One-Truck Open Sleigh: Father Pleads Guilty to Towing Son Behind Pickup

Father Towed Six Year Old Son Behind Pickup

Here's one dad that doesn't qualify as a traction hero. Simon Lewington is facing jail time in the U.K. for pulling his son on a sled behind his pickup truck during rush-hour traffic during a February snowstorm. Upon being stopped by police after he passed their station, Lewington told officers that he wanted to give the boy a "once-in-a-lifetime" experience.

[Source: The Telegraph]


Here's a guy that never set the curve in school. I wonder what his genius plan was when he wanted to stop, since the major function of a sled is to avoid stopping.

On a different note, that elise looks nice in snow.

Thats about all that crappy trucks pulling, POS.

Pulling him during rush hour is really stupid, but I've been pulled behind trucks & a 4-wheeler, and I've pulled people behind my trucks before (both sleds and even a snowboarder), and you know-without hills, that's about the best way to enjoy the snow. (or it is in the middle of the country here in Midwest, USA)

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