What Others Say: Truck Trend's Long-Term Suzuki Equator

What Others Say: Truck Trend's Long-Term Suzuki Equator

Our friends at Truck Trend have picked up a new 2009 Suzuki Equator RMZ-4 crew cab for some long-term testing. They'll be exploring its full capabilities, durability and reliability over the coming months.

Suzuki's first pickup truck for the U.S. market is based on the Nissan Frontier, with a couple of unique features added, like a removable Garmin navigation system and a longer 7 year / 100,000 mile powertrain warranty (versus 5 year / 60,000 mile warranty for Frontier). The Suzuki shares a spray-in bedliner option with the Frontier plus hill-hold assist and hill-descent controls for use off-roading over steep terrain.

Truck Trend's Equator has the optional 4.0-liter DOHC V6, rated at 261-hp and 281 lb-ft or torque. The base engine is an inline four cylinder 2.5-liter DOHC motor, rated at 152-horsepower / 171 pound-feet of torque engine.

Suzuki has sold over 1 million of its motorcycles and ATVs to U.S. customers in the past five years. The company is hoping to sell 7,000 to 9,000 Equators per year but so far the ailing economy has put a major crimp in that plan. Only 632 Equators were sold in the first five months.

[Source: Truck Trend]


I'm still waiting for Nissan to upgrade the four-cylinder engine on these rigs. 152 hp would be acceptable in a 3000-lb Ranger, but it's lacking (to say the least) in a 3800-lb Frontier/Equator.

Could there be a 2010 engine update in the works, or are they just going to continue on with the QR25DE?

if you want more power in a 4 cyl. truck, get a canyon colorado, don't be brain washed into thinking only jap scap is the way to go, your american buy american

I think the 4 cylinder needs more power as well, I also think the V6 while a great motor, needs a couple more miles to the gallon. Still a far better truck then a colorado in my opinion which is built by Isuzu.

The Colorado is not built by Isuzu. It's built in a GM plant in Louisiana along with the I290, I370 Isuzus which are different that the Dmax built in Japan. Engines and auto trans are GM in the Colorado. Next you'll tell us that the Ranger is a Mazda.

Actaully the Colorado and D-Max where made as a joint venture between the two companies. Yes the Colorados are assembled here in the states while the DMax is assembled in Japan but thier essentially the same other then the body work. The engines are all made by Isuzu. And No Mazda doesn't make the Ford, Ford Makes the Mazda.

For lighter load, this PU will do the job. Does it have Truck chassis or a Car chassis.

Ford Transit Van has car chassis and can haul lot more cargo.

to toyobx...you are wrong. The engines for the col/canyon twins are built by GM in Tonawanda, NY, near Buffalo.

wait...I take that back, you mentioned that the engines were built by GM...poor reading on my part.

What's the point of this truck, when it's actually Nissan Frontier with other front end? Suzuki should move their asses and design an own truck!

The reason for slow sales, at least here in in Canada, is simple. Both the Frontier and the Equator cost the same or more than full size trucks. For $40 large, I might as well buy a Silverado or F150. At some point, one of these genius manufacturers is going to twig to the concept that affordable will increase sales. Truck buyers are loyal. Sell me a truck and if I like it, I'll probably buy it next time.

Maybe it'll take the Koreans or Chinese to wake these guys up.

@Big T:

Or India.

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