Spied! 2010 Dodge Ram Power Wagon

2010 Dodge Ram Power Wagon spied

We’ve already introduced Dodge’s revamped line of 2010 Ram heavy-duty pickups, but one special edition has remained in hiding -- until now. Our spies have finally caught the Hemi-powered Dodge Ram Power Wagon uber off-road pickup.

How do we know it’s the Power Wagon? Big "Power Wagon" lettering across the rear tailgate, an integrated winch in the front bumper and its hallmark solid front axle give it away. The purpose-built Power Wagon is the only 2010 Ram HD model with a 4.56 rear axle, locking front and rear differentials, and electric sway bar disconnect for maximum articulation off-road. It looks like the 2010 Ram Power Wagon will carry over its BF Goodrich All-Terrain KO LT285x70R17 33-inch tires and 17-inch aluminum wheels from the 2005-09 model.

In the picture, you’ll notice the Power Wagon test truck’s rear end is squatting low. Dodge engineers have placed metal ballast in the cargo box for testing.


If only GM had an HD truck like that , all the GM HD trucks get is Chevy LUV front suspension , thanks GM (insert sarcastic smiley here)

Tires still look small. Needs 37's like the COMBATT concepts.

surely it will have different wheels if it goes to market. I bet they're just using old wheels for testing. I've never been real sure of what makes the "power wagon" diff from any other HD Ram, but know I know. This sounds like one beast of a truck. As I do in every post (related or not), I have to ask, any word on 2010 Titan??

I like it! looks like they've been hammering out the braking tests. (from all the brake dust on front wheeles) could'be atleast washed it. lol

Looks to me like that Ford Ruptor will be DOA!

Mike Levine, Any Spy on the Titan? Have they decided what engine to use? I like the 2010 2500 n 3500 HD...

Dodge Ram Power Wagon= Beastmobile.......Ford Raptor= Bitchmobile

Dodge Ram Power Wagon= Beastmobile.......Ford Raptor= Bitchmobile

Yeah, lets see a Power Wagon run Baja! Or any off road race period!

Bwaahahahah! You dopes are hilarious!

i agree with ramman

Ok kids...Raptor is to Baja racing as Power Wagon is to Roush Creek rock climbing...one isn't better than the other...they are designed for different off road adventures...it is like comparing an NHRA dragster to a NASCAR oval track car...both are race cars...but in very different areas...lets get real here.

I prefer my Fords, but this is one bad-ass Ram

compairing this with the Ford svt Raptor.?. really. the ram looks nice but the raptor is in a whole new stronger league. try puting this ram through what the svt raptor can do, not to mention the baja 1000, it would fall and break apart. rams may be possible more fun to drive but when you want to get the job seriously done and done right a f-series truck is the best you can get for the category of truck for the price. not to mention not from a bailed out bankrupt company, cause i'm built Ford tough.

-Christ Bless

I don't know, the Ruptor is based on the F-150, never known for having all that tough a chassis, while the Ram Power Wagon is based on the HD Ram.

ok let's get something crystal clear once and for all, we all like trucks here, but I like Dodge Rams because there for bad ass people like myself.....fords and especially chevy's are for redneck hicks.

i want to see dodgw make a competitor to the raptor. a baja ready ram. fender flares, long travel suspension and all. bad ass.

It sounds like these Dodge guys with their riduclous arguments are suffering from smallpenissyndrome.

edit: ridiculous

BTW, The Raptor with hill descent control is better at climbing.

"I don't know, the Ruptor is based on the F-150, never known for having all that tough a chassis, while the Ram Power Wagon is based on the HD Ram. "

HAHAHAHA you are funny i love this line F-150 never known for a tough chassis, dang that is HILARIOUS!!!

Just in case you guys are wondering ... a Dodge Ram 2500 did come in second place in the Baja 1000 in 2008. Modified, like all the vehicles in that race because THEY CAN'T BE STOCK, but a Dodge Ram 2500 nonetheless.

You would do well to check out www.koreperformance.com before you say that a Dodge can't run the Baja, and run it well.

You may want to check out www.thecarlisuspension.com or www.lorenzindustries.com for like-wise performances.

Again, not stock trucks, but none of the Baja vehicles are, so don't bring up that argument please.

And let's all "Try to be civil to your fellow blog readers."

If you have nothing to add to the conversation except trolling and insults, then SHUT UP.

RAMMAN can you please grow up? This isn't a kid's hideout place. Unless Mike says something different, this is for all pickup truck guys? You're comments are just stupid, childish and your personal attacks towards others shows that you really can't think of a real argument about why Dodges are better than Fords.
What twintornados said is correct, in fact it couldn't have been said any better. I am not brand biased, but I am actually more impressed with the Raptor. Why? Because anybody can put BFG AT tires, diff locks and winch on any car/truck. I don't need to buy a factory "Power Wagon" or even a "Rubicon" just to get some accessories. The Raptor? Well, that goes beyond accessories, it would be difficult and very expensive to take an existing truck and turn it in to anything nearly as good.

Yeah, kick-ass - I' had been waiting for a long time for the Ram P-W... THX Mike/Pick-Up-Trucks for this positive news!
People, calm down: Ram P-W is an 4x4 off-roading truck, F150 SVT Raptor RWD off-roading truck, so there is a bit difference, but I'd also like to see the new PowerWagon racing the BAJA and similar desert rally... A big + for You Shaun McGuire, lets make these things straight! :)

yeah i think the ram from kore performance was the first bio diesel to complete the baja...i could be wrong but im pretty sure that was it

btw which hemi is it?

@ Mike Levine

Can you guys do a comparison, when you have both trucks to settle this once and for all?

They're very different trucks, but the Raptor is meant for desert off-road and stuff, while the Power Wagon is meant for Rock climbing etc,.

Another great looking truck. If it is built in Mexico, they might not hit their sales numbers.


Whats it matter if its built in Mexico? Other car manufacurers have assembly plants in other countries as well. Yes even Ford!

Back on topic, the New PowerWagon looks like it will be the same ole beast it was before and that is awesome!

PW Vs Raptor is a stupid debate that we can spend eternity on. Two different trucks for two different applications.


who cares where its built? its still an american company

Nothin being made in USA hardly anymore, its Global now and so what. Dodge use to be at the bottom now working way up to the Top. All Trucks are GOOD.Its the matter what you like.. PEACE!!!!!

The power wagon is a 3/4 ton 4wd truck that is meant to be a work horse that can take you to job sites that other heavy duties can't. The SVT Raptor is an off-road racing truck they dont compare because each would out perform the other in their respective classes.

This would be a great truck if it didn't have a joke of a motor in it. Gas engine in a 2500? No thanks. Put a Cummins in it and call when its ready.

This would be a great truck with a proper powertrain. Nobody bought the last Power Wagon, and nobody will buy this one, because of the lack of diesel option.

You guys are silly; you can't compare a heavy duty 3/4 ton pickup to a long travel half ton. The raptor is awesome with its long travel suspension, fox shocks, wide body panels, etc... The raptor is literally designed to take whoops and high speed desert trails with out a problem. Being able to lock the rear diff and run desert roads at 100 MPH STOCK is awesome.

The Power wagon is old school, a big ass heavy pickup. You get big Dana solid axles with a locking front diff. The Power Wagon is essentially an off road work truck, something like its forest service forbears. It will not be taking desert whoops at 80 MPH, I guess you could but you would lose control as the axles bounce and bang off the bump stops. On the other hand the raptor’s soft/long travel suspension isn’t going to make it much of a work truck. If you put a heavy trailer on the back it will probably drag its bumper like a Tundra. As for the Power Wagon, I don’t know too many people who want to buy a 2500 pickup that gets 10 MPGs and has less then 400 Ibs of torque- Dodge was stupid to cancel its smaller diesel engine.

Quite a few people here in Ontario own them, I don't know about the states but a lot of people up here buy them even with the hemi

ok if the laramie is 50k wonder how much is this one

the powerwagon is an awsome offroad truck
the hemi is an awsome engine its got plenty of power for it who buys an off road truck for gas milage you buy it for performance not milage
cummins is still workin on the smaller diesel engines
dodge has plants in mexico and usa not china or anything like that unlike ford and chevy

Please guys, don't be silly and stop quarrel about nothing like children - who cares which company was in bankruptcy or not? Are you really buying the automaker or the truck, that fits YOUR needs most? Yes, I like both of them and maybe the F150 Raptor is a bad-ass truck, but the Ram Power Wagon is also a bad-ass looking truck and I really prefer a switchable 4x4 as only RWD option, and (I think) both of those trucks aren't a serious competition to each other, because the had been made for some different purposes - you want to speed some rough desert terrain, buy the Raptor! You're gonna use it in a muddy/rocky/snowy off-road conditions - take the Power Wagon - that's simple, isn't it? What some of You postulate now, can be similar to comparison for example of the Dodge Viper with a Neon SRT4 - they both sport cars, right?

also the laramie is only 43k and the powerwagon is 45k based on 4x4 quad cab 6.3' box base price

@Shaun McGuire

Yes, the Ram took second place at the 2008 Baja 1000, right behind the H3 Alpha, which not only won the 2008 Baja 500 and Baja 1000, but the 2007 Baja 1000 as well took class points championship in SCORE and BITD.

Check out www.rodhallracing.com

The raptor is nothing to brag about they won't sell enough to keep in production more than a year or two this truck is way more accessible and has longevity as a 4x4 icon the raptor can take its high price tag and overrated specs and go home to detroit ... ford was just looking to get publicity it has no plan of long term production its to price to produce and the baja like stated no truck is stock not even there beloved raptor now how bout we just keep to the basics and not try to make any more specialty truck (ford) not smart business

I'm disappointed that they redesigned the HD Rams, and the Power Wagon still doesn't have a diesel. This is an old school truck, which is fine, but where is the old school manual transmission? If I'm going to lock transfer cases and axles, disconnect sway bars, winch myself out of holes, then I want to shift my own gears.

Built in Mexico - when have you ever seen a high quality product built in Mexico? Dodge just about could not have picked a worse country to build their trucks. The people there just don't care or know about quality and building things to perfection.

Ya know Ford along with GM also have assembly plants in Mexico. Actually up until recently Ford built trucks/suvs at its Cuautitlan Assembly in Mexico. Now they're going to build compact cars there because Truck/SUV sales are down.

So, I'm assuming then that the people compaining about the Mexican assembly plans do not own Ford, GM, or Chrysler products?

Ill take a PowerWagon any day over a Raptor. One its a HD 2500 not a 1/2 ton. Also the PowerWagon has 4 doors available for my family where the Raptor will not. I do wish it would come with a diesel. I like the locking diffs, and diss connecting sway bars for what i would use it for. I also like the winch, ( for pulling out stuck Raptors!)

You guys are all fags. I prefer to run around in a pink tutu than sing little kids songs than drive a FIAT..... ummmm, whats the topic again?????hehehhhe

whats dodge gona do with out cummins... remember contract is up... also id love to see another truck from the factory tack 45 degree jumps at 100mph..

I remember reading a while ago, there would be a new Cummins 6.7L V8 diesel to replace the I-6. And a Cummins 5L V8 diesel, and Cummins 4.2L V6 for the RAM 1500 and Durango. Haven't heard anything on any of these engines for a long time. I suspect with GM and Ford postponing their 4.4/4.5 diesels, the 5.0 was put on hold. But the 6.7L V8 Cummins? Maybe it was all just a big myth?

Many poor statments made on this tread, get educated before you post! PW used AAM axles just like other Dodge trucks. And a Cummins will not fit along with a winch-all you have to do is lift the hood and see that the Warn sits right where all the cooling equipment is on a diesel powered Dodge. While a Cummins would be nice in a PW, it is also almost twice the weight of a Hemi, and that certainly does not help off road. It also does not like to rev as fast, and has no wear near the throttle response that the Hemi does. I drive both truck on a regular basis. For off road the Hemi is better. I would not want to lose the winch just to install a Cummins.

I work in the oilfield, I'm offroad everyday, I have an 08 Dodge 1500. I have to crawl over cattle guards, washboard, rough road, snow drifts just so I don't break my truck (because it's sometimes 300+ miles home). I used to run a diesel, but all I carry is 700lbs of tools and parts and I found the diesel is WAY too heavy to be a good offroader, diesels should be left for what they're good at, pulling heavy loads.
This Dodge Power Wagon looks tough...I'd use it to pull farm equipment through the mud, or to pull trees down in the bush, or better yet as a snowplow... etc.
I am however planning to buy a Ford Raptor to use for work because it just looks like they've built it to take offroad driving..not heavy trailering (like a diesel) or snowplowing (like the Power Wagon). I'm NOT a Ford guy, or even a Dodge guy...I'm a Chev guy, but they've lost their way... so I don't care about the name on the tailgate...the truck just has to do what I need it to.

I drive a titan and looked at getting a Raptor but it only has a tow rating of 6000lbs which is less than most SUV. Now looking at the 2010 2500 diesel

i have a 2009 powerwagon and it is one bmf. i bought it new and it is truely the toughest truck i have ever seen stock. it did cost 52000 though. comes stock with a special frame also so rock crawling doesnt dimple body panel and it also has a 390 horse hemi that is so fast it sometimes scares me and i have had very fast race cars in my life time. also has skid plates underneath opnaxles and gastank locker front and rear axles 4.56 gears in rear , u can unlock the sway bar for deep ditches abd creeks and a 500 6 cd mp3 alpine factory radio with kaki interior and blue paint. it looks like a military vehicle. it is awesome

The Chevy Silverado ZR2 Concept woudl blow that outta the water!!

I looked at the ZR2 concept.
Looks very nice.
If Chevy hasn't changed the wimpy diffs and 4 wheel drive system that they are currently using it will never last in hard use. Especially the front end.
I couldn't find any specs. on the running gear.

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