New Volkswagen Pickup to Be Called Amarok


Volkswagen's upcoming midsize pickup has been given the robustly unusual name "Amarok." The name comes from the Inuit word for "wolf."

"The Inuit regard the wolf as the king of the wilderness, an impressive figure due to its strength, robustness, endurance and superiority," VW said in a press release this morning. "This name also means 'he loves stones' in the Romance languages, which are spoken in the major markets in Brazil and Argentina."

VW will build the truck at its manufacturing plant in Pacheco, Argentina, for sale in South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. A year ago the company had considered killing the pickup for the European market, but it appears that thinking has changed.

"This name fits to a tee the characteristics of our pickup, which will set new standards in its class. We took great care selecting this name, which can be used globally. The Amarok is meant to invoke positive associations in all relevant international markets and make a more convincing argument than its established competitors right from the start," said Stephan Schaller, CEO of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

The Amarok will be launched as a double-cab pickup with four-wheel drive. A regular cab version will follow later. Engines are expected to include both diesel and gasoline direct-injection.


first time i see it, it seem to me CAMARO, not very original

At least Europeans give their vehicles tough names... Well, there is really nothing tough about them beyond the name anyway... :-)

@danny & Sierra_WT: yes, you're right - AMAROK sounds quite the same as CAMARO (IROC?), so it's not so original from VW... The European trucks are really only tough looking, under the body they're crappy, and most of them you can get only with Diesel engines, but don't mistake with something like a Cummins or Duramax!

Not sold in America,so why report on it?
Maybe they should have honored their past and name the truck "VW Double Cab",and the regular model "VW Single Cab"? Of course,this is the company that instead of bringing back a retro MicroBus,they relabel a Chrysler minivan and call it (C)Routan.

Darn! Looking at the picture I thought they were going to call it the SAR. That way if you bought two you would have SARS. :-)

"Not sold in America"

What the heck do you think Argentina and Brazil are?

America is 2 continents bud!

The natives in Canada run the wolves to exhaustion with their snow machines and put a bullet in their heads. (True story, you can't make it up) Can we save the drama?

danny & Sierra_WT:
Ref; but don't mistake with something like a Cummins or Duramax!
C'mon fella, if these engines were any good at all, they wouldn't have any probs selling them anywhere in the World now would they ?
It takes the Europeans to show the rest of the World, how to manufacture a REAL diesel engine, one that complies with the stringent pollution laws these days AND with fuel economy American manufacturers can only dream about.
Bring it on VW.

Will do well in S.A. Hopefully there will be 3 liter tdi

Quando chega no Brazil.
Tem versao 4x4

This van will sell like mad in South Africa.Just hope the price is not to mad

You yanks might make power cars and trucks, but just remmeber the rest of the world pay alot more in fuel then you do. For this vw to have a 2 lit engine and give out 161hp and get good miles speaks for it self.
Its amazing to think there is a world other then that in the U.S.

LOL! Americans complaining about car quality! LOL!

Esta camioneta doble-cabina AMAROK , sera de gran demanda en Sur AMERICA . Siempre y cuando su precio sea competitivo y ponderado. lo que digan los vecinos del norte solo ratifica la decadencia de su industria automotriz , entre otras cosas.

please send me the deatils of this model&price
(left hand drive with automatic gear,diesel model)

please letme know the price in tansania

awesome truck.north america needs some smaller diesel trucks brought here.diesel is the way to go for economy and strength.these big cummins and duramax diesels are great,dont get me wrong,but europeans have perfected diesel technology and if you dont think so ,well the you should wake up,and pull yer head out and stop your flag waving.

i can i get one for free

Volkswagen not coming out with their own products anymore?

Volkswagen re-badged the Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Grand Caravan minivans, with the Routan.

Now Volkswagen is rebadging the Honda Ridgeline? Budget cut I guess?

Why can,t I buy one in the states, can any one tell me how to bring one in from out side the states? I have a vw caddy diesel pick up, I love the 50 miles to gal, but they are all old trucks and it is getting hard to find parts for them. plus fuel is not cheep in Alaska were I spend most of my time.

get with it people what are you all rednecks from alberta canada , the eurapeans have perfected the diesel engine , if I can get 30 plus MPG out of a diesel pickup , without chipping , exhaust, and not to mention the warranty issues , I'am going to buy it . I know it wont pull a toyhauler but for economy for the average joe it will be great !!!!!

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