Spied! 2010 Dodge Ram Power Wagon

2010 Dodge Ram Power Wagon spied

We’ve already introduced Dodge’s revamped line of 2010 Ram heavy-duty pickups, but one special edition has remained in hiding -- until now. Our spies have finally caught the Hemi-powered Dodge Ram Power Wagon uber off-road pickup.

How do we know it’s the Power Wagon? Big "Power Wagon" lettering across the rear tailgate, an integrated winch in the front bumper and its hallmark solid front axle give it away. The purpose-built Power Wagon is the only 2010 Ram HD model with a 4.56 rear axle, locking front and rear differentials, and electric sway bar disconnect for maximum articulation off-road. It looks like the 2010 Ram Power Wagon will carry over its BF Goodrich All-Terrain KO LT285x70R17 33-inch tires and 17-inch aluminum wheels from the 2005-09 model.

In the picture, you’ll notice the Power Wagon test truck’s rear end is squatting low. Dodge engineers have placed metal ballast in the cargo box for testing.


I own a 2008 power wagon and love it! My only gripes were, it was low on creature comforts, and the headlights sucked. So i resolved the headlight problem by installing HID's in both the primarys and fogs. I do quite a bit of hunting in some nasty areas, and it has served me well, plenty of power. For a truck that weighs in at 9000 lbs it will flat out git it! Been through many a nasty mud hole, and pulled out a chevy or two. I like the powerwagons so much, today i went down and ordered a 2010. They definately got it right this year! Alot more creature comforts, and neat little gadgets. They also bumped up the power from 345 to 383. A deisel would be nice for the pulling perspective, but the extra weight would really hurt it off road. Besides alot of people dont realize the frame on the pwerwagon is different than the standard 2500 frame. the front end is completly different due to the winch mount. that is why a deisel isnt offered, the intercooler wont fit. One other issue ive found is the BFG AT's arent real good for heavy trucks. Ive found they are not durable with that much weight, and they dont pull well in the gooey stuff with the weight. I had to step up to a more aggressive tire. anyway long story short, i love my PW and it does what it was designed to do very well!


ford raptor= it seems like the raptors is for guys who like to race dirt bikes and like to go to the beach and race on the sand.

Power wagon= i like the power wagon because to me it seems like its name really means what it is been built for.

here in colorado. we have very bad winters and heavy blizzards very muddy dirt roads and lots of country...so the PW is my choice.


the raptor has 11" suspicion travail but the power wagon has 33" suspicion travail i dont know the ram is alot more powerful than the raptor can tow more carry more so be for you run your mouth get the facts right

Well it appears there only a few of us on here that understand how the rest of you are comparing two different types of trucks.

1. Ford Raptor is primarily designed for "Baja" style performance.

2. Dodge PW is primarily designed to work on or off road no matter what the conditions are.

I don't agree that the Ford Raptor is better than the Dodge PW, but I don't agree that the Dodge PW is better than the Ford Raptor.

These two trucks are used in completely different conditions/applications.

I will say this.....the new 2010 HEMI with 390HP is enough power to move the PW and other heavy duties. I will also say that there isn't a diesel on the market today that will ever get as good as fuel mileage as the old 5.9l Cummins Turbo Diesel.

I like all 3 manufacturers. I've had Chevrolet's, Fords, and Dodges. They were all damn good trucks!!! But every manufacturer has there flaws and no one brand is better than the other. My perfect truck would be a Ford crew cab super duty long bed 4x4 1-ton with a Cummins turbo, chevy's allison automatic tranny and chevy's comfortable leather interior. BUT THAT'S JUST ME! Have a good evening yall!

Ime in the u.k. (thats an island near france) thats better than the crap we have over here.i want one dont care weather its better than a ford ,ile let you guys sort that one.If Dodge read this could you lend me one for couple of years.thanks

just bought a 2010 powerwagon , already pulled out a stuck ford raptor. ( not to mention a few other super duties!)

Ram PW and Ford SVT Raptor, i'm in the marines and i own them both, i recently bought the crew cab raptor and the new Power wagon, and i can easily say out here in the desert they are both very handy, only having them for like two months so far and i can already tell that the Ram is meant for rock climbing which really appeals to me cause i'm a jeep guy, yet the raptor can whoop anyones ass because of the speed and sheer suspension, also appeals to me for i did a lot of drag races in high school, the point is until any of you all actually own both, then you should just go by looks because you don't know how they actually handle, ok? thanks now bye

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