Update 1: Nissan, Chrysler End Deal for Ram-Based Nissan Titan

Breaking: Nissan, Chrysler End Deal for Ram-Based Nissan Titan

Update #1 August-26-2009 01:55 PDT:
In a phone conversation this afternoon with PickupTrucks.com, Nissan spokesperson Fred Standish says "We're looking at all options for the Titan and are committed to staying in the [light-duty] market."

Standish says Nissan expects to continue manufacturing the Titan at its assembly plant in Canton, Miss. for the foreseeable future. Production had been expected to end there by the end of 2010 to make way for Nissan's upcoming line of light commercial vehicles.


Nissan and Chrysler have released a statement announcing the end of three cooperative programs, including a deal that would have seen Chrysler manufacturing the next-generation Nissan Titan half-ton pickup off the current Dodge Ram 1500 platform.

The statement reads:

"Nissan and Chrysler today announced a mutual agreement to end three OEM vehicle-supply projects announced last year.

For the past several months, teams from both companies have been studying the viability of the projects in light of significant changes in business conditions since the projects were announced in January and April of 2008.

Today, it was decided it was in the best interests of both companies to end the projects.

The projects had involved:

1. Nissan providing to Chrysler a compact sedan for the South American market beginning this year.

2. Nissan providing to Chrysler a small vehicle for global markets beginning in 2010.

3. Chrysler providing to Nissan a full-size pickup truck starting in 2011.

A separate agreement involving the supply of transmissions from Nissan affiliate JATCO to Chrysler remains unchanged. That agreement has been in effect since 2004."

At the New York Auto Show in April, Nissan told PickupTrucks.com that with or without Chrysler the company is committed to the Nissan Titan.


Well Chrysler no longer needs Nissan for the small vehicle and compact sedan as they now have Fiat taking that over.

Building a Titan based on the RAM doesn't make sense for Chrysler when there is nothing needed in return.

Unless the economy picks up and demand for trucks picks up I don't think the Titan will be around much longer unless they contract with another company. How about Nissan Tuntitan? hehe


Honestly, what is the point of all these re-skinned vehicles out there? Aside from some actual tangible differences in warranty (such as the Frontier vs. the Equator) or pricing and incentives, there really is no point, IMHO. And I'd prefer to see Nissan's models to stay self-designed and produced anyways. If they can't sustain the production of a model unique to their own company, then I'd rather not see a Nissan half-ton pickup at all.

The Tundra isnt selling well anyway,so why be yet another marginal player in the big pickup segment when it has to be costing many millions to keep producing a handful of vehicles? I laugh,car companies dont make limited run models,supercars,2 door SUVs,convertibles,retro models...etc...because they claim that they wont sell in volume and they will lose money,yet Toyota and Nissan pour millions/billions into their slowest selling models and will never say "die",letting them be discontinued in the name of common sense.
OK,manufacturers,if you like spending money on marginal sellers here is a wish list...start making these now:
1958 Edsel
1966-1977 Ford Bronco
1984-1991 Dodge Daytona
1985-1988 Dodge Lancer/LeBaron GTS
1982-1984 Dodge Rampage
1957 DeSoto/Dodge
1968 Torino GT fastback
1980 Fairmont Turbo 2.3

Doesn't really matter how many they sell as long as their making a profit, the Titan may not sell anywhere close to the big three pickups but it was one of Nissan's top five best sellers when the design was fresh.

I love my 05 Titan, just got back from 1000 mile road trip over the weekend, if I didn't have to stop to fill up and piss, I feel like I could drive this truck all day long without stopping. I wish Nissan would continue with this truck.

The Ugliest truck on the road.

One of the main problems with the Titan from the outset was the gas sucking engine. The worst MPG of all the V-8s. In this field its' hard to be last in anything. The looks are also just off putting enough to loose some sales. It is a good rider though. And I like the seats. More economy in the engine and new skin would do a lot for it.

I am a nissan guy all the way and I would be sad if they did not build another Titan. I drive a Frontier right now and I am still aways from replacing it but when I do I would like to know that a Titan is available for me to upgrade to if I wanted. The design is great and the convenience that you find in a Titan in many ways has set a standard.

I am a Dodge Ram fan,and I am glad there is not going to be a Nissan version of the Ram !!!For Nissan guys let them keep their Titan,I live in Canada and rarely see a Titan.Now if they could discontinue the VW minivan aka rebadged Caravan!!!

Paul,I believe you are mistaken Chrysler sold millions of 1957 Desoto and Dodge's. The Daytona was a great car beat the 5.0 mustang and camaro z-28's also the Lebaron gts did not cost the company huge money to keep building them because the mechanicals,suspension were shared across the board,ditto for the Torino ditto for the Edsel it was a Mercury with a grill and rear tail panel change mechanicals,suspension were Ford/Merc so cost nothing to build..as a single vehicle like the Titan shares nothing with other of its line up..I guess Toyota should pull Lexus with your theory they are marginal sellers as is Acura should be on your list as well..

Don,I have you beat I drove my Ram 3400 miles from B.C Canada to Florida and never stopped but for the same reasons you did and my truck never missed a beat!!!

If Nissan plans to continue building the Titan, they need to make a few changes. Might I suggest:
1. V-6 engine
2. Manual transmission
3. Standard Short wheelbase/bed model
4. Regular cab. Not everybody wants an extended cab truck.
5. Lower the base price

imoore -

1) V6 would be a good idea if they get the numbers a bit better than the current V8.

2) Manual tranny would be a losing proposition. The reason they didn't bring one to market in 2004 is because they were not big sellers. Ford also offers no manual in the F150.

3) They currently offer short and long wheelbase models with shorter and longer beds.

4) No one buys regular cabs except for stripped fleet vehicles. I did a random survey the other day for a few miles. I counted 10 crew cab and extended cab models for every 1 regular cab.

5) The current base price is not all that high when you look at what you are getting. The cheapest model in the lineup has the same V8 as the most expensive model and an extended cab. My 05 SE CC cost less than a comperable F150 out the door.

Nissan set unrealistic sales goals in 2004, but has come out and stated their intent was not to outsell any of the Big 3 or Toyota, but to fill out their product line up. Aside from the engine, the chassis design is shared with all Nissan's trucks and SUV's so there was little R&D cost to recover.

Haha, what a tragedy - they've just thought, they could copy a Dodge Ram chassis and compete with a reliable, solid truck/van? That isn't OK!

More people looks and ask about my Titan than they ever did with the dodge or chevy,Thihs was nissans first truck and was better than any of the big 3 or junk 3!! thats why nissan help dodge with there new Ram and thats why chevy has copied all kinds of things from them,I have 211970 miles on my titan with very few problem at all.The junk 3 have been building full size trucks fo years and still can't get it right.

Not many titans on teh road. Not necessary to call the big 3 the junk three. Sounds like you are a bitter human being. I am guessing you are a libtard.

I've had my Titan for about 18 months now, and I still love it. Some may not care for the unique look, but I find most really like it. I thought it was a very clever throw-back to the original Hardbody. I get a lot of compliments from other truck owners and even some offers for a trade! It's nice to walk out to a crowded parking lot and be able to easily identify my own vehicle.

I think people need to stop and remember that this truck revolutionized the truck market. You now see elements of all the innovations of the 2004 Titan on all the other trucks now. The big 3 are building the best trucks they ever have because of the stiff foreign competiton like the Titan. Because of it, the F-150 is probably going to be my replacement for the Titan in a few years.

I just wish they would also pick up on the spray-in bedliner idea and that if you make your truck 500lbs lighter, you can get a 3/4ton rating and flog a 380HP hemi with only 320 horses. I also wish they could make them as fun to drive as the Titan. As a race car driver, the I've found the Titan to the most responsive pickup out there - it seems to have inherited a little DNA from the Z cars.

I was very disappointed when I first heard the Titan was going to become a Ram, so I'm extremely happy this is no longer the case. I just hope that Nissan stays committed to improving the Titan through the years - if so, it will be as solid a truck as any. My biggest gripe of the Titan (being a car guy) is the fuel economy. It's worse than the American trucks, and there is no diesel option. A small 4.5L diesel would do wonders for this truck (or any 1/2ton truck). I think the American public first need to realize that diesels are now quiet, clean and - as long as we don't let the EPA clowns put their strangle hold on diesel emissions - they would allow pickup trucks to get fantastic fuel economy rivaling most passenger cars.

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