Is the Volkswagen Amarok Coming to America?

Is The Volkswagen Amarok Coming To America?

Now that we've learned that Volkswagen is going to name its upcoming pickup "Amarok," after the Inuit word for "wolf," does the automaker from Wolfsburg, Germany, also have plans to sell it in the U.S.?

A quick search of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office application database reveals that VW has already registered the Amarok name (USPTO serial No. 79043414) for use in this country, even though VW has only announced plans to sell the truck in South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

One potential hurdle to U.S. sales of the Amarok is the so-called "chicken tax" that adds a 25 percent federal import tax to most foreign-built pickups. The Amarok will be built at VW's manufacturing plant in Pacheco, Argentina.

The term "chicken tax" originated in the early '60s during a trade dispute between the U.S. and Europe over U.S.-imported chickens, which were slapped with a special tax to protect West German farmers. The U.S. responded by slapping a 25 percent tariff on trucks imported from Europe.


Amarok and Chevy's "Like a Rock".

I actually like this truck. Lets see it in the states! Come on, they have production facilities here, and I have no doubt Chrysler will be willing to produce some of the kit for it. Although that may lead to lower quality....

Anyway, bring it here!

gosh darn chickens!!!! i would buy this truck!

Let's hear some more news on the engines going in the 2011 F-150.

OMFG - now I get this whole damn thing with the name of this truck - it's (K)AMARO! They put only the "K" on the end of it... Shame on you VW!

I am confused by your title, you state it is coming to America as a question yet report it is going to be sold in South America?

What gives? Is South America like Louisiana or Alabama or the actual continent? Please be more specific...

So with Toyota selling a re-badged VW in Europe, could this have a heavy Toyota influence? You bet it does, sure looks like one also.

Though the rear lower shock mounts are un-Toyota like and more domestic-like.

keep it.

I'd like to see something a bit larger in size than the old Rabbit pick-up trucks of the 80's. Style it like this, make a roomy 2 door cab, 4WD available, and a good sized, usable bed, powered by a VW turbo diesel and I'll line up to buy one.

How many more pickups,or psuedo pickups does this country need? With upcoming car and truck CAFE standards,these manufacturers need to think smaller and less truck like.VW already has gas hogs in Toureg do they need another? Its time some of these makers start dropping trucks,or bringing to market smaller ones powered with 4 cylinder engines or diesel 4s and 6s.Truck sales are in the toilet anyway.If I was a carmaker,I would shun the truck side totally.Look at trucks since Mighty Max,and the along comes the Raider (dont say Dakota),and its a failure.VW drops vans and then comes along with Routan (dont say Grand Caravan) and its a loser.Let that be a lesson to everyone.

Paul, it is quite clear that you are jumping on to the bandwagon, being totally uninformed. This truck is powered by an European diesel, developed by Audi and, unlike the ineffective V8 trucks you produce in the USA will actually do its intended job without having to stop at every gas station. It will tow better than most American V8's as the engine pushes out more torque tha does a much larger V8. Anyone with sense will rush of to buy one, swhould a truck be needed,

@S8Demon: yes, this VW diesel could make more HP and better MPG than the most American V8's in pick up trucks, but he'll probably produce his power from smaller displacement plus turbocharger (purposed more for passenger cars, technologically more complicated), so when something brakes down, it can be very expensive...

Aron, I take your point but have been fortunate that the VW diesels are available to us. These engines run at a much lower revs and therefor are so much less stressed. We are lucky enough to have the Ranger, Toyota etc with diesel motors and it is not rare to find one with 200thousand kilometer, still going strong. The only concern in the US would be the standard of mechanic that will work on these vehicles. We used to get the F250 in South Africa but Ford stopped importing these as it cannot compete with the smaller trucks and was not very popular. Our rural conditions, especially in the Kalahai are much more extreme than anything you have and, these diesel trucks and cars are gaining in popularity all the time

From what I heard, this car gets the latest 2,0 liter Diesel. That was rated best engine of the year together with a BMW... And with your remark to repair - try that with any of the modern engines including gasoline. Without a computer you are doomed. No matter what manufacturer.
On the other subject: the truck will be able to load euro pallet and full ton. Thats more than the Toyota or Ford.
So this will be MY car......

I would buy one of these. I think they look great. And all my experiences with VWs have been good... I've owned several, including the vw-porsche 914 (still have).

VW never sells there best stuff in the U.S. :(

VW Australia are now advertising the upcoming Ute here.Looking forward to a ute with decent saftey features and fuel consumption ,I have 2007 Nissan Navara turbo deisel and towing a small trailer for work gets me 380km from 70l fuel :(

If VW drops a high MPG, low torque diesel in this, they would have a winner on their hands. Why none of the Japanese companies have put a turbo diesel in one of their 1/4 ton pickups beats me. I'd buy one in a flash!

hope it comes as a diesel?

yeahh a truck named after me!! bring it to the states!

No need to sacrifice on space and safety, the U.S. has had a select amount of very high quality diesels since 1996. Volkswagen was able to import their legendary 1.9 TDI motor that produces its maximum power at a low 1900 RPM, something that most, if any, gas engines can't do. The 1996 Passat TDI Stationswagons (B4Vs), are also the largest Passat VW ever produced. With the TDI motor, they get up to 50 M.P.G., even higher with minor modifications. Diesels also run much cleaner than gas engines.


I would buy if it comes with a stick, not a lazy mans trans.

I would buy a new vw pick, If it comes with a stick. Not a lazy man's trans.

Toyota VW and Ford have been sitting around with there dicks in there hands for 12 years now,with tech avalible to put 30-40 mpg 150hp 240lbs deisel motors in small to midsize trucks and haven`t done a thing about it w.When the mahindra comes out the`ll never catch up .it is the biggest mistake they ever made in the last 12 years.

Yall need to do some research. It has a 2.0 direct injection diesel engine, 6 speed manual tranny, has a 5600 lbs. tow limit and a 2500 weight compacity if I'm not mistaken, don't quote me on that last spec, it also gets 38 mpg highway. And someone said something about expensive repair costs, it's a VW, there won't be any repairs for at least 10 years. Along side honda and old toyota, VW is one of the most dependable vehicle on the road, I have a 95 jetta and the only repair I'v made was a distributor which was only $25. If it comes to the U.S. i will own one.

Bring it here, I will buy one. Not holding my breath as I'm still waiting for the T5 to replace my T4. In the T4 community, the trannys are not known for holding up under towing. Vw will need to fix this. I would want a trendline 4wd stick, but the highline auto in 2 and 4whl would sell best with the best margins for vw also.

I actually saw one today (Sunday the 14th) in Borrego Springs Calif. It looks great but totally reminds me of the Honda truck.

i saw 1 of the vw amarok trucks today in the uk and fell in love with it came home to find out more about it and cant any one know where i can find out more info the vw website is very cagey

Build it in Chattanooga!!

I think its about time america had a pick-up that could compete against car with its mpg. America's only flaw is that there are too many politicians with big oil in their pockets. This tends to hurt all progress in the area of better fuel economy. Bring this truck to america and dealers will not be able to keep up with their demand. I'll be in line waiting to buy one.

Put the chicken back in the hen house and get me a truck that gets 45mpg +
Working for a living does not have time for these bs games.

VW! I would buy this truck in a heartbeat! BRING IT to the States! Don't force me to turn in my 99 VW Passat for a Toyota REALLY NEED TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Bringing the VW pickup to the States WOULD keep VW ahead of Toyota for many more years...

Bring the truck to the States and KEEP the Tiptronic! Love Tiptronic!

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