Update 2: 2010 Ford F-150 Receives Minor Updates

2010 Ford F-150 Receives Minor Updates

Update #2 July-24-2009 08:57 PDT:
Ford just e-mailed us a picture of the new base wheel for the F-150 XL model. It will be available in the standard 6-lug pattern and as a 7-lug wheel, as part of the optional heavy duty payload package.
2010 Ford F-150 XL new 6- or 7-lug wheel

Update #1 July-21-2009 11:44 PDT:
Here's an update to the 2010 model year changes for the F-150 after speaking with Mark Grueber, marketing manager for the Ford F-150.

  • Upgraded brakes: The only notable engineering change for the 2010 F-150 is an overhauled brake system. It includes new rotors that are 6 percent larger than last year's rotors, plus new front calipers, master cylinder, brake booster and linings. Grueber said F-150 drivers should see improved brake feel, reduced stopping distance and reduced brake dust thanks to the upgrades.
  • Durable vinyl flooring is now available for the first time in the four-door XL SuperCrew work truck. Carpet is optional.
  • The front headrests have been redesigned based on customer feedback. They sit about a half-inch farther back and use a new foam material.
  • FX2 Sport Model: After going on hiatus in 2009, the FX2 Sport returns for 2010 on SuperCab and SuperCrew 4x2 trims. Appearance upgrades include 18-inch machined aluminum wheels, a unique billet-style grille, body-colored front and rear bumpers, a unique lower valence and color-accented angular step bars. There's also chrome-tipped exhaust, fog lamps and sport cloth captain's chairs with a flow-through console.
  • The entry-level XL model receives unique new wheels.
  • New exterior colors: White Platinum Tri-Coat, Molten Orange Tri-Coat (Raptor only), Ingot Silver, Tuxedo Black and Lava (Harley only). Some of last year's colors have been dropped, including Amber Gold, Brilliant Silver, Stone Green, Black and White Sand Tri-Coat.
  • Notable deletions: The stylish flareside box is no longer offered for 2010, and the 133-inch-wheelbase SuperCab configuration with a 5.5-foot box is no longer available, except for on the 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor.


Ford has released information about the 2010 Ford F-150. The half-ton pickup receives several minor updates, including:

  • MyKey: Ford's exclusive programmable key is available for all models except the entry-level XL. MyKey is aimed at parents of teen drivers. It features a persistent buckle-up reminder chime and mutes the truck's stereo until the seat belt is fastened. Audio system volume is limited to 44 percent of the maximum volume, and top speed is limited to 80 mph, with speed alert chimes at 45, 55 or 65 mph. It also disables the traction control system from being deactivated.
  • As we reported last month, Ford is dropping the "superior fuel economy" label from two-wheel-drive F-150 pickups equipped with the 4.6-liter, three-valve V-8 next year, but keeping the SFE's 15/21 mpg city/highway fuel-economy rating.
  • King Ranch and Platinum models get heated second-row seats, a power-sliding rear window with defrost, and a Sony in-dash six-CD player.
  • XLT model gets a new unique six-bar billet-style grille (pictured at top) with the optional new XLT Chrome Package. Last year's three-bar chrome grille is still available for standard XLT F-150.


Yawn... Where are the new engines?

Are you sure that new XLT grille actually replaces the old one? I think that new grille is part of the 2010 XLT chrome package. The 2010 order guide still says the regular XLT comes with a standard bar grille.

No diesel... no EcoBoost... no new F-150 for me.

Zzzz Zzzzz Could someone please wake me up when Ford has something interesting to talk about, such as some new engines they keep promising?

@SteveVFX4: You're correct. Sorry about that. I just spoke with Mark Grueber, F-150 marketing manager and have updated the list of changes. You'll find a few items not noted in the 2010 F-150 order guide.

Newer 6-Bar Grill looks a lot better than 3-Bar grill the 09 has.

I still can't understand how the KR and Platinum models don't have heated rear seats for 09?

I will also agree with Matt, where are the new engines?

@jrod82, @Matt: Patience fellas. The new engines are coming for 2011. I'll have an update on the 4-cylinder EcoBoost F-150 tomorrow in light of the official announcement that was made today. Expect to learn something new. ;-)

I like the new XLT grille. It's like they say, horizontal stripes make things look wider and less tall. The current grille looks too tall to my eyes.

I like that the 15/21 mpg rating is going to be standard. I don't like that they're dropping green entirely, even if it was a fairly ugly green. When will they bring back forest green? Right now if you want the old timber green color you have to go to Toyota.

In the spirit of patience, I'll wait for updates and hope that Ford is going to do some mild updates (F-150 grille? New brakes, maybe? 2.5 liter four?) for the American 2010 Ranger. I couldn't afford it, but it sure would be nice.

Its worth the waiting.. I can't believe you people complaining. They said end 2010 and 2011 will have the new engines out. I'm looking forward for the 2012 F-150!!! If you don't like Ford, Keep it to yourself!!! Keep up the work Ford and Mike Too... Peace!!! "In God We Trust"

What!!! No Flareside? Ford has had a Flareside model for years!! That was the original pickup box until the Styleside came aboard in 1957. On the other hand, the Flareside was nothing more than a narrow Styleside for several years. The old style Flareside (with big outside fenders) was the best.

Please show us what the new 7 lug wheels look like.

Yawn. Nice looking truck though.

No more manual transmission.

No more Flareside.

The same tired 4.6L and 5.4L.

With each generation the F150 gets more and more boring.

Ford is awesome but they are the only 1z that continue the tradition of flareside/stepside! they can't drop it, so far the 09 is still offered with flareside.

Where is the Eco boost engine?

Thx for update. Glad they changed the headrest. For most of us the new were waiting for is the offical 6.2 and 5.0 news, and for some the 6 EB. But 4 cyl EB news is not exciting at all. It could be the best thing since cold beer but a 4cyl in a F150.... Just not right.

Alex, The 2010 MY trucks are coming out right now. The EcoBoost will be here next year. MY 2011.

They forgot the Raptor.....that's not a minor update. And the Harley Davidson....and the power sliding rear window with defrost...heavy duty package is now back to being limited slip...the new wheel is not just for the base XL - it is for the Heavy Duty Payload package...etc

Is this the big news?: Ford Confirms Four-Cylinder EcoBoost: At Least 2-- HP, 2-- Lb-Ft Torque

Glad the MY key thing wasn't around when I was a kid. Geez!!! Poor kids today. LOL.
F150 . still the last truck in a drag race.
F orgotten
R ace
D ay.


* In 2010MY, F150 will continue to offer: XL series (MSRP incl. D&D starting at $22,355), STX series (MSRP incl. D&D starting at $25,380), XLT series (MSRP incl. D&D starting at $26,550), FX4 series (MSRP incl. D&D starting at $36,065) and Lariat (MSRP incl. D&D starting at $34,180), King Ranch (MSRP incl. D&D starting at $41,175) and Platinum (MSRP incl. D&D starting at $43,050).

New for 2010MY:

* New Offerings/Packages
o F-150 SVT Raptor (MSRP incl. D&D starting at $38,995). Available on SuperCab 4x4 with 133" wheelbase. Key standard content includes: 5.4L 3V EFI V8 engine, unique suspension including internal bypass Fox Shox, 35" BFGoodrich All-Terrain Tires, electronic locking rear axle, unique exterior styling, trailer tow package, cast aluminum running boards, SYNC, Sirius, and leather/cloth captains chairs with flow thru console and more….
o F-150 Harley Davidson (MSRP incl. D&D starting at $43,665). Available on SuperCrew 4x2 and AWD with 145" wheelbase. Key standard content includes: 22" polished forged aluminum wheels, chrome billet style grille with body color surround, heated/cooled 10-way power front seats with driver's side memory, 2nd row heated seats, chrome twin-tip tuned exhaust, ambient lighting, Sony 6-disc in-dash CD changer, reverse sensing system, rear view camera and more...
o FX2 Sport: (Late availability, MSRP incl. D&D starting at $31,885). Available on SuperCab and SuperCrew 4x2. Key standard content includes: 18" machined aluminum wheels, unique billet style grille, body color front/rear bumper, unique lower valence, accent color 6" angular step bars, chrome tip exhaust, fog lamps, sport cloth captain's chairs w/ flow thru console and more...
* New Standard Equipment
o MyKey on STX series and above
o Sport cloth captain's chairs on FX4 series
o Power sliding rear window w/ privacy tint and defrost on Lariat series
o Ambient Lighting on Platinum
o Second row heated seats on Platinum and King Ranch
o Sony Audio on Platinum and King Ranch
o Vinyl flooring on XL SuperCrew (carpet is optional)
* Features and Options No Longer Available
o Flareside box
o Pueblo Gold two-tone paint on XLT
o Two-tone paint on FX4
o Medium Stone interior on FX4
o FX4 Stand alone optional leather Leather seats on FX4 (now only available with Luxury pkgFX4 luxury package)
o 5.5' box/133" wheelbase on SuperCabs (excluding F-150 SVT Raptor)
o SFE package
o FX4 optional 17" wheel and tire
o 17" machined aluminum wheel with painted accents on XL SuperCrew
* New Stand Alone Options
o Raptor Luxury Package (MSRP: $1,950). Content includes: 40/Console/40, 10 way power driver and passenger seats with heat and driver memory, DEATC – Dual Electronic Automatic Temperature Control, Sony audio with multi CD, Power/heated/signal/driver-dimming memory sideview mirrors, power adjustable pedals, Memory system – power adjustable pedals, power mirrors, power seats.
o Raptor Interior Color Accent Package (MSRP: $395). Content includes: Orange accent front seats with unique leather insert seating surfaces, orange accent rear seat vinyl seating surfaces, orange accent IP center stack appliqué finish and orange accent door panel appliqué finish.
Raptor Graphics package (MSRP: $1,075). Content includes: Multi color "read through" graphics that covers the bed and rear of cab, Unique SVT fenders.
o Molten Orange Tri-coat paint (MSRP $495) available on Raptor only
o White Platinum Tri-coat paint (MSRP $495) available on Lariat, King Ranch and Platinum (late availability on Platinum series)
o Vinyl flooring optional on XLT SuperCrew (carpet is standard)
o 20" premium painted aluminum wheel on FX2 (MSRP $755)
* Revised Options
o Power sliding rear window adds defrost (MSRP: XLT - $350, FX4 - $225)
o Heavy Duty Payload Package now includes 3.73 limited slip axle (MSRP: $1,500) (late availability)
o Max Trailer Tow Package now includes Trailer Brake Controller (MSRP: XL/XLT $680, FX4/Lariat $330)
o Max Trailer Tow Package now available on base XLT with 17" wheels/tires (no longer requires chrome package)
o FX4 Luxury Package adds power sliding rear window with defrost and removes sport captain's chairs (now standard on FX4) (MSRP: $2,950)
o XLT Chrome Package addsnow also includes a unique billet style grille (MSRP: $1,545)
o Lariat Chrome Package addsnow also includes a unique chrome mesh insert grille, chrome door handles with body color bezel and 6" chrome running board (MSRP: $1,420)
* Other Notable Product Updates
o New 17" steel wheel design for XL and Heavy Duty Payload Package
o BP fuel label deleted from inside gas cap
o Upgraded brake system: New rotors, front calipers, master cylinder, brake booster, and linings. Improved brake feel, reduced stopping distance, reduced brake dust
o STX cloth seat becomes common with XL ; loses map pockets and armrest with cupholder and storage
o Trailer Brake Controller display moved to cluster
o New Exterior Colors: White Platinum tri-coat (late availability on Platinum), Molten Orange tri-coat (Raptor only), Ingot Silver, Tuxedo Black, and Lava (Harley only)
o Dropped Exterior Colors: Amber Gold, Brilliant Silver, Stone Green, Black, and White Sand tri-coat

Forgot about the 2010 Harley-Davidson F-150?

C'mon. I don't think anyone else did as much of a deep dive as we did. And I stood in 15-degree weather to shoot the video.


Same goes for Raptor. See the link embedded in the summary of updates to the "standard" model lineup.

I'll see what I can do about pics of the new wheels tomorrow. Sorry I couldn't get them today.

i think the vinyl floor is great i used to have an old pickup that you could just hose it out to clean it gald to see they brought such a quick and easy thing back.

All you yawner N ZZZZZ just stay away... You probably never kept a Truck long enough... I have a 1997 F-150 extended cab with a 5.4 rated 235 HP and got 185,435 miles and still running. I do keep it up on mainance. Now Ford Trucks may never been Fast like Chevys, But mine is always running and workin with. Now those whose said Forgotteen on Race Day WRONG, FIRST ON RACE DAYS!!!I also have a 1999 Silverado extended cab with a 5.3 270 HP with pushing over 190,000 miles and both of these Trucks I have no complain...Mike as you know Fords motor always been good engines, It the way people who abuse them and not take care them. You have to keep up with the Mainance.. Bring out the Coyote 5.0, EB 3.5 and 6.7 Scorpion Diesel. Who knows might might be good or Bad, but always improving.... Peace!!!!!

Not sure what the odometer has to do with the zzzzzzzzzz, but in any event, my 04 has 188,000 m and thats cause I keep waiting for an engine upgrade... And I keep waiting. Hopefully only another 12-14 months or so and the wait will be over.
Some questions for Ford dude:
- Will they produce a SCrew with increased payload as this is a Ford weakness (one of a few)
- Do they really expect to have a EB V6 as their "premium" engine offering or will the 6.2L be available to the working man.
- Will they finally add the power fold/telescoping trailer mirrors on the F150 as they do on the SD? Same mirror? D'uh?
- Will they get rid of those awfull chrome trim tailights if on nothing else the monochrome totally non-chrome FX4?

They had a design edge on all the rest with this nod to the original trucks. I have owned three of them and it was going to be my next truck in 2010 or 2011.
Ford, do not kill the flareside.

Hey Mike, where's that update on the 4cyl EcoBoost and F-150 you promised? Thanks man :)

"@jrod82, @Matt: Patience fellas. The new engines are coming for 2011. I'll have an update on the 4-cylinder EcoBoost F-150 tomorrow in light of the official announcement that was made today. Expect to learn something new. ;-)"

OK a 4cyl BIG truck??? I'm about to puke. I'm used to 6-cyls in my large truck. For example, Dodge is the only one that offers a 6-cyl (diesel) HD pickup, and I like it OK. But if they put this EB 4-cyl (gas or diesel or anything else) in the F150 I will never look at another Ford F-150 again! Save that engine for the Ranger or smaller F-100. But the 3.7 EB v6 will be sweet (400 hp/lb-ft torque) to blow away all other 6-cyl full-size pickups. Of course, I'm all about the EB v8's.

@Glenn: Possibly later today but I'll make the key points here:
- 4-cylinder F-150 is still definitely in development
- Engine architecture is not the same as the 4-cylinder EcoBoost Ford introduced earlier this week. It will be engineered to a RWD truck application
- Start/stop mode that shuts the engine off automatically when the engine is stopped, like a hybrid. Think super starter.
- The displacement is *very* small. Smaller than the 2.5-liter I've said in the past, if you can wrap your head around that.

@Mike Levine - WOW. I thought this might be specifically under development for the new Ranger platform... but WOW. I'm very curious on the details, can't wait to hear more...

Thank you!

Ford F150. There are few things more American than a pickup truck. Over time the role of the pickup trunk has expanded from simply a work vehicle to include daily commuter, family wagon and weekend toy-hauler. The latest iteration of Fords popular F-150 reflects the ever-changing needs of pickup truck owners....

Having spent that last several decades at the top of the sales charts, the Ford F-150s sales supremacy has recently been challenged by strong competition from Chevrolet, Dodge, GMC, Nissan and Toyota. Yet the F-150 soldiers on, offering improved capability, better refinement and more style than ever before.

Watch Video: http://tinyurl.com/mvlx4n

I need to upgrade my F-150 by year-end. Without a diesel, there's no valued added to getting another one. Don't want the bulky Super Duty's. Hello, GMC Sierra 2500HD. Increased performance without the obnoxious bulky body of the Super Duty.

Jordan, surprisingly F150 does not lead half ton sales. Look at Mike's report from week or two ago.

Government Motores doesn't lead either because they are being propped up by the Goverment. When you're the government you don't need to make a profit. You can just sell trucks at a loss.

Post pics of the new wheel if you have them.

@S: Still waiting for Ford to send the wheel pics over.

@Mark: I agree a slimed down F250 would be nice. Or a version of...

Do you know a gm 2500 gasser is 1000lbs lighter than a F250 V10!!! :o

Thats the new wheel we've been waiting for for the HD pkg?! Fuuuuuuggggly. Not sure why they can't make a good looking 7 lug wheel? Am I missing something?

I'm disappointed in the new 7 lug wheel. It is basically the same wheel I have now but with more openings. I was hoping it would look like the 7 lug diesel spy pics you showed awhile back. That was a nice looking wheel...


And thanks for the getting the picture.

@Scott: Any time!

NO FLARESIDE BED IN 2010?!?!?!? THATS THE ONLY REASON IM GUNNA HAVE TO BUY ONE NOW. All my trucks have ad flareside beds from my 92,03, and 07

When Ford stepped up to the plate with their 2010 F150, they got a base hit. It would have been a 'homer' with 400 horsepower. Ford, look at the competition!

Anyone know how I can get the new 2010 headrest for my 2009? That is my only complaint as it is killing my neck.

400 hp will be available in job 2 of 2010.

Really can it be? 400hp in a F150. I'll beleive that (and really I want to) as soon as I'm wearing my licensed #4 Farve Vikings Jersey. :)

When typically is job #2? Jan/Feb, so 6-7 months away?

Is this 400hp come by way of 3.5L or 6.2L? PLs more details.

Love my 2004, F150, FX4, Supercab. I'm wanting a new one. However, I refuse to pay 45,000 for a truck that gets 14 MPG City/16 Highway without a load. Not with gasoline at 2.50 - 4.00 a gallon. Ford can do better than that! Where is the new high tech engine ?

Can you ask Ford, why did they delete power folding mirrors on the 2009/10 Lariat model?
It costs $48k, but won't fit in my garage without foldng them I think Ford is missing sales opportunities!

The dealer told me to buy a King Ranch (too cowboy) or a Platinum (which I don't particularily care for, so I'm looking at Nissan and Toyota)

Wow! The big Ford news is rims and a nose job. Thanks, but no thanks. I'll avoid the domestics right now and buy American instead.

I want the Raptor.

Think someone at Ford has made some assumptions that are very risky -- customers will wait for ever. I (and I think many others) have a F150 with 180,000+ miles and have waiting for the long promised f150 desiel. Question is which will come first current truck dying or desiel becoming avial. for purchase. At over 200,000 miles likely in 2011.... think 50/50 new truck may not a Ford.

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