Australian Mahindra Pickup 'Looks Very Close' to U.S. Version

Mahindra Australian Pik-Up

Mahindra Automotive Australia introduced an updated version of its Mahindra Pik-up today with a refreshed front end and interior that possibly preview what U.S. buyers can look forward to.

On the outside, Mahindra has strengthened the looks of the front bumper and given its corporate logo a more prominent spot on the grille. The headlights are also a bit more stylish.

Updated Australian Mahindra Pickup Truck Interior

Inside, the Australian pickup receives new driver and front passenger airbags, wider seats, power-operated mirrors, a new AM/FM/CD/MP3 audio system with USB and SD-card ports, and four cupholders -- something Mahindra's U.S. distributor, Global Vehicles USA Inc., had promised would be a high priority.

Other than the right-hand-drive steering wheel and manual transmission (the U.S. version will be a six-speed automatic), is this what the Mahindra pickup truck's exterior and interior will look like when it goes on sale here late this year?

"The Australian truck looks very close to ours," GV USA spokesman Mike Geylin told this afternoon.

The U.S. pickup, likely to be called the TR20 or TR40, depending on two- or four-door cab type, will use a slightly modified version of Mahindra's 'mHawk' 2.2-liter inline-four-cylinder clean-diesel engine instead of the 2.5-liter CRDe four-cylinder turbo-diesel in the Australian Pik-up.


[Source: Mahindra & Mahindra via ZigWheels]


Kinda looks like a Jeep and the old style Toyota. Not to bad, but what the rating crash result does the crewcab have?

You mean the the old Datsun truck!! We will have to see if this Truck is Tough enough to handle here in United State... The bed is awful small on CrewCabs... Its good for small Jobs... Would have check one out...Hear the fuel mileage is good...Will have to wait and see what Truck Trend will say about them...

I hope the Mahindra kicks Toyota's butt , I should not be hard since Toyota has sissified the Tacoma so much , I want to see a Mahindra pickup commercial hauling a Tacoma up a hill in its bed like Ford hauled a Chevy pickup in the 80s up a rock hill

it looks tough like a truck should look and it does 30 mpg. i might buy one. right now i spend too much money on gas with my problematic chevy.

That sure looks like an Oldsmobile logo on the steering wheel.Is that a bad omen?
I dont think this thing is going to stand a chance in any crash test.I hope thats not the last thing they think of,otherwise,they will find out after all the planning that it flunks.Anyone have a You tube video of the foreign crash results? Would be interesting to see.

Mahindra Pik-Up ANCAP crash test. This was their previous model and does not have airbags. US version is said to have improved design and airbags & better crash rating than this one

Mahindra recently completed rally dos sertoes here in brazil. They placed 3rd in production category. It is pretty decent pickup. Not a show off truck but definitely worth a look at.

Wow FINALLY something to battle the Ridgeline in the battle of useless & Very UGLY "trucks".

Americans that complain that we don't get these trucks here need to realize that people in other countries don't get access to nice American trucks that are larger, more powerful, tow more, handle better, ride comfortably and tow with so much ease. They have to pay import taxes, and would have to fork out a lot of money to convert them to RHD. America is blessed to get what it gets. In Australia, you can get an under-equipped, under powered Ford Ranger for about $45,000. These Indian trucks are also underpowered and under equipped and may just undercut the Ranger on price. In America, you get a fully loaded Super Duty for that with a 6.4L V8 twin turbo diesel, leather seats etc. For $30,000 you get a nicely equipped 300-400HP V8 half-ton.
Friggen Americans, wake up and appreciate what you get here for the money... stuff that other countries can't get!

@KNM: You're right - I'd underlined once and I'll repeat myself - the Mahindra TR20 is an remake of the Jeep's (classic) light duty pick-up truck called Comanche!
@The Common Man: Man, You're absolutely right!

Finally someone made that thing straight - Alex, You're my Idol!
I live in Europe, so I allow myself to say that, You Americans, don't really realize the big advantage of the trucks/SUVs or just most of Your cars that You're able to buy in Your country... As Alex underlined, they're most fully loaded, comfortable, with proper=powerful engine for their purposes, and they not only look tough, they also can work tough! They're having a price tag, that most of people here could only call "discount"! The other point is that in Europe You practically haven't a real chose from pick-ups - mostly some small, 'very light dutys' with underpowered ONLY diesel engines (2-3 liter displacement "monsters") + manual gearbox to choose, that aren't really dependable If You're going to work harder - for example tow or haul a heavy stuff or even maybe commercial vans based plain and rough pseudo-work cars! The price You can get those wannabes-a-truck, heh...maybe don't ask for You're safety not getting a heart attack! That are some of the reasons, that we here love American cars, especially trucks/SUVs/vans, even if We had to pay quite twice of the entire price for the vehicle by importing to Europe...
Bless You and Your cars!

I love it. The Europeans are telling we Americans how awesome out vehicles are (Thanks!), while our crooked government is insisting that American auto companies are buidling vehicles that "nobody wants", trying to convert the country to small Euro ("green") cars, despite our completely different lifestyles. You Europenas need to do us a favor and tell those liars in the U.S. Congress that our trucks/vans/SUVs and big cars rule!!

In addition those Indian trucks are under-engineered. The Tundrak dents when you use it. I hear this Indian truck will be the same or worse. Some may ooh and ahh over it now, but how many will buy and will it be better, likely not. It will be a cheap, bumpy ride, with a small cab and less power. So it can take diesel? Big whoop. It's a jeep with a bed on it.

And in addition to that, it looks very dated. Not very modern. I am getting back ache and claustrophobic just from looking at pics.

Mike, what will these sell for here? I've read reports that they will be asking low-mid $20ks, not the next to nothing people may be expecting.

Wake up America! Being in the worst recession since the great depression, the last thing we need to do is buy a diesel powered tin can from India. With all the great incentives on domestic trucks, American iron gives you the best bang for your buck. Buy American !! You might just keep your neighbor and yourself out of the unemployment line!!

there will be commercials pushing this item.

buy now, buy it easy, buy it at $99 a month, nothing down,
no credit check.


It's interesting to read the comments on here from some of our European friends, as they are correct. We do get some pretty amazing vehicles stateside for prices that really aren't anywhere near as bad as they could be.

With that said, I feel it necessary to bring up an opinion shared by many of us over here.

The U.S. often gets a bad reputation from many Europeans that come over here and see what we drive. They see us, as an example, driving 6.4L V8 and 6.8L V10 F-Series pickups and say, "Why do you drive something like that? Do you really need something that big? Don't you know how much it pollutes? Don't you know how much fuel it wastes? Don't you care?" Fact is, most Americans do. Many of us don't really have a need or want for big heavy duty trucks.

Unfortunately, our selection for light duty trucks and suvs is terrible. Most of them are almost as big as a full size trucks, they're stuck with gas engines that barely get better mileage than a full size gas truck (and sometimes worse than a heavy duty diesel truck), and they're neutered of their work capability in order to make them more luxury oriented. To top it off, they're often nearly as expensive as their larger counterparts depending on how they're optioned.

There are many of us who want what the rest of the world has had available to them for years. Simple, small, diesel, pickups and suvs that get good mileage, are inexpensive compared to their larger and more luxurious counterparts, and aren't made for luxury over working ability. A truck we can buy, beat up for many years, and not feel bad about doing it. We used to have that in our "half-ton" trucks. Not so much any more, especially since "half ton" trucks are now as large or larger than some of our older heavy duty trucks; while costing as much or more than they did.

I mean, sure, it's great to be able to buy a $70,000 6.4L diesel 6-speed F350. But, when all you need is a $30,000 3.2L Diesel 6-Speed Ford Ranger, it's annoying to not be able to buy anything like that. Then, if we do decide to go with that big monster, we hear all kinds of negative feedback (both at home and abroad.)

The other thing that needs to be mentioned is, the economy here isn't doing that well right now. A lot of people are looking to downsize their homes, businesses, and vehicles. With that being the case: good, efficient, and inexpensive working class vehicles are slowly becoming more sought after. There just aren't as many people willing to pay for a brand new, loaded with luxury options, heavy duty truck. These are the people that need and want good smaller vehicles.

I love my dodge/cummins but I'd buy this in a heartbeart as a 2nd truck if it had a manual transmission. I don't buy a truck for looks (I'd have a Ford/PS if I did) but I don't think it looks bad. It certainly doesn't look boring like a lot of US vehicles ;-) ... and 30mpg! No 4x4 US available truck is near that!

About the Euro vehicle selection - I'd switch my daily driver Ford Focus for any of the little fuel efficient high torque (-> sporty) Euro vehicles having a diesel engine and manual trans. If you haven't driven one, you can't compare.

@Paul P

Absolutely right on, bud. A very well thought-out and written comment.

Continuing on your thoughts, I think your overall point highlights the fact that our collective enthusiasm is easily misinterpreted as ungrateful for what we already have to choose from in our market. But those of us who can comment intelligently on the subject know that this is not true. Most of use appreciate and revere our large, powerful "American" vehicles, but just because we do, that shouldn't exclude us from being able to choose alternative products that are smaller, less powerful and more efficient if they are deemed more appropriate for the job.

And on that simple point rests our support for vehicles such as this Mahindra. It addresses a product segment in this country which is almost non-existent as of right now. And I'd venture to say that most of us who support the idea do so less because the product is specifically a Mahindra than it is purely a new type of product for this market.

Big Three will not put out a small diesel pickup. Stupid again. No wonder they went belly up!

I plan on buying one of these pickups sometime between December to February.

Based on the stellar genius and solid fact checking of these three comments alone.

"In addition those Indian trucks are under-engineered. The Tundrak dents when you use it. I hear this Indian truck will be the same or worse. Some may ooh and ahh over it now, but how many will buy and will it be better, likely not. It will be a cheap, bumpy ride, with a small cab and less power. So it can take diesel? Big whoop. It's a jeep with a bed on it."
Posted by: Scott | Jul 25, 2009 12:45:56 PM

"And in addition to that, it looks very dated. Not very modern. I am getting back ache and claustrophobic just from looking at pics."
Posted by: Scott | Jul 25, 2009 12:51:27 PM

"Wake up America! Being in the worst recession since the great depression, the last thing we need to do is buy a diesel powered tin can from India. With all the great incentives on domestic trucks, American iron gives you the best bang for your buck. Buy American !! You might just keep your neighbor and yourself out of the unemployment line!!"
Posted by: gary kroeger | Jul 26, 2009 6:47:17 PM

Good for you. Buy an Indian truck. It still doesn't mean you will be making a good purchase decision.

I like the truck and would be very interested in buying one, except one small problem. They are not offering an extended cab version. I like to have my cake and eat it too. My 96 tacoma extended cab gives me a regular length bed and room to haul four for a brief distance.

The advantages of the extended cab over the 4 door and regular cab are significant. My extended cab allows me to store guns, ammo, expensive kayaking gear, Dewalt Combo Kit, etc. behind the seat so that I don't have to take everything from the bed, where it can get rained on, and put it in the cab when I stop for lunch. At the same time, I can really haul stuff in my regular size bed, including sheet rock, plywood and a decent load of firewood.

This company has taken buyers like me out of their market by by failing to offer an extended cab and I wish they hadn't because I would love the lower price combined with the higher mileage and power.

Competition is good for consumers. Protectionism hurts in long run. Such a nice truck would inspire other manufacturers to try harder and ultimately the consumer would benefit. I may buy this truck.

What's with the totally upright windshield? Looks like a 70s-era Volvo.

Can mahindra owners post their experience with the truck(mileage, reliability, comfort)?. Does it hold together well?. All the negative comments seems from people who never owned it. Would be nice to hear from real owners if it true or not. more facts pls.

I found some some facts from the real owners at-

Why saddle yourself with something as fugly as the Mahindra when Nissan already produces a truck that'll do more than 30mpg - the turbodiesel Frontier, or Navara as we call it in Europe. Mine regularly does 32-34mpg and while I don't tow with it, I do drive it at European speeds. It looks a whole lot better than the Mahindra, is neatly equipped, handles well and is refined. And the power and torque produced by the turbodiesel makes you question Nissan North America's slavish devotion to petrol powerplants.
It really shouldn't be beyond the wit of Nissan to import base versions of the Frontier with turbodiesel engines to fulfill the need for a proper working truck - and do so before the Mahindra arrives. I'm sure the Indian company has moved on considerably since last I drove one of its products about 17 years ago, but back then its Jeep-ish SUV was by far the worst vehicle I've ever driven!
Go on, pester Nissan for the turbodiesel and head the Mahindra monstrosity off at the pass…

mahindra logo

oldsmobile logo

what is the sound of one hand clapping?

If the mahindra truck is anywhere near as tough as their tractor then its a keeper and will kick butt on anything of comparable price this country has ever seen. I intend to get one. Their tractors are still the best bang for the buck going in the U.S. - don't expect the truck to be anything less.

I must add that the mahindra diesel technology is refined from their association with International harvester(Case) for about twenty-five years and they are still maintaining the discipline of creating a stable work platform instead of the frilly goodies for the suburban cowpoke. Not pretty but very rugged which for me makes it kind of sexy like a bull. Tough as a board. Just wait.
A lot of people overlook that Mahindra manufactured the willys jeep(the original jeep) for many years for the U.S. army and privately beginning during World War II. Everybody else has been copying their efforts since then.I think pone might get fooled if they underestimate them.

I am a Mahindra dealer in Hattiesburg Mississippi.My wife and I have driven the two door and four door truck.They are built with very heavy gauge steel and every thing about them is heavy duty.These truck will tow 5000 lbs,haul2700lbs or get over 30 mpg unloaded.This is a capable workhorse that gets the fuel economy of a 5 speed civic or neon.The truck will come with a 5 year 60,000 mile full warranty!The truth is there is no competion for these vehicles.People will be suprised at the interior room and design.We have placed our first oder to be delivered in late 09 and we cant wait till every one sees this truck.For more info call me Keith Smith at 6014087615 or see us

Dave is to have a extended cab. At least enough room for the grocieries. I could use a small truck around the farm, diesel a big plus. But once in a while it rains and I want some stuff inside. Not to mention leaving anything valuable in the bed while you are away, kiss it goodbye.
Call it a Plus cab or whatever you please but include space behind the seats. I would not be a buyer of the four door since the bed size is useless to me.
And tow at least 6500lbs.

I hope this truck does well so it pressure the other with diesel over in Europe to bring those truck here to the US. Examples: Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara, Ford Ranger, ect...

If the other manufacturers can't or won't bring a similar truck to the US market, I will probably buy one of these. Blame it on CAFE or CARB or whoever, but none of the current offerings come close to the anticipated function and price of this truck. I hope they sell a million of them.

I can't wait for this truck to come out! I think the 4 door version will be perfect for what I need it to do. I can keep stuff that I wrap up in an old piece of carpeting in the bed (along with a shovel, pick-axe, and gasoline cans.) And in the back seat is where I can place the bags of lime, duct tape, and maps I'll need to get into, and out of, the forest that's about 6 hours north of no-where. Of coarse I can always just haul with me a rented wood chipper (paid for on a stolen credit card of coarse.)

I owned a 1986 Ford Ranger Turbo-Diesel (bought new) - it had a Mitsubishi engine and got 40mpg - best by far damned truck I ever owned. It appears this Mahindra has its linage from the Willys Jeep line - making it even more a real man's work truck and not prissy like our present day American trucks. I never have more then one passenger and that is rare - 4 doors and extended cabs aren't real pickups, they are pseudo cars - they even ride like cars. if the Mahindra pickup is half as good the the Mahindra tractor it will sell here - especially to us country boys. The only draw-back, and it is a mighty big draw-back, is the automatic transmission - I will never buy an automatic - not in a TRUCK. Damn shame Jeep isn't free of it's owners and isn't the company producing this truck.

I need something to haul dogs around to training that gets decent mileage and the SUV looks like it might fill the ticket.
I have yet to find any dimensions for the cargo capacity. Anyone have a clue where to find the specs?

1 have a mahindra in australia its a dual cab which i use for shooting and have taken it to places a hilux would never get to and for the price you get everything a hilux would have at half the price so if you want a hilux for twice the price buy one and waste your money ive had a lot of different 4wds and the mahindra rates up with the best

Most of you guys never touche Mahindra pickup,never seen on
own eyes and crying:"that truck is ugly, cab is too small,cup holder is in wrong place, look like old Datsun etc. etc.
I drove myself on australian land.NO COMPLAINTS!
Mahindra is FANTASTIC.
Why we can not have Mahindra in the USA soon just check the history on another company from Romania "ARO"
Same CEO was there in 80-ties.
Regards. z.d.

In America, the looks of a vehicle is important. Many Americans use their vehicles as status symbols. Look at all of the spotless American 4X4s with 8"-plus lifts with chrome shocks and spotless undercarriages.

The Mahindra looks like it would be owned by a toothless 70-year old hermit fisherman, collecting recycling on the side, that lives along side of a river, far away from public view. If Mahindra was serious about selling a couple hundred of these trucks a year in America then they really need to clean up the looks.

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