2010 Silverado and Sierra XFE Models Get 22 MPG Highway

2010 Silverado and Sierra XFE Models Get 22 MPG Highway

Last year, General Motors and Ford responded to high fuel prices and consumer demand for more fuel-efficient pickup trucks by rolling out new "fuel efficiency" crew-cab models. The Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra XFE twins and Ford F-150 SFE were all rated at 15/21 mpg city/highway. For 2010, GM is breaking the tie.

Ford has kept the gas mileage numbers  but dropped the XFE label from the 2010 F-150 lineup while GM continues to wring efficiency from its XFE rigs. The result: Non-XFE Silverado and Sierra crew cabs with 5.3-liter V-8 engines are now rated at last year's 15/21 mpg while the latest XFE trucks gain an extra 1 mpg on the highway, to 15/22 mpg city/highway. That's the same highway figure as GM's full-size hybrid pickup trucks. The bump in gas mileage also boosts combined city/highway fuel economy ratings from 17 mpg to 18 mpg.

Chevrolet spokesman Brian Goebel says that engineering refinements helped GM achieve the XFE's improved numbers.

"We've enhanced the trucks' fuel-saver mode, which optimizes shift patterns in the six-speed transmission for the best fuel economy. Also, Active Fuel Managment [which automatically operates the engine in four-cylinder or eight-cylinder modes depending on load to save fuel] is now able to hold four-cylinder mode longer. Plus, we've added variable valve timing to the engine."

This fuel economy improvement comes with no compromise in capability. Horsepower, payload, and trailering specifications remain the same for Chevy and GMC full-size pickups.


Amazing! That is what chevy and Ford need to do. Push design to the limits. This will keep customers coming in the doors year after year. Way to go.

I don't know if you noticed, but they did the same thing on the Chevy Colorado.

With I-4 and either transmission, highway mileage has been increased from 24 to 25, bringing overall fuel economy from 20 mpg to 21 mpg on 2010 models.

I kind of wish they'd update the styling on the Colorado too. Regardless, both the Colorado and Silverado are very efficient rigs.

I'm thinking few will ever actually meet those numbers.Add a load,tow a trailer,load in a couple extra people,add air dragging grille guards/running boards/larger tires,get behind some speed inconsistent drivers,and that 22mpg becomes but a dream.Also,I wonder how noticeable that 4cyl mode will be now that its in use more.Visions of Cadillac's old V864 and its frequent cylinder swapping makes one wonder how a boxy pickup can operate longer with only 4 of its 8 cylinders working.

Still don't believe that... The only way to get 22 MPG is to keep it in 4 mode and empty weight. Ford is better and it only runs on v8.. Think about it People... Thats nothin to brag and that the same goes for Dodge Rams.... LOL Get real!!!!

Paul, you're dumb. Put those aftermarket accessories on any vehicle and the fuel economy decreases. You literally have no point. Ryan, you're a retard...nothing else need be said. Ford Fanboy, you really impress me for a ford fan and I'm not putting u down literally that is the right attitude. The luigiian..ur not bad either. I hate people with outspoken brand loyalty...everybody has there preferences and that's ok...but maybe don't be an ass and have something non biased to say. I have owned both chevy and ford trucks and I just like trucks and they fit my life style. That's all I have to say about it. All that being said, whether or not your particular driving habits would permit you to achieve those economy numbers for the gm trucks...I don't know, but I don't doubt that they are the most fuel efficient trucks. That 5.3 is a great engine, it may not be the most powerful, but it's got plenty of power. The 5.3 has been very fuel efficient since it first arrived and now with a six speed, variable valve timing and cylinder deactivation it is no surprise that it ranks so well in the mpg department.

Wake me up when the EcoBoost gets here. I'm not buying a Government Motors truck.

This is the first year I have ever considered buying a truck other than a Ford. I have owned 3 now and they have lasted me a long time with regular maintenance. I am now looking for the best "over all" truck with fuel efficiency and lifestyle necessities,storage room, seating for 6 and the most for my money. I guess that might be a tall order but I must say it is fuel economy that is making me think of switching brands.

Mike didn't you forget to mention that it needs a tonneau cover to achieve that kind of mpgs? The towing number must be really low too.

ok people, lets say that all the idiots, like Dan out there, all of a sudden were to stop buying goverment motors cars and trucks. just where in the hell did that money come from? you Dan, me, and every other tax payer in this great country, so go ahead keep drinkin the kool-aid because if people were to keep thinking like that, the goverment does not get our $$$$$$$$ back. thats what you call cutting off your nose in spite of you face, stupid!!!! if your a real American you will buy American, and im not so closed minded as to care where the truck is made, just as long as the $ stays in the good o U.S.A. but maybe Dan is not a tax payer, just another drain, and we have way to many.;(

We need a direct injection V8!

ok, people, if everyone were to think like danny boy our goverment won't get OUR MONEY BACK just great .

You're not getting anything back. Obama has run up trillions and trillions in debt. Look at Drudge. It is a total mess in the showrooms, government computers are crashing, Schumer wants to give the cash for clunkers deal $6 billion more. This is great. We already own GM. Let's give Government Motors more money so they look like they are doing better than they are.


Hey Outspoken Boy if any name callin, YOU are Retard..... I have a Chevy 99 new body style with the 5.3 V-8 and No 4 mode, I get pretty good mileage 17.6 in town and 22.6 Hwy also have a bed cover.. I love my truck too. I like the Ford and Dodge also.. I just don't like the MSD.... Thank you!! If you ain't got nothing nice to say, then keep your mouth SHUT... Peace...LOL

Its very interesting reading these comment and have alot of negative and bad mouthin.... I buy my Truck not B/C its faster than others or better mileage or whatever. I buy what I like and who make a good deal with me... If I wanted to tow something heavy I'll buy a HD Truck.. If I want to go fast I'll build a race Truck. People grow up.. I'm sure Mike Levine get a kick out of readin these also... LOL

and gm still better to pull a trailer.

The six-speed transmission has been optimized for fuel economy? That means this vehicle stinks for towing. Might as well buy a car.

After reading the comments in this thread, it's either apparent to me that none of the people here are getting the big picture, or perhaps I'm just too focused on the main point that these efficiency claims are something to publicize as "progress"? Bullshit.

For as many of these giant heaps of scrap metal as we consume per year, our 1/2 ton trucks should be in the low 20s city and upper 20s highway at the very least, and the medium-sized segment should be will in the 30s. And doing it on GAS, not diesel. Period. No excuses.

You cannot tell me that companies in the country that designed the 30,000-degree heat resistant space shuttle tiles and built the P-51 Mustang literally overnight cannot produce vehicles that are significantly more efficient than what we are force-fed today. Bullshit. Absolute, 100% bullshit. They CAN do it, but they WON'T do it, probably due to levels of oil and labor interest corruption that we the public can't even begin to wrap our heads around.

You want to know a big reason why readers here are all hot and bothered about even the modest fuel efficiency prospects of the upcoming Indian pickup? Because its numbers are what we should already have had here in the States for quite some time, from all of our vehicle makers.

So you can take the propaganda for what you want, but the bottom line here is that we've been duped as a consuming public into thinking that the efficiency marks of the recent past have been "the best" that our auto makers could provide. And we've bought it hook, line and sinker sadly because we've been given no other choice. But don't tell me this is what we truly believe to be the best that we can come up with. Again, 100% B U L L S H I T.

I don't think you can expect a full size truck to get low twenties city and high twenties highway at least with the current technology, that is what most cars get and they weigh 2K less and have half the engine of these trucks.

The fuel mileage claims may be true on this model. Most of the other GM models don't live up to expectations. The majority of trucks around here are Ford and Dodges. GM's simply will not hold up. They are a good go to town truck but not a good work truck as far as reliability. Just letting you guys know what its like here. This is considered GM country. The vette is made not too far from here.

Ive owned a 1977 Chev Silverado shortbox stepside w/ cab high box,v8,3spd auto,cruise control from 1979-1982. It got between 17-19mpg on the open hwy. I believe that all the manufacturers are really holding back + we should be around the 30mpg. My currently owned vehicle is a 1976 GMC 3/4 ton 4spd standard currently achieving a motor overhaul and I hope to get 18-20mpg. Let' get cooking with GAS!

Big deal, My 1999 FORD f150 4x4 ext cab w/4.6 v8 got 22mpg on hiway when on vaction. cruise set at 70 mph and used K&N filter and syn.oil..again no big deal .

My stock 2006 Chevrolet Ext Cab was able to get 21.5mpg on the highway (me,my wife and luggage for a two week vacation). It is rated for 19mpg on the highway. WIth a change in driving habits and a few easy mods I can now hit +22.1mpg on the highway(during a regular work week my combined is pretty good as well). The numbers I can get with just me in the truck are amazing. When I do buy a new Chevy truck I will be able to take advantage of the the V4/V8 tech for maximum gains. Instead of complaining like some people above about things we can not change, I will change what I can. With some effort on our(the driver's) part we can make our way towards the numbers "T" mentioned in his post. I was disappointed when GM/Ford/Dodge put the 1/2 ton diesels on hold. After hearing what some people are getting with their 3/4 and 1 ton trucks as far as MPG, there was so much potential for these new 1/2 ton diesels.

As far as potential, It will be interesting to see what kind of mpg numbers can achieved with the EcoBoost engines that will eventually make their way in to Ford Trucks. With small mods and change in driving habits it will be very interesting.

Well the new SHO with that motor is rated at 17/25, should be a few miles per gallon less in the heavier and less arodynamic F-150.

The F-150 already gets 15/21 so you know the ecoboost will be better than what you're thinking. 18/25 should be the target if they are going with a 20% improvement.

I've had multiple new ford, dodge, and GM trucks over the last few years and while the dodges have been the highest quality...the GM trucks are the only ones that will get the MPGs on the sticker. I was impressed.

T, the main reason they're not getting the huge mpg numbers you're looking for is cost. The space shuttle tiles and jets you refer to cost a hell of a lot more than a pickup truck. Sure they could spend trillions on designing some space age engine, but the trucks would have to be outrageously expensive and they'd never be able to recoup the costs.
Also there's only so much energy in a drop of gas. Some is used to overcome friction, some is lost to the air as heat, and the rest is used to power the vehicle, which are continuously getting heavier because of safety equipment and electronics. And heavier vehicles need more energy to move, which reduces fuel mileage.
Cut down on the air bags, navigation, dvd players, and all that other junk that I have no use for and make it a real truck again.

I just got a wild hair a few days ago and decided to buy a new truck. After looking at the GM Silverado and taking a test ride to examine all the features, I thought it would be a good idea to check out the Ford F150 because it just looks so tough and sits much higher.

The problem I found was that even though it's hauling capacity was higher and it's suspension stronger and it possibly looks better, The Ford F150 was just a truck, it had none of the cool features of the GM Silverado.
I mean real design features like the way the back doors open only 90 degrees out on the Ford. They open 170 degrees out on the Silverado, and if you don't think this makes a difference, wait till you are in a parking lot and need to load some things in the back seat.

There were other things also, No bluetooth, No garage door opener of coarse no onstar, and no cool engine mileage, distance/direction, cab control computer and many other little useless things that all add up to make it a bit more than just a truck.

You really do need to compare everything and buy it for what you need!

I would also like to mention that FORD did not need a bailout by the government..... well after going to all the banks that the government just bailed out with tax dollars, they were able to borrow all the money the needed.
Funny how they did this after the saw all the people voicing controversy about the GM bailout which was actually just a loan of tax dollars .... the same as FORD received!

People never catch the media scams.

@Keith... I don't know what Ford you just drove. It must have been an older one or something. I have been going around test driving pickups for the past month now and the Ford I drove had all of what you mentioned and then some. The radio talked to you if you plugged your IPod into it and had bluetooth. I think it was that new Sync system or something. I do agree the back doors suck if they don't open 170 degrees. They did on the Titan I test drove. But I have decided to get a crew cab 4 door but I waiting until next year. Hopefully Ford will have its new motors out and I will give them a test drive before I make my choice.

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