Changes Announced for 2010 Nissan Titan and Frontier Pickup Trucks

Changes Announced for 2010 Nissan Titan and Frontier Pickup Trucks

Nissan has announced minor updates for its Frontier and Titan pickup trucks for 2010.

2010 Nissan Frontier
The midsize Nissan Frontier received several styling updates last year, including a new grille and wheels, and a name change for its off-road package, from "Nismo" to "PRO-4X." The sole exterior change for 2010 is the debut of a new paint color, called Night Armor.

Standard safety and security equipment is added to the 2010 Frontier, including side curtain airbags on all models and stability control for V-6 models.

Other changes include the increased availability of the Frontier's five-speed automatic transmission for XE models, standard Active Brake Limited Slip (the truck's ABS system is used as a virtual limited-slip differential)  for all SE and LE V-6 models, and standard hill start assist and hill descent control for all SE and LE models with four-wheel drive and an automatic transmission.

2010 Nissan Titan
There are no exterior styling changes for the Titan except for the addition of two new paint colors: Blue Steel and Navy Blue.

Nissan is hoping the slow-selling Titan half-ton benefits from the introduction of a new Value Truck Package for its midlevel SE trim. The SE Value Truck Package includes cloth captain’s chairs, a tow hitch, a Bluetooth hands-free phone system, an eight-way power-adjustable driver’s seat, fog lights and more, at a savings over purchasing those items separately, though pricing hasn't been announced yet.

The PRO-4X off-road Titan receives a new chrome badge for its tailgate, plus a standard receiver hitch, seven-pin wiring harness and trailer brake pre-wiring for towing as part of the SE Value Truck Package.

For work truck users, vinyl floors have been added to the entry-level King Cab XE model.

Similar to the Frontier, the Titan also receives standard side curtain airbags, and stability control is now standard for every Titan, as well as Active Brake Limited Slip to control wheel slip using the truck's ABS system instead of a mechanical limited-slip differential.


I was really hoping for a base four-cylinder engine upgrade for the Frontier. The airbags are certainly nice.

Man, I hate this economy. Can't even afford a vehicle even with the good deals, the vehicles lose important upgrades 'cause the makers are worried about losing money.

Sorry, I won't take a Sentra engine in a midsize truck, and I won't accept a V-6 because it isn't fuel efficient. When I can get an F-150 V-8 that makes 15/21, 15/20 out of a V-6 Frontier is unreasonable at best. For all its problems, at least the Ranger has a base engine that is suitable for its size and weight.

+1 to Nissan for the zoolander referance.

My 05 Titan is still running like new, but I've been thinking about upgrading to a Crew Cab SE or LE, the value package SE seems to have the features from the LE that I'm looking for without having to get the 20" wheels and leather that I don't care for.

Bring back the '67 L-521!

Nissan is horrible at trucks, they may be ok at cars but no not trucks.

Oh well maybe Mahindra will make a real small(er) truck with a bed that can actually haul stuff and a diesel engine .

yay! the titan is still alive. I find it funny that everyone wants Nissan to have a truck like all the others. I don't b/c that would probably mean Nissan would have all the debt & bankruptcies like the others. Full-size trucks are a new market for Nissan and even though they may be squeaking in the top 10 for sales figures, it really is a good truck. To me, Nissan seems smart to put their money where the market is and not dump tons of cash at a full size truck. I had an 05 titan and will buy another one when MY finances get in better shape. I'm really interested to see what the "blue steel" looks like. Thanks Mike for keeping us posted!

Yeah they make Full Size trucks different- they put a weak a*s Dana 44 rear axle in it and only took them until 2008 to put "Decent" brakes as well. Keep thinking that they know how to make full size trucks especially when the Titan is barely selling AT ALL anymore (take a look at sales figures YTD)

It this what you call "change'? It looks more of the same. Come on Nissan you need to step up to the plate or you will loose me as long time customer....

I am an original owner of an 04 Off- Road Titan. Could not be more pleased with the performance, reiliability, and ecomony. And I work it HARD! Certainly a truck ahead of evrything else in 04, not the case for 09 and up. Everyone else is improving and modifying. If Nissan wants repeat customers, they better crank it up a huge notch. Until then, still gonna happily run my Titan for a long time.

I have an 04 titan SE 4x4 that i bought new it has been the best truck i have ever had. I have 67000 miles and very little problems i love the performance and it has gotten stronger over the years.I would buy another one just wondering if nissan plans to increase horsepower like toyota & dodge near that 400 horsepower range.

10-4 on the Sentra engine! Why can't they just put like a 2.5L variable 16 valve inline 4 with like 190hp. . .with a 6 or 7 speed auto tranny. Is that too much to ask for?? We NEED a truck that's peppy and versatile, that gets 20/27mpg.

Get to work Nissan.

Didn't you hear the news awhile back, The Titan was to share the same Chassic off the New 2009 Dodge Ram and Nissan is still trying to decide to drop the 5.6 and replace with the 5.7 Hemi.. They still working on it. Also said that the Crew Cab from Ram was to use, but the front Nissan will design. Hey Mike Levine anymore news on this??


Maybe you have forgotten about the Chrysler ship that sank and was then pulled up with the help of Fiat and the Federal Govt and is now under a new name and management. Well those "news" or deals that was in the works prior to the economic disasters came to a screeching halt when the economy went down the drain. Nothing was ever finalized and nothing will be, yet. Chrysler is NOT in good shape and so is Nissan and every other automaker.

I like Nissans and I think Nissan should keep the upcoming Titan 100% Nissan so there wont be any finger pointing when something is wrong or where credit is due. The Titan should still keep that uniqueness in design but make it fresh and bigger than the current one

Kudos to Nissan for offering a 4-cyl in the crewcabs, and kudos also for keeping the manual trannies available with both Frontier motors.

Needed improvements:

- the 2.5L could use a low pressure turbocharger (see Ford ecoboost)

- the VQ V6 makes the Frontier a quick truck, especially with the manual tranny, but it really needs cylinder deactivation to make it run more economically on the highway. I can match the VQ's MPG with my '09 F150.

I purchased a new 2004 Nissan Titan and have recently purchased an RV and was wondering if and when Nissan was going to make a Diesel motor?

I have a 2006 Frontier I bought new.
Now that Nissan and Dodge are in bed together, I will not buy another Nissan :((
All I can say is, I hope Nissan changes their mind.

"Kudos to Nissan for offering a 4-cyl in the crewcabs" - fanglemeister

Thank God you're wrong. That 2.5L is totally gutless. If they put it in a crew cab the thing couldn't even move.

FYI, the only truck available with a crew-cab four-banger configuration is the Chevy Colorado. Reliability and structural strength aside, it's pretty cool to be able to get a big four-cylinder engine with a crew cab for under $21K.

You would think with this body style would get good fuel mileage.. But it doesn't... My buddy has a 2005 and its get 15 in city and 19 on Hwy, but now the new ones only gets 12 in city and 17 on HWY.. By the way its a 2 wheel DR. Crew Cab. Why did the fuel drop down???? What's the deal MIKE???

The Titan is a great truck if they were to offer a 5-speed manual transmission us southern boys would flock to Nissan dealerships as if they were passing out free bar-b-que.

Thank goodness Nissan didn't continue with branding a Dodge. I had 2005 and now 2009 4X4 LE. Still beats any Detroit iron

My 2004 Titan has over 150,000 miles on original engine and transmission and spark plugs were just changed last week to make sure no mileage was lost.

With a crew cab 4x4 on long trips I have gotten up to 22mpg and never babied this thing. Pulling a 3800lb boat it can still pass some of it's competitors on the highway. Room to improve on the truck absolutely.

Just remember they were planning on Dodge making the next Titan for them doesn't take any inside information to figure out that's not happening. Yes, they dropped the ball by not being ready with a back up plan but if this was their first try at a truck cant wait to see the next version.

I purchased a new 2008 Titan SE Crew Cab in December of 2007. In July of 2009 (only 9500 miles) I noticed that the passenger side floor was wet. Took it back to Nissan and two days later they said that there was a TSB for leaks along the firewall. They would have to remove the dash, carpet and wire harness to locate and seal the with "3M Firm and Fast sealant". I researched the problem on the internet and found that Nissan has had this problem since 2004 on Titans. I dumped it for a new GMC Sierra 1500 extended cab as I believe that even if they can find and seal the leaks the cab will never be returned to factory condition. No more Nissans in my future,

I'm on my second Titan! First was an 08 and it got totaled in a flood now I have a 2010! Couldn't be happier, I lobe these trucks and would never buy any other! My Buddy had an 09 Toyota tundra TRD Rock Warrior model and it dosnt even compare to my Titan SE!

I had an 06 titan that I traded on an 07 tundra, I really was not impressed with the tundra. I look at the new dodge, however for the money you just cannot beat the Titan unless you need a long bed.

Funny they have no gas engines in their Nissan Frontiers in Europe, they do have a 2.5 diesel, 190 hp and absolutely great torque, even more now a 4.0 v6, 240 horses, funny he?

I just bought a 10 Titan, I've owned everything from a cummins to a powerstroke,Gmc,ford and dodge gas trucks too. The Titan is in it's own class and can't be compared to the others not because it's better but unique. It's like a 350z that can pull a small to medium trailer, that works for me. If you need to be dazzled by the most current high dollar options..go elsewhere,I think the Titan is very Nissan,to me that means it sporty,strong and reliable , thank you.

Had a great time with my 06 titan Le. i put that thing through the ringer hunting off road driving towing and just traveling. Never had a problem with it until someone decide to crash into me. Now I love my 10 titan!


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