Reported: Hummer Sale to Be Announced Tuesday

Reported: Hummer Sale To Be Announced Tuesday

Update #1 June-02-2009 03:30 PDT:
It's official. Read the full story here.


According to The Wall Street Journal, General Motors is expected to announce the "tentative sale" of Hummer to an unnamed buyer on Tuesday, June 2, just a day after GM entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Hummer has been under strategic review since last year while GM determined next steps for the off-road brand. The WSJ says GM has settled on a buyer that could take over the brand by the end of the third quarter. GM is expected to continue producing Hummer H2, H3 and H3T trucks and SUVs at plants in Louisiana and Indiana.

In April, Raser technologies unveiled a 100-mpg plug-in-hybrid version of the Hummer H3 SUV. California utility company Pacific Gas & Electric is expected to test two of the modified trucks by 2011. The alt-powertrain technology could boost the attractiveness of Hummer trucks as buyers look for a highly capable and efficient off-road truck.


[Source: The Wall Street Journal via Autoblog]


Hummer is dead along with several other GM names and models. My vehicles from now on will be Fords.

What are the top 10 pickup truck sales for May?

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