Spied! Is This the 2010 Dodge Ram R/T?

Spied! Is this the 2010 Dodge Ram R/T?
Photo by: Chris Doane for Brenda Priddy & Company

Chrysler has yet to announce whether there are any changes to the Dodge Ram 1500 for 2010, but this spy shot of an instrumented test truck appears to give away two revisions intended for the performance-oriented, two-wheel-drive Ram R/T model.

First up: New 22-inch five-spoke painted aluminum wheels with low-profile Goodyear Fortera P285/45R22 tires. The 2009 Ram R/T's rolling stock (see picture below) was 20-inch five-spoke chrome wheels with P275/60R20 Goodyear Wrangler HPs.

2009 Dodge Ram R/T

The second update to the R/T looks to be the addition of a removable soft tonneau cover. That's not surprising considering the R/T has a 4.10 rear axle and it uses a "loose" torque converter for strong off-the-line performance from its 390-horsepower, 407-pounds-feet-of-torque 5.7-liter Hemi V-8. The R/T can do zero to 60 in just under 6 seconds. The trade-off for a short rear axle and loose torque converter is usually a hit to fuel economy. Using a tonneau cover to smooth out airflow over the cargo box could help the 2010 R/T marginally improve its gas mileage over the 2009 R/T.

One thing we think we can say with certainty if this is indeed the 2010 Dodge Ram R/T: It looks like we'd have no problem getting (another) ticket driving this aggressive-looking pickup.


No wonder Dodge took the R/T builder off of their website.

I thought Dodge or Fiat or whoever had confirmed the '10 would get actual trailer tow mirrors... Now if only it had a real 6 speed tranny...

Nice looking truck. It's photos like these that make me wish the Ford F-150 looked like the Ram.

My dream combo is a Ram 1500 regular cab's looks with Ford's Ecoboost engine. It'll never happen, but it'd be a badass looking truck. Plus it'd get similar power as the R/T with great mileage.

As for this truck: 0-60 in six seconds? Damn. It'll tackle road and track with aplomb.

maybe...but it could be just a custom..

22" wheels? Looks like more for looks not performance!

Anything above 18" is not good for performance!

Plus the truck is too tall in the air, I would be suprised if it put up any decent numbers on a road course or a slalom.

And what's with the SRT model? They could make again a street (muscle) truck for example with the 6.1 HEMI (SRT8) with a look of the SEMA 2008 'Ram R/T' project - yeah, that would be a bitchin' truck! A could imagine, that Ford and Chevy wouldn't be left that condition for long without competing...

IS that going to be build in Mexico?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but it looks and awful lot like my 2009 Ram R/T.


Why not go with the 6.1, and the 24" tires and just do a SRT Ram? But this truck looks plain sinister!

I misread the post. I see you did list the bottom truck as the '09 R/T.

The '09 R/Ts didn't have polished aluminum wheels, they had 20" chrome clad. I've gotten mid 16s to mid 19s for mpg, so that's already better than most of Dodge's trucks. I did hear that 22 wheels are now an option, so maybe those are the wheels?

@jdustu: Thanks for the catch on the 2009 R/T - updated to chrome wheels.

The Mythbusters already proved that a tonneau cover delivers less mileage than an open bed with tailgate up,or a tailgate net.So,sorry,you are still going to get 12mpg with that rig.Looks mean though,but a handful at the gas pumps.

mythbusters can say what they want from their testing, but i've noticed an average 1/2 mpg increase since i put the tonneau on my truck, same as with every other truck i've had- and i calculate the mileage for each tank by hand, so no, the truck's computer isn't being overly optimistic.

@Mike Levine: No problem man.

@Paul: I've got one, and I get upper teens on 87(yes, I was surprised). The worst I've gotten is just over 16 mpg, and that was getting on it pretty good(including the drag strip). And it is as quick as advertised:)


@Mexico Truck?: Right now(pretty much until July 10th), the 2009s are built in St. Louis. I believe that they will be shifting production of the rc trucks to Warren Truck(in Michigan) for 2010.

Paul you need to pay attention when you watch mythbusters. They never tested a truck with a cover on it. They did tailgate up, tailgate down, and tailgate net. I know for sure that my trucks highway MPG increased just over .6 mpg with mine.

This is aimed at "The Luigiian." You need to do some research on the "EcoBoost" engine. Popular Mechanics tested a 09 300C AWD against the 2009 Taurus SHO. The SHO did out perform the 300, but with the 300 being 5 years older, the numbers were too close to even come close to justifying the "EcoJoke" engine. It only got 1 MPG better. Jokeable numbers for a suposed V8 killer. Isnt worth the money they spent to develop the system.

Plus the motor is way too complicated to make it dependable. Ford already has proven that they can't design a dependable 'turboed' engine. (Current generation of PowerStroke ring a bell to anybody.) Laughable by any vehicles standards.

@puccy: Thanks for the info. I think my next truck'll be a Ranger anyway.

Fords Diesels failures were a result of Navistar cutting corners... Not Ford. Frds built many, many Turbos since early 80's that held up just fine...



@ Mexico truck?: I've heard that too, but I think Mexico is only getting the 8ft bed. I'm not positive, but I think that's the deal.

It'll say right on the window sticker where it's made. My 2009 R/T was built in St. Louis.



@ Mexico truck?: "Right now", and two months from now are two different things. Warren truck is going to be building a few trucks they don't build "right now." It sounds like Mexico will be too. But I agree., Mexico getting anything additional while St. Louis closes and Chrysler is using U.S. tax dollars is definitely jacked up.

Better not take this truck much above 100 mph!

Too tall and with the bed covered no rear wing...

like i said its prbly just a custom...they wouldnt make it so high stock

I have been looking for an 09 but cant seem to find one. the dealer said they never even hear of one. any hints

@garrett: Keep an eye on ebay. That's how I found mine, dealers will put them on there for exposure. I didn't buy it through ebay, but I called the dealer and went through them directly. I've seen a couple pop up and pop off just as quickly in the last couple of weeks. They didn't make many '09s, so they are hard to find. I would guess that it'll be easier to get a hold of a 2010, they'll starting making them at the end of the year. The 22s will be an option in the spring.

It looks like Mexico is building this truck now. That sucks. It looks like I'll have one of the very few American built Ram R/Ts.

I was leaning towards a 09 gmc sierra short box reg cab but i after i saw these trucks i instntly changed my mind. I love the 22" black rims. does anyone no if those are stock?

@Karl I heard 22s are going to be available in the spring. Not sure if they are going to be black or not. I had my 20s painted black.


jdustu That is a sweet truck those rims are sweet how much did you pay for the truck new?

Hey Karl, the list on mine was right around 33k. The deals vary so much, what I paid really isn't relevant. I know some people paid close to MSRP even then, but I got a slightly better deal than that.

And these trucks are every bit a 13 second 1/4 mile ride, even on the 20s. 13.75 is my best so far.

Now it looks as though they will be built in Warren. That would be terrific.

Well, here is a 2010 R/T window sticker. Built in Mexico.


you should just buy an american built truck like the tundra Regular Cab Short Bed (RCSB) with the 5.7 i-force that will EMBARASS that truck. and ALL of the reg. cab 5.7 tundras will do this and dont need an R/T badge. Heck my 6000lb. Crew Max 4x4 with exhaust and a K&N is faster than that truck! R/T LOL the 300 SRT-8 barely beat my 6000lb. sled from a roll to 100MPH! what a waste to have to make a package to call fast, when every toyota tundra that wears a 5.7 badge will do the same and STILL TOW OVER 10K! oh and its built in america!

I would like to now if the dodge Ram 2010 RT is going to start the line up soon . It look's like they not making them.

Len, they've already started. That window sticker I posted was from a 2010 truck in a showroom.

Hemi LOL, talk is cheap. I'm on the Tundra forums, and there isn't a single stock Tundra that's run quicker than my stock R/T. http://www.flickr.com/photos/browndogwelding/4019766091/ There's even a stock rcsb slt Ram that's running 13.7s stock. qc Rams are running 14.5s(and those are made in Detroit).

But enough of that, shouldn't you be racing to the dealer for some recall work?

I have order a new Dodge Ram RT . If anyone that has order one please tell me how long you had to wait for it .

Hey Len, check out the 4th gen Ram at Dodge Forums http://dodgeforum.com/forum/4th-gen-ram-120/ and maybe ask there. A few guys seem to know about that stuff. I don't know about new builds, but I know at least a handful of '10 R/Ts have been built.

is r/t only available in united states i cant find any dealers...

hey i was just wondering can you get a 09 ram r/t without the middle console? or even the 09 dodge ram sport basically like the r/t?

What kind of rim do you have on it?


i really like that white ram r/t i got a mineral gray ram r/t n i love it but that white is awsome when i got mine they could only locate me 2 of them a black n the gray i got gray not fan of black............

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