Chrysler Receives $70 Million DOE Grant to Produce Electric Pickup Trucks and Minivans

Chrysler Receives $70 Million DOE Grant

The U.S. Department of Energy has announced the recipients of $2.4 billion in advanced battery and electric-drive funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, including $70 million for Chrysler to build 220 plug-in hybrid pickup trucks and minivans.

More than 250 companies applied to join the program, seeking about $9.6 billion total in research aid, before the final winners and funding amounts were announced. The projects are expected to accelerate the design, development and production of electric batteries and drive components to help the U.S. become a leader in next-generation vehicles.

"If we want to reduce our dependence on oil, put Americans back to work and reassert our manufacturing sector as one of the greatest in the world, we must produce the advanced, efficient vehicles of the future," said President Barack Obama.

GM, Chrysler and Ford will receive a total of more than $400 million to manufacture thousands of advanced hybrid and electric vehicles to demonstrate and validate their use across a variety of applications.

The 220 trucks Chrysler is expected to build will be distributed among 11 fleets nationwide, at a research cost of about $318,000 per vehicle.


I think a hybrid or plug in electric minivan is an excellent idea. A useable larger vehicle for families that can save money by consuming very little fuel will attract a lot of customers. Its really important though that they keep the price down. $40 grand plus will not attract the demographic that will want to buy a vehicle like this.

And what happens after electric cars fall on their face, similar to E85?

One hint, the debt incurred belongs to all americans...

Amazing that people voted to have their tax dollars poured into "big business"!!!

wow im barely 16 and i already feel the pain of taxes...and it just got worse...

Welcome to the group Jake, get used to paying taxes, because there are going to be a lot more after we get done with 4 years of ObamaMainia!

Obama is a great president. Plenty of taxes, less freedoms, and more debt per each (working) American. What more could anyone ask for?

Keep the complaing about the government to sites that want to hear that kind of stuff.

This is a sight about pickups, lets keep the posting about pickups.

As for the batter technology, I think it is great. Less fuel burnt is less oil we have to import.

I'm 18 1/2 years old.

Will I ever have a good life in America? The taxes go to the horrible companies that I don't work for.

I'll go buy a Honda or Toyota. Yea. I don't pay taxes to the Japanese.

The problem with electric powered vehicles, is the belief of a zero emission car. Take a step back and think of where that electricity comes from. For most americans it's from coal burning power plants.

I'm a big supporter on the development of new technology but when it's politically driven the intentions are purely for image and not practicality. I don't think that coal powered cars will save the world in 2010.

Clean coal will. Mine, baby, mine.

Drill here, drill now, pay less.

Palin Romney 2012.

I like T bone Pickens plan, switch all the big rigs and commercail vehicles over to natural gas, that will free up more crude for cars and light trucks and bring down the price.

@ccccc5: I live in Poland (central-eastern Europe) and noticed, that some of You are really complaining about CAR LIFE in USA, just visit us...streets in poor condition, quite no highways, mostly very small boring, underpowered and still expensive cars, and now the best: average gas price is 5,85$/gallon by average salary 862$/month (!). Yes, we also have US cars lovers here... Any more questions? :)

@ ARON, Actually I do have questions. Now I will admit I am ignorant on the infrastructure in other countries as I have never left the states.

My question to you then I guess is how far is your commute to work? What do you have in regards to public transportation?

Here in the states most people commute a decent distance to work every day. I personally drive over 1000 miles a month easy. What is it like there?

Don't get me wrong, gas prices over there suck. Oil companies and countries make way too much money on us. Look at Dubai, they can afford to build resort beaches that have Air Conditioners under them so your little footsies don't burn.

My last post was bit ironic, but honest, even that, notice, that I wrote only about the car life here, nothing more. If you want to see tragically road conditions, go farther east - Russia etc. ( Our roads are excellent in comparison with their!:D
OK, to Your question jrod82: people here commute to work mostly with their cars (in bigger cities could also use local buses/train or tram), and the distances are really different - my is short - about 5 kilometers, which i get with an old MB 190 D from '80s as a work car, whose worst mileage is 33,6 mpg (I know, I know... :), so it's a piece of cake compared with Your 1000 miles! For example 100 kilometers (= 62 miles - one way) commuting to work here in Poland would be for most people big enough to look for a better job...

We don't pay Taxes on Honda or any of the Foreign cars, But Japan tax our Automobile so that why U.S. is losing there money...That the down Fault here in U.S.!!!! The Big Rig is makin all the money and Stealin from under your Nose... LOL

I don't think electric trucks or changing to making microwaves will stop Chrysler's slow slide into oblivion.
Prepare to see "Chrysler the Museum".

I like the 2010 Ram 1500. What I would like to see in the near future though:

1 - small block diesel coupled with the Raser Technologies generator and battery packs.
No need for a transmission, cool.

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