By The Numbers: 2010 Ford F-150

By The Numbers: 2010 Ford F-150

Is there a half-ton-truck manufacturer today that does a better job segmenting and addressing the needs of virtually every truck shopper than Ford? Consider the following facts and figures about the 2010 Ford F-150:

  • Number of drivetrains: Three
    Two-wheel, four-wheel, all-wheel
  • Number of V-8 engines: Four
    4.6-liter two-valve, 4.6-liter three-valve, 5.4-liter three-valve, 6.2-liter two-valve
  • Number of rear axle ratios: Five
    3.15, 3.31, 3.55, 3.73, 4.10
  • Number of seat materials: Seven
    Vinyl, cloth, premium cloth, sport cloth, leather, sport leather, leather/cloth
  • Number of sideview mirrors: 10
  • Number of models: 10
    XL, STX, XLT, FX2, FX4, Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, SVT Raptor, Harley-Davidson
  • Number of tires: 11
  • Number of exterior colors: 13
    Oxford White, Tuxedo Black Metallic, Vermillion Red, Blue Flame Metallic, Ingot Silver Metallic, Sterling Grey Metallic, Dark Blue Metallic, Pueblo Gold Metallic, Red Candy Metallic, Royal Red Metallic, White Platinum Metallic, Lava Metallic, Molten Orange Metallic
  • Number of wheels: 16


Ford better not get rid of the flareside, its a classic. every Ford man, do what i did, call the company and or dealer and tell them not to get rid of the flareside.

A perfect example of exactly what is wrong with the American auto industry. You call it "catering to the public", I call it needless excess. Just like our culture, for the most part. Too many flavors. Too much overhead. Too much b*llshit.

Typically, whenever you look at a European or Japanese model, you have three or four choices in trim. Basic. Mid-Level. Premium. That's it. There's no set of 8 trims, each with its own list of 5 options for every component to create endless confusion for the buyer and relentless overhead for the manufacturer/dealer. Simple for each.

I'll probably get flamed for this opinion, but I just think it allies with common sense. Don't you agree? Wouldn't Ford?

T - I understand what you are saying in terms of cutting down options, streamlining costs and models, and reducing overhead ... but the reason the F150 is so popular, in my opinion,is its absurd amount of options. It allows Ford too hit nearly every possible market, including the niche market.

Niche markets are profit makers. People who are unwilling to compromise as to what they want out of a product are always willing to pay more to get it. That means less incentives and discounts, and more profits.

flaresides are junk - lose them!

i agree with T... cut out all the BS, keep the models SIMPLE!!!!

Trucks should be basic, strong, and functional. (Think regular cab 4x4s with powerful engines!)

I agree with "T"... and really when you boil down all of Ford's options, it's tough to get that perfect truck. And, basically from the FX4 on up, it appears to be mostly about bling. How about a "core" off road package?

10 trims each with dozens of potential configurations is inefficient for Ford and confusing for the buyer.

The import model where getting an $800 stereo upgrade means a $5000 trim upgrade and then a $5000 options bundle, $7000 of which you don't want, is a simple and easily understood ripoff.

Most all those models are mainly just trim,seats,tires,wheels,stickers.....the basic truck doesnt change,so its not that big of an expense to gild the lilly a little,and make the customer pay plenty for it.

Now the other train of thought is to go the Iacocca/Chrysler "America" route (Omni America,Aries America,Shadow America)....limit the options to a couple groups,only off a small number of colors,add a small amount of standard equipment,and dont allow stand alone options.This makes assembling the cars cheaper with less inventory,and assembly line changes.This brings the pricing WAY down.1987 Omni $5995,1988 Aries $6995.1991 Shadow $8995.

"T" is correct. This is ridiculous.

Ten (10) sideview mirrors??? Are you kidding?

Seat material could be retrofitted at the dealer level. So could wheels and tires.

I notice the picture of the F-150 it has a tail pipe on driverside?? Does it have Dual Pipes? Probably not!!! Still going to wait for the 2012 F-150 with 5.0 Coyote...Or maybe I should just upset my Friends and go get a Dodge Ram 2010... LOL

More choice is better. I want more choice, not less choice. I want heavy duty payload on all cab configurations, 8' beds optional on Lariats, a better 7 lug wheel, nav in the XLT, etc. It was not confusing at all when I ordered my truck and the 2009 has much less combinations than they did in 2005. Ford reduced order combinations by more than 50% from last year. It sounds like the other guys just have sour grapes because like Mike Levine asked does anyone do a better job segmenting and addressing the needs of virtually every truck shopper than Ford? No. And that is why Ford is #1. Name the Euro or Jap pickup truck that can compete with the F-series. You can't.

How does it reduce overhead by requiring a buyer to get a sunroof when they want leather? What's wrong with a little choice? Is it that hard to look at the list of options and decide which ones you want and which ones you don't?

Sounds like another excuse for the domestic haters to find fault to justify their choice. Too many choices id bad for those that think they must be told what they can have.

@ Glen... The intersting thing is while you agreed with T's point on the excessive amount of options and stated anything abvoe the FX4 was all bling. The specialized core off road package Ford created was listed above the FX4: the SVT Raptor. The irony of it all is that its a truck with its own set of unique options.


The problem isn't the number of options - the problem is that you can't get the ones you want.

If you have used Ford's "Build Your Own" option on their website, you find out very quickly that you can only build THEIR own. You have a few upgrades available within their pre-built packages, but a lot is simply not available, OR it's available but will require 'sub-packages' (Enhanced Performance Group) that cost thousands of $$s and wind up adding other things you may or may not want (for me, it's almost always "not").

Ford isn't to be singled out here, per se, as every car manufacturer does this to some extent. But it rankles me more with Ford because I like their products. I'd love to own an F-150. But the last visual 're-fresh' has uglified them to such a degree that optioning it out to my own specs would be the only way I'd take the plunge. Since that's not possible ...

6.2L V8? I must of missed this update! Good to see Ford is finally putting some muscle in that F-150 to tow those 11,000lbs loads.

All these options are locked into the trim packages which makes it impossible to ever order a truck with the options or colors you want.


This article is very misleading.

@Aaron The Raptor is awesome, but it's an "extreme" off road package (not "core"). The FX4, on the other hand, is basically skid plates, lockers, shocks and tires... BUT they force you into a black interior (most with leather), and the shiny black center console - pretty, but not functional. The black interior shows every sand pebble or chunk of mud as soon as you get in the sticks. I'd rather see an off road package with rubber floor covering, those lockers, skid plates, tires, brown or grey interior, shocks, etc. Really the only way to get it is to get an XLT, or lower and do it up yourself. Just seems like a wast to have 6 out of 10 models lean towards the bling.

As stang-owner said, "the problem is you can't the options you want".... and my point, when you get the options you DO want, they force you towards the bling models.... just my 2 cents.

Where is the article misleading? Of trims are supposed to have different options and colors. That's the whole point.

10 side view mirrors? hows that work?

To RLM Aug 3, 2009 5:25:23 PM
I believe the truck's original position was its passenger side but they photoshopped and mirrored the pic and revised the logos to make it look like the driver side. Generally the tail pipe is on the passenger side, however it can have aftermarket dual pipes.

I remember reading a study where if people were given a shopping list that included lots of things and one of the things was "baked beans." The different participants would have different numbers of options when they got to the baked beans shelf. When the researchers increased the number of options too greatly (25 or so different kind of baked beans) people's MOST COMMON result was to leave the store with no baked beans at all. This gazillion of truck options reminds me of the same thing. Very few people are ever presented with the complete run-down of all their options. The pick a truck on the lot that they like. I'm sure if the salesman set them down and went through the entire list of all the options available to the buyer it would simply be overload and they'd walk.

1. As mentioned - offer a core off-road model on the lots, at the dealers - ready to buy!
2. Do not kill the flareside. It gives Ford another advantage and is a nod to the original pick-ups. It is just cool.
3. Make it easier to build one with what you want.
4. Offer more trucks on the lots that are about understated cool with the right wheels - not so many that are about bling. There should be more that are about being trucks, yet still have a cool factor.
These things would appeal to a large market that looks away from buying too much of the wrong kind of truck.

Personally, I like having options. However, I hate it when automakers group everything into expensive packages and trim levels. I shouldn't have to get leather to get navigation.
The one really nice thing about trucks is that you used to be able to configure them pretty much exactly how you wanted them. Sure, you had a lot of options, but it wasn't that hard to figure out:

First you picked the cab (two door or four door).

Then you picked the body (6/8' slabside or 6/8' flareside)

Then you pick the drivetrain (4x4 or 4x2, which engine, and which rear)

Then you chose automatic or manual.

Then, you chose cloth bench/buckets or leather bench/buckets.

Finally, you chose the color you wanted and which ammenities you wanted, which was basically limited to; Radio, Yes or No. Air Conditioning, Yes or No. Carpet on the floor, Yes or No.

Again, while it was a lot of options, it was pretty simple. I'm more confused today just trying to figure out the differences between XL, XLT, STX, FX4, Lariet, whatever.


Cars are the same way, way too many weird layouts for options. It would make me so happy to see the "Build and Price" page for a car just like this:

Which color?

Powerful engine (Say V6) or Fuel efficient engine (Say I4)?

Automatic or Manual?

Cloth or Leather?

Then, finally, Yes or No on things like: Sunroof, Air Conditioning, Navigation/High end Audio, Heated Seats, HIDs, Cruise Control, whatever. None of this overcomplicated package or trim level B.S.

FORD - Are you listening???
Because if you did and took up many of these ideas I think you could kick much more butt than you do now. Much more. Don't let another maker beat you to it.

Ford,,, great trucks, and some want to gripe about too many options??? You're spending 30 to 50k?? What's wrong with choices?? Men gripe about more than that when "thinking" they've picked the "right" woman!! I bought one today, a 2010 f150 Platinum, 5.4. I love the truck,, glad to have the options to pick that I wanted. If you can't afford one, stick to your Toyota Tacoma with "three packages".

Isn't it rhetorical to complain that you have too many choices??? Pick what you want and roll, if it's out of your budget, stick to a Government Motors Colorado, or an Isuzu. Since when do people not like choices and options that are designed to fit everyone's needs??? This forum is a joke.

Not everyone can afford "choices" and have to stick with what they can get, what they get financed on. Are you ignorant idiots pissed off when you go to the produce section of the grocery store and you can pick any vegtable that you can think of?? If so, you're the reason they have the bagged salad for 3.99,,, leave the decision makers and the economy supporters alone.

I haven't seen one "post" in here yet from anyone that should manipulate the decision making of Ford Motor Company,, the last "American" company to not beg for taxpayer bailout and to provide any imaginable option availible to any qualified buyer. I suppose that "qualified buyer" is more applicalble than those that wish and dream.

Go get your Hyundais, I've heard they now have two models that fit most budgets. Some come with mirrors and many have radios. Your thirteen tires will be cheaper than my eighteens. Pay your bills, keep up your credit, and you can play with the big boys. See you at the red light..........

The problem isn't choices, the problem is that you can't actually find what you want. Need a work truck but don't think you need a 3/4 ton? Just try to find a 5.4L, regular cab, long bed ... you'll have to order it, because its not gonna be on a lot anywhere. Don't worry though, they'll be happy to sell you a 5.4L crew cab with a short bed and an extra 10k worth of options though, that'll be the only 5.4L F-150 they'll have on the lot...

T your smoking crack. I was stationed overseas for many years. My wife purchased a BMW and that foreign crap had a 15 page "Options" booklet to choose from. Rain sensors, heated steering wheel, ect. We moved back to the good old US 3 months ago and yesterday I bought the 2010 F 150 FX4 Crew Cab, funny thing, I had no problem navigating the availible options. Love the truck and love the choices, sounds like we nee to export some folks to Russia. Take Obama Motors with ya

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