makes a performance statement, and weight is the sworn enemy of acceleration. A loaded quad cab can easily swell over 6000 lbs. We don't need another "performance bus" like the Silverado SS.

No on the Crew Cab Raptor.

Yes on a Crew Cab Heavy Duty!

All they need to do is get the new engines, the new 7 lug wheels and Heavy Duty payload package put them on the Crew Cab trucks. A longer bed will also help!

I would like to see both regular cab and crew cab.


So why wouldn't Ford build the 8,200 GVW Screw. They'd actually have a crew with some real payload capabilities. Are they waiting for the new engine(s). Throw in a 6.2L and they'd sell a ton. Far more than Crew Raptors. I'd LOVE a Raptor but with the low tow rating... Not going to pull a trailer.


Yes, please build a Screw model. I'd look at upgrading from my '06 150 Screw.

If Ford is worried about the Screw compromising ability, why did they start with a Scab model then? Best fit would have been an Rcab for overall capability in the off-road segment.

And sorry to bigblue, but the '10 PowerWagon has nothing on the Raptor, well except maybe a winch. Look at all the specs, top to bottom, and that PowerWagon couldn't hold its own off-road with a Raptor, unless you modify the Ram heavily with aftermarket parts.

Yes I would buy a crew Raptor, if it didn't interfere with performance. I am not sure, but giving up room in the box to create a bit more space in the second row wouldn't effect performance???

I drive an H3, and need a automatic, the Raptor stands out amoung all the rest even the H3t. All I need room for my 5-point child seats, and it could stay the way it is. LOL not kidding:) cant wait to test drive one!!

Ford if you are reading this...I am the gal who wants to put car seats in the second row. I have not found a truck yet that can acommodate my needs for the seats and the quality of hooks and space. The space is usually only short by a couple of inches, without four doors. I am curious about the Raptor and would love to see one in person. I am a Mom, ( ex-teacher as now I teach my children), love my family, and my cars! Where can I test drive? I live in S. Cali. If you want a 'civilian' on your team....I am your lady.

I love the Raptor but am dissappointed they did not make a special version, shorten the box to 5 feet. 220 inches long is just too big to be driving around in the city and in traffic, malls, etc where lets face it 95% of the time this truck will be. make a special version with 5 foot box and I am in.
Right now I am leaning torards an aev conversion on a jeep wrangler with the hemi engine. Love the ford but need to be able to easily park and drive around town.
heck we need this package in a new compact pickup like the ford ranger, regular cab and crew cab with 4 to 5 foot boxes think sportrack on steroids and you have a winner. No more buses.

Yes I would buy a Crew Raptor. I would have already bought one if it came in a crew cab. I go off-roading but I don't go baja racing in the desert either. If you use your truck to go hunting and fishing on the weekends, have kids, and need room for all your stuff then you need a crew cab.

the raptor is a great looking truck with lots of aftermarket options already installed, don't get me wrong 410 gears are great rock crawlers but maybe they could offer 373s gears also.

WOW ! Just saw the first Raptor at the local dealer. Great job Guys ! I would buy a Crew Cab 6.2 or ECO Boost V8 if there was such a beast or may be Ford should consider a FX4 HD with the same Wide front end Look . Anyway PLEASE build a Crew Cab. Thanks

plz make a crew raptor ill trade in my truck RIGHT NOW.

I want a F-150 SVT Raptor SuperCrew!!!

Yes I would buy one. Would trade my 08 lariat for one.

In a heartbeat!!!

Yes sign me up, I have a F250 diesel crew, I dont need something that big anymore. I went and looked at a crew Fx4 and loved it, but my eye and my sons eye (who is in a car seat) were drawn to the Raptor. I wont do a ton of the Baja stuff but off road and trails you bet. The design is awesome. Quoting my 4 year old "I want that truck" We would have bought one on the spot if there was a crew. Please build it Ford. If you build it they will sell!!

Well, chevy has a 6.2 crew cab. So were is the competition Ford? You take the looks of the Raptor with the suspension option 6.2 BOSS with a crew cab and you have a sweet truck that makes chevy obsolete. When I first heard of the truck I thought to myself, if this came in a Super Crew I will be first in line at the dealer ship.

With two kids in my family, I would definately go for a super crew Raptor!

I am back again. and OMG!!!! Just saw the Raptor in all of its glory and I am pretty sure the Safeguard Go car seat will fit in the back. tight squeeze with other 5 points. I will be checking this out thoroughly in the next couple of months as I need to trade in my manual H3 unfortunately on an automatic:(. Shoulder and knee surgery.

QUESTION for anyone.... is there an equally impressive shell to go on the back for my newfoundland? the H3T's have a custom shell and looks impressive.. Curious to see is Ford has done something similair.

Have a Great Christmas and Holiday

I test drove one today. Loved it but will wait for a supercrew.

In a heartbeat...those louverd air extractors & vented step bars would set any truck ablaze (well done)Check out the louvered air extractor mudflaps team vortex offer!

YES YES YES, build me a crew cab!!!

I would LOVE to purchase the "Raptor" in the SuperCrew configuration. I don't plan on major off roading but love the ability it can provide and appearance! A must have is the "Molten Orange Tricoat" !!! I'd pay sticker for the truck!!!

Absolutely! Molten Orange SuperCrew w/Black Leather, Sunroof, Nav, Intergrated Tailgate, All the bells and whistles!

Hell yea, Thats what I'am talkin about being 6'4 I love the FORD F150 PICKUP LINES LET ALONG THE NEW RAPTOR CREWCAB Yesss Please I want to be first in line-4- ONE!!!!!!!

People that comment on not wanting a RAPTOR CREWCAB ISN'T REALLY A TRUE FAN OF FORD,go ahead let them buy a dodge once that baby breaks down and its not covered by warranty they wished that they had a FORD. But not a diesel just a family size crewcab this way its a everyday car.

Sign me up. The Raptor proved itself. Most of us won't do the extremes. If the Crew Cab is close in performance, then I would love to have it to do offroad crawling. I am not into bashing anyway.

they need to make a 4 door

Ya know, I went from 2007 F250 Lariat Outlaw 4x4 Lifted to purchase 2009 F150 Lariat 4x4 Both SuperCrew Meanwhile Drooling over the Raptor, Unfortunately not available in CrewCab-you bet I've inquired if and when Ford would put into production of a SuperCrew Raptor "SOLD" in a heartbeat...Can only hope, IMPATIANTLY. Thanks Ed.

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