Sneak Preview: 2010 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty SRW Long Box

Sneak Preview: 2010 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty Fleetside Long Box
Photo by Chris Shunk

Two of the biggest changes to the upcoming 2010 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty pickup are the replacement of the previous four-door Quad Cab with a larger four-door Crew Cab model and a new 8-foot cargo box option (a 6-foot, 4-inch bed is standard) for the Crew Cab.

A dual-rear-wheel long-box Crew Cab appeared at the 2009 Chicago Auto Show when the 2010 Ram HD made its global debut, but we haven't seen a picture of a single-rear-wheel Ram HD Crew Cab with an 8-foot bed until now. Here's a long-box SRW model taking a break from final shakeout testing.

A 2010 Ram HD regular cab with an 8-foot box was shown at the 2009 Work Truck Show.

The 8-foot box should make the Crew Cab Ram HD an attractive choice for fifth-wheel towers. It also makes for an imposing footprint, with a 169-inch wheelbase and 259-inch overall length.


another fail for dodge, i mean that is UGLY!!!!!!!! ford is the only truck that has nice looking crew cab long beds but this is ugly!!!!

Hm, who gives a crap about the looks, as long as the capability is there?.. Besides, this is just a mule, not the production version. IMHO, no need to freak out.

I recall an article a few months back describing an aftermarket conversion to this basic form factor. The link is above. Of course, getting it from the factory is better on SO many levels.

Is that an old pre 1997 Ford SuperCab I see beside it? A Chrysler employee owns an old Ford? Built Ford Tough!

Why is this such a revelation? Dodge should have been doing this type of configuration 10 years ago. The quad cab was a glorified extended cab and the mega cab had a box you would put on an Ranger. But at least they came around and saw that most people want a truck that they can put 5 adults in and be able to actually carry some equipment in the back.

it looks like someones garage project. not a 'spy' photo. it's in a driveway (w/ a ford) primer bed, oh yeah, '07+/- wheels. hmmm. not convincing...

it kinda does look like a garage project...but im hoping its not, that offers tons of capability

It is not a garager project. Look at the grill and front end. You can tell by the cab that it is the real deal. I wish people could just appreciate the efforts that dodge makes for the truck industry. In Arizona you see heavy duty truck around town all the time that never seem to go off road. by having a short bed mega cab they make a better city truck. look at the good qualities! This truck looks great and has lots of use.

That thing is way to long. you'd need a football field just to turn it around.

Hopefully they learn from the 1500 and lose that horrible permanent plastic moulding on the top of the tailgate and bed rails. On a 3/4 or 1 Ton there should be nothing there but metal (just like GM and Ford).

I do believe Ford is in for some serious schoolin'! Good to see Dodge is going to build the new Ram in several different configurations.

@paul...maybe it was a chrysler employees friends house and ford truck and he just drove it over there to show him how much ass it kicked :D

Big Bob you must be a retard, that thing is a joke, onoy ford can make a good longbox, this is ugly, the ford beside it owns it, he must went for a drive and stoped for a beer with his ford buddy.

You are pretty funny, Nick. Just remember the biggest, baddest Ford truck currently available, the Super Duty F-750, has a Dodge pickup engine (6.7L Cummins) and a Chevy pickup transmission (Allison). 'Nuff said! So, you think the current Super Duty is good looking?

WOW, what a huge cargo bed - I could set up my tent on it and camp there, eventually move to another place when the weather get worse! ;) But all in all its a great looking truck, especially for somebody, who needs to pick up a lot of stuff, but I'm still waiting for the next PowerWagon...

did you know that 90% of the people that drive a dodge truck has had a ford or gm and wont go back. the next time you see a person driving a dodge just ask.


So true, see i used to own a Chevrolet Silverado, and it was a terrible truck, then I got the Ram and ill never go back

Once your go Ram you never go back.

It's not too long. But since it's a heavy duty, there's nothing really new here, it is only new to Dodge. Too little. Too late.

"did you know that 90% of the people that drive a dodge truck has had a ford or gm and wont go back. the next time you see a person driving a dodge just ask."

Really? Got any stats for that? Considering how many trucks Ford and GM sale, Dodge is just a grain of sand in sales. That ought to tell you something about Dodge quality.

Same could be said about Ford drivers. They had Dodges that fell apart around them so they got real trucks now. Proof is in the picture above. Test Mule parked at the home of an employee who has a Ford truck. Makes perfect sense to me.

All I can tell from that picture is what appears to be a 2010 HD with a long bed.
No "home of employee" or anything. If you can decipher that much from a picture with know info what so ever, maybe you should work for NSA.

But hey, what do I know I just a proud Dodge owner.

some people are so stupid. if you dont like the truck dont buy it. ill say it again the next time you see a person driving a dodge 1500,2500 or3500 just ask that person why they purchased the dodge over the ford or gm. dodge is a good truck and if some of you would go to your local dodge dealer and test drive one you will agree. ill bet you the people who purchased the new dodge test drove the gm and ford before they purchased the dodge:). but you guys (ford and gm) wont do that will you:)

Damn, I REALLY like the newest generation Ram's. But I am going to have a hard time giving up my 2007 Chevy non-DPF duramax for anything with a DPF. I love getting 20-21mpg on the highway, I fear that I wont get that with a "New Diesel".

Where have you been for the last decade? Ford has had plastic bed rail protectors since the '99 SD.

Do you seriously think that the Ford SD is a good looking truck? Yuck! It makes Clark Griswold's Family Truckster from the movie "Vacation" look like a svelte Corvette.

It's nice to see Dodge FINALLY get their stuff together and bring to market what the market has been begging for for 14 years--a crew cab longbed Dodge Cummins. And these latest Dodge's are the best trucks on the market, bar none.

we used to be ford and chevy owners...until we drove a dodge


These might be made in Mexico only.


hey ford boys here's a little article that tells who helped henry ford get started....says somethin about the Dodge Brothers Financing the company to get it going and making every part except the wood and tires on the model - t

Ugh this truck is great and everything, but (completely off-topic), why didn't they come out with a diesel Powerwagon in the previous ('08) body style? For that matter, why didn't Cummins have a 6.7L 12 Valve engine for the dodge rams? I would kill for an engine like that! 1400hp would be old hat for an engine like that!

To all you people out there I mean the idiots. They wont put production wheels etc on it to throw off the spies. That bed is wrapped in a cover just like every other vehicle that is road tested. And I think the truck looks great. The people at Dodge aren't going to make one and drive it around so word can get out before it is released. Most of all, I just hate STUPID PEOPLE!


Thanks for sharing this post. Dodge get lot of success from ram. Dodge Ram have 6 speed automatic transmission. The Drive layout is a typical RWD or a 4WD. Ram HD is available in three cab i.e regular cab; crew cab and mega cab. Interiors are same as the features of the 2009 model. Controller can communicate all information to the driver through the gauge cluster information center right between the speedometer and tachometer. For more details refer

I think that this truck has real potential. I especially like that they upped the tow rating to 18,500#. Im just tired of people being so narrow minded. We need to realize that everyone is making pretty solid trucks these days that keep pushing the others to improve each other. Sticking to just saying one brand is the best is kinda hard to do. I personally am a chrysler guy but I still have respect for what the other campanys bring to the table. Anyways congrats to dodge for stepping up their game with this solid competitor.

Dodge pickups are just a great diesel engine wrapped up in a mediocre package. If Ford or Chevy had the cummins engine, i figure Dodge would just fade away.

Im so glad im an American pioneer,who belives in valued freedom. I can take my earnings ($$$) and buy whatever the F@ck I want. And let me tell you I run oil rigz in west texas. we put hundreds of thousand miles on them a yr. I use dodge, chevy and ford hd diesel model trucks in my fleet. I cant see the reality in just sticking to one. I love all american engineering. I love the fact that i can wake up and drive all three models, instead of sticking to one in a whole lifetime. JRM

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