Trucktoon: Magical Spring Dust


H/T to Mr. Truck for coining the term Magic Spring Dust


how does it help it?

Garret, I think its more of a joke about the dodge ram magically increasing its towing capacity...just my guess...

haha oh ok...imma bit slow sometimes..thx

Chrysler actually made a video of a transmission using this "new" technology.

Before the Dodge bashing begins in earnest :

"Dodge isn’t the first manufacturer to magically increase the tow rating of its half-ton pickup without changing hardware. Ford pulled a similar move when it upped the 2008 Ford F-150's max tow rating to 11,000 pounds from 9,900 pounds the year before, after the 2007 Toyota Tundra arrived with a 10,800-pound tow rating."

From prior article.

Correction to that prior article:

GM and Ford both increased the 2007 tow rating to 10,500. Toyota in 2007 was 10,000+.

Ford saw fit to rain on General Motors' parade a bit today by announcing the changes that its Ford F-150 will receive for the 2007 model year. Chief among them is an increase in towing capacity by 600 lbs. to a "class-leading" 10,500 lbs. That number just happens to match the 10,500-lb. towing capacity of the just unveiled 2007 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra, which was described as "segment-leading" by GM. The F-150, however, may break the tie with a greater payload capacity of 3,050 lbs. compared to the GM twins at 2,160 pounds.

August 2006, Auto Blog


It was more of a battle bewtween GM and Ford from 2006 2007 MY...not 2008. Toyota is not competition and was only 10k. In 2009 Dodge, Dodge didn't follow suit and now they have to up it 1500 to try and stay in the game.

@ S..i think dodge was smart to make the 1500 the way they one buys a half ton for towing...and if they do thats kinda dum...get a 3/4 ton or more for towing

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