Kia Soul'ster Awarded 2009 Concept Truck of the Year

Kia Soul'ster Awarded 2009 Concept Truck of the Year

The Kia Soul'ster Concept pickup truck has been named the 2009 Concept Truck of the Year during the 2009 North American Concept Vehicle of the Year Awards at the Automotive Hall of Fame in Dearborn, Mich. It's the first Kia concept vehicle to win one of the Concept Vehicle of the Year Awards, chosen by a jury of more than two dozen North American automotive journalists.

The Soul'ster debuted at the 2009 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. It's a small-footprint, front-wheel-drive, two-door garden truck derived from Kia's new 2010 Soul, a car-based compact four-door crossover powered by either a 1.6- or 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine.

"The Soul production vehicle has provided our design team with a tremendous platform for expression, and with the Soul'ster we sought to highlight a different side of the Soul and take it to another level," said Tom Kearns, chief designer, Kia Design Center America. "It is an honor for the Soul'ster to be named Concept Truck of the Year, and further proof that Kia's global commitment to design is dramatically altering the brand's image and consumer opinion of our company and our vehicles."

Now, our question is: Will the Soul'ster get a greenlight for production?


I'm sorry, but this is not a truck. Maybe a crossover, but not a truck.

I am sorry, as well. Is it a baby FJ Crusier, is it a truck, is it CUV. Soul'ster it is not. They should call it the InDiff'. It has no real identity and drives indoubt of itself.

I think it should be made, if for no other reason than to keep wanna-be's from buying real trucks and wasting gas. This thing probably gets high 20s average, whereas a real truck can only hit low 20s or less on the highway. This is a truck for people who want a truck for no other reason than just to own a truck. Follow? lol. As for practicality, I think it's probably less useful than a Subaru Baja, which I kinda like. If I had the money and it could haul my ATV, I would maybe consider one of those. The soulster is more for people who wanna haul hampsters. That was originally just a rhyme scheme, but then I remembered the Soul has hampsters in it's commercial, which makes it even better...

Another idiotic concept for too many reasons to list, ala the A-BAT, only seemingly less useful. I am getting so frustrated at new vehicle designs I don't even no where to start...retardedly small windows, belt-lines that are way too high for no other reason than easy safety points and idiotic trend following, monstrous blind spots, bloated exteriors, and the overall watering down of uniqueness in every segment. This seems to be the current and future state of automobile design, and it makes me want to puke.

Is there no room left in this country for just simple, straight-forward pickups and utes? Can we not just have the LC 70 series sold here? Or a Hilux? Or a new Ranger that doesn't have the front end of a Kia Rio? What ever happened to common sense? Toyota nailed it with the early 90s with the pickup, and then nailed it again with those years of 4Runner. For god sakes, even Chevy and Ford had better usability and dimensions in their late 90s pickups, S-10 and Ranger included, than in their current refrigerator-proportioned behemoths (especially Ford). But no. The ever growing marketing and sales pissing contest must one-up new models with design decisions that defy the logic of making something more usable in almost every way imaginable.

And this Kia seems no different. Except they don't have a previous model to compare to, so I'll let them slide a little bit. But not far enough to land in my driveway, that's for sure.

I think the Soul'ster looks sharp but with the seats full of people where's the hauling capacity?

I thought I was the only one who thinks the Ford (and GM) pickup is too big as far as proportion goes. At least they're making and advertising the F-150 as seating 6 people. I don't understand why so many vehicles have that front center console that causes you to lose a seat. I hope the Mahindra pickup will be made in a 6 seat version instead of just the 5 seat they're showing on the web.

As the preceding speaker had just underlined, this fancy looking vehicle shouldn't be called truck and I obviously don't see a very useful payload-bed on this picture... It's more an SUV (or whatever they call those vehicles) like the off-road cult Jeep Wrangler!

This thing reeks of Isuzu Amigo,yet that one was a real truck based SUV.This looks like a pumped up roller skate,with no underpinnings to back up the macho looks.

And to think, people think the Ford Flex is ugly. You won't see me in a Soulster or whatever it's called. I'm just a stubborn American and will always have a Ford or GM. Thank You, Don

How is that a truck? It looks like a (not really) open top jeep. There is no bed.

It's got a load floor. The rear seats fold down into the cargo box. See the link to our coverage of the Soul'ster at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show with pictures of the (very small) bed. I don't call it a garden truck for nothing. Might even qualify as only a seed truck.

maybe, it will bring back elvis

As someone suggested above... if this thing would just haul an ATV or my motorcycle in the back... I'd buy one. I don't need a monster truck. I'd like it to fit in my garage, get good gas mileage, and have enough bed in the back that I could use it for my trips to Home Depot.

I love it, and I would buy one (maybe 2.)

This concept is one of the best , Glad to hear that it has gone beyond concept and got high demand for them to be produced in the summer of 2010, to all the "REAL" truck owners not everyone has to have those little rubber balls hanging from there truck there is a difference between practicality and stupidity, and it seems one to many Americans seem to fit this stereotype That unless your truck gets 10 Mpg and you are 50 feet in the air your not a man. Sad really, to see all the stupidity that is spread around due to the Typical Male Ego

I love the way it looks. Not too big and not too small. I'm looking forward to getting more information on it. And possible purchasing one in the near future.


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