May 2009 Top 10 Truck Sales

April 2009 Top 10 Truck Sales
Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales, Year-to-Date, May 2009

May 2009 Top 10 Truck Sales Figures


gm sold more truck,and they have

Ford sold more, no problem

Its sad that it takes 3 GM Trucks to out sell the Ford is sad, Why doesn't GM just Kill the GMC line they because all they do is make SUV's and Trucks and they are the same as the Chevy Brand. Good Job Ford just keep selling them like you have for years.

Actually Fordman, the combined sales figures of the Silverado and Sierra would make GM outsell Ford. I don't see why you even included the sales of the Colorado as it's in a totally different catagory all it's own even if it is made by GM.

Market research shows the F-150 the second choice of Sierra buyers and not the Silverado. And it's not GM anymore. It is BM: Barack Motors.

The Tundra is really hurting. I guess it is not all about HP. It is who has the best truck: Ford.

theres a reason why ford keeps out selling chevy its simple chevys are junk. give me an answer how chevy is better and ill give u a hundred reasons why ford is better. can u chevy guys tell me why ford has been the best for 32 years in a row

that is true. although the chevy and dodge do offer some things i wish ford did, the ford is still the better truck, and will continue to be.

chevys are better cause dale earnhardt man! why else. I put that number 3 on my lifted z71 w/ my 10 bolt rear end and she hauls.

Hey, anybody has any updates on how the 6.4L Ford diesel is? Same issues as in the 6.0L or is it better?

Combine the Silverado and Sierra sales and GM consistently outsells the F-series. And no matter what anyone says about Chevy's being junk, causing them to not outsell Ford, the GMC is a Chevy with a different trim package, plain and simple. And despite GM's problems, their trucks have always been done well. My 95 K1500 has over 200k on it, all original. Cab corners are rusted away, but hey, it's better than the frame, right Toyota?
And I do find it funny that despite all of Toyota's trying, they can't get the Tundra to outsell even the Sierra alone. Kudos to them, however, for selling more Tacomas than Sierras. Again, though, Tacos and Tundras together don't add up to Ram sales.
Did the Avalanche drop in sales so much it's not on here anymore, or is it now classified as an SUV? Avalanche sales used to register on here, surprised to see it gone. Or is it the fact GM raised the price too friggin much and now they don't sell enough?

Hey Rick O

Tundra only has a 1/2 ton. I sure hope GM can outsell them using ALL their trucks. Funny how you try to make fun of Toyota when they have BILLIONS in the bank, and GM is on welfare.

go Titans!

Toyota may have billions in cash but they will join GM soon if auto sales don't recover in 2010. Toyota is getting too big like GM was and may have to downsize in order to prosper. Don't forget ... Toyota is asking the Japanese government for billions in loans, because the company is bleeding millions if not billions in cash each month.

i wish people would stop saying that silverado and sierra out sell the ford well duh thats two trucks. If the f150 still had a twin truck it would out sell the other junk gm trucks by a mile. GO FORD TRUCKS!!

sean, assuming that heavy duty sales are 1/3 of the total numbers for each of these truck, and I think that's being generous, that would put the Tundra just slightly ahead of the Sierra 1/2 ton, and still nowhere near the Dodge, Chevy or Ford 1/2 tons.
And GM is on 'welfare', admittedly in part due to some bad decisions and low quality issues on cars in the past. However, the trucks have always been dependable, and you can't argue against that. Also, GM has had to deal with the UAW for decades, while Toyota got it's start paying Japanese employees way less than what a comparable American worker would make. Even now, the Japanese manufacturers still pay US workers about half what the Big 3 have had to pay out per person. In addition, they also have 'legacy costs' from all the retirees.
And you can't tell me Toyota never put out junk, I've seen the rusted out frames, and had to work on the 'awesome' 3.0 v6 from a 4runner.

F150 Man, the F-150 did have a Lincoln 'sister' truck. It sold so poorly I don't believe they offer it any more.

That wasn't a sister truck. It was basically another trim level marketed to luxury Lincoln buyers. If I recall correctly it did outsell the luxury GM Cadillac equivalent. Now it was discontinued but replaced by the Platinum which is selling really well. You Government Motors guys need to come up with a better argument. With the full force of the US Government behind you you still can't outsell the F-150.

Hey Rick O just responding to your comment the lincoln truck yes is a close sister truck i guess it was better described as a better trim level. but i say the sierra denali is more of a sister truck to the sierra than than the lincoln is to the ford. fords are better anyway!!

"And you can't tell me Toyota never put out junk, I've seen the rusted out frames, and had to work on the 'awesome' 3.0 v6 from a 4runner."

Rusted frames? Never had one and I owned an 86 4x4, an 86 2wd and 85 2wd, the trucks outlasted the bodies... U.S. designed and built beds back then!

I will give you the 3.0L V6, that engine sux and most if not all hardcore Toyota owners will not argue that point. But the 3.4L and the new 4.0L are way better than what the competition can offer in class. Heck the 22R and 22RE were better than the 3.0L.

Here's two sources for your rusty frames...

Toyota investigating rusty frames:

Newest Tundra Frame Issue:
Have a buddy at work who has a Tundra, and he got a letter from Tojo HQ a few weeks ago informing him of posible frame issues. He went to the dealer and was told he had to wait for a letter from the state or something before anythnig could be done. Just for S&G's he went to two local dealers yesterday to inquire about what happens if his frame is found to be faulty.

Dealer #1 had a 20-something yo service mngr., who informed him they "simply" replace the frame.
Not believing what he had heard, he went to dealer #2... they told him the same thing, even showed him a Tundra in their bay which was having its frame replaced...

Are they serious with this?! How many dealers have a facility sufficient enough to perform this type of work?!

My friend said if they find his frame to be "faulty" he's gonna go to my Ford dealer and get a 150.

the fords are better my f150 is 10 years old and still runs and looks like it is new.

Good to see Dodge Ram is still selling well. Its off only 29% from a year ago. Dodge still offers the best heavy duty truck on the market with the Cummins diesel engine. Go Dodge and Cummins!

Im impressed with Ram sales after all chrysler has been threw. I love my 09 ram its the best truck you can buy . Dont test drive or you will buy.

Hey I'd have to say you guys have to much time on your hands to sit around and argue what trucks the best. If I had to guess I'd say half of you are a bunch a yuppies that don't work your truck at all and then brag about how great of a truck it's been. GET A LIFE! By the way I own Chevy's and Ford's and I use em!!!!!

Quality... My 4dr Sierra1500 has The JD Power Award!! Ford... Go home till you can bring one to the party... Nuff said!

Wow, some of the things being put on this sight are just dumb. First, for all you Ford fans that talk about the F150 out selling all others bkz its better. You just don't know how the car buying American thinks. Most Americans are very brand loyal. So there grandfather, dad, brother have a Ford. The chances are they will buy the same. But the down side to that and the real reason Ford sells so many F150's is bkz they just don't last. After about 5 years, off to the scrap yard they go. When you buy a Dodge, it's for much longer. Unless you're like me and trade it in for a new one every few years.
Now to GM not doing well with the full support of the Government! Are you kidding? They can't run the country. The President is spending more money than any two combined. He has spent more money in 2 years than President Bush did in 8 years. If they have anything to do with running GM, I am truly shocked they sold 20 trucks all year.
So you have got to know the President has nothing to do with GM. If he did, GM would be shipping 1,000's of new trucks to poor parts of the world that have no gas stations. Great job on the IPod to the Queen of England. Next time send her a Chevy 1500. I bet she will like it more than an IPod with your speech on it and a stack of DVD's with a region code of 1 (That's North America, they don't work overseas).

Barry, too much time on our hands? Wake up, you just did the very same thing. By sitting at your computer and reading all the posts and putting one up yourself indicates to me, you have too much time on your hands as well. Unless you didn't read all the posts, in that case you don't know what you're talking about.
By the way, how is you hybrid running these days?

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