First Look: 2010 Lincoln Mark LT Is For Mexico Only


Say ¡Hola! to the new 2010 Lincoln Mark LT that we first spied back in March. Lackluster sales led to the removal of the Mark LT from Lincoln's U.S. lineup in 2008 but it was a relative success in Mexico, so the decision was made to continue production of the high-end hauler for Mexican truck buyers willing to pay a premium for the Lincoln logo.

"The Lincoln Mark LT has been Lincoln's best-selling vehicle in Mexico," Lincoln spokesperson Mark Schirmer told "The Mark LT has sold almost 6,000 units in Mexico since its launch in 2005. In the U.S., the Mark LT only accounted for around 5% of total sales on average."

Lincoln also sells the MKZ, MKS, MKX and Navigator in Mexico.

Other than the Mark LT's huge double-waterfall grille and Lincoln star badges, U.S. buyer's aren't missing out on much. The Mexican truck's American counterpart is the luxurious new 2009-10 Ford F-150 Platinum Edition.

2010 Lincoln Mark LT

"In the US, we decided to stretch the F-150 nameplate and drop the Lincoln version," said Schirmer. "Lincoln's emphasis [in the U.S.] is now focused on our cars and crossovers, like the MKZ and all-new MKT."

The Ford F-150 is also sold in Mexico (where it's called the Lobo, Spanish for 'Wolf') but the Platinum trim package isn't available. The Mark LT is the premium Ford pickup South of the Border.

Power is provided by the Lobo's 5.4-liter V-8 that's rated at 310 horsepower and 365 pounds-feet of torque. The Mark LT can tow up to 10,000 pounds and haul up to 1,695 pounds. Buyers can choose a 5.5-foot or 6.5-foot cargo box. The interior offers rich leather seats and ambient lighting in the cupholders and footwells plus many other fancy features, like the Sync infotainment system and Sony audio. Safety features include Ford's front and side airbags, a reinforced roof and electronic stability control with rollover mitigation.

The 2010 Lincoln Mark LT is manufactured at Ford's Dearborn Truck Plant in Michigan. It goes on sale in Mexico later this month. Pricing hasn't been announced.

2010 Lincoln Mark LT


That ugly P.O.S. needs to stay in mexico!!!!!

That ugly P.O.S. needs to stay in mexico!!!!!

terrible grill. otherwise, that's one fine looking truck. however, this story makes me more interested in the Lobo. How cool would it be to say you drive the Ford "Wolf". hehe. I have to admit, I actually misread 'lobo' and thought it said 'loco'. That would be even better.

Curious, that interior pic looks like those cupholders light up. That's pretty cool. Is that available on Platinum F-150??

I like it. I would like to own a Lincoln vehicle some day. The LT suites its purpose for Mexico. Stop hating, haters.

@Daniel: Yes, ambient lighting in the cupholders and footwells is new for the 2010 Platinum F-150 and also the Harley-Davidson edition.


The front end of present F150 is awful, bud Mark LT's is just a tragedy! Why they're going to sell it only in Mexico - is the mexican market really appropriate for this luxury truck?

@ARON: as the story says, the Mark LT is the best selling Lincoln car or truck in Mexico.

@Brad, really? He could drive a Chevy, Ford, Toy, Nissan, etc.. Let me guess, you're a Ford Fanboi?

Hey I have a 97 F-150 and I would agree with David that the Mark LT is an ugly truck. I've never liked any of the previous Lincoln trucks. Might look a little better if they didn't have the front bumper pads on it. Heck the 09 F-150 is an ugly truck as well. I like the 04-08 Style much better but thats just me.

But hey, to each their own!

Makes you wonder if "Mexican market" means the druggies.

Sorry Mike Levine, I've just couldn't believe it, that Mexican market could be so good to this pseudo-Ford-truck... But, true, I don't know what's life up there, so it's my fault! :)

Hey Mike Levine, Any news on when the 5.0 coyote will be out and also what about the Nissan Titan make over on Dodge Chassic? Thanks...

Drug kingpins will need a sexy heavy hauler to bring those drugs to the US borders!
There you go! Ford wins again!

Hey Brad go to this web site and go in the search box and type LETHAL WEAPON and you will see what kind of truck i drive

Lincoln mark lt's running the drugs over the border and the svt raptors trying to stop em personally i love the new f150s and i never liked the mark lt's look but this is the best one yet its kinda growing on me not that id every buy one (even if i could) lol

I don't like Lincoln's new grill on any of its cars its just fugly to me especially on this truck.

well even tho im a ford/lincoln fan im not complaining on the mark lt having the same body as the f-150, remember competitor escalade ext has the same body as the chevy avalanche. I am dissapointed on the 2010 mark lt tho cuz they should of added more features that would of made it stand out. it looks exactly like the 09 platinum. same rims, interior, rear headlights, chrome/lettering as the 08 mark lt, etc. not impressed ford.

Keep in mind this is for Mexico only, I don't beleive they offer the platinum edition F-150 thier anyway so instead of the Platinum Ford they get the Lincoln version of it.

C´mon dont mess whit México, the original truck (f150) was designed by americans for the american people, but here in México we pay a lot more for the same cars and trucks than in the US, because we have to pay special taxes, like 15% IVA, 2%ISAN, tenencia, etc.; so the price of a top of the line F150 Platinum in México could have a premium price, the mexican Ford decides to put a Lincoln logo, and a horrible grille (that pretends to be like the lincoln MKT) and continues whit the Mark LT.
the lincoln brand like the cadillac brand whit the Escalade EXT (Formely assembled at Silao Guanajuato México) are in some way "distinctive vehicles" in Mexico, because like the lincoln limmousinne town car back in the 90 it gives to you the prestige of the only premium cars in the country in that decade, so the tradition continues, but now we have other premium brands, but the "premium" trucks continue to be a cadillac or a lincoln.
The history of the name "LOBO" for the F150 begines whit the 1992 f150 because the front grille and headlights whit a lot of imagination looks like a wolf, so the people calls the truck "lobo" (like the chevy silverado crew cab lt that we call it "Cheyene" for the 1991 top of the line mexican chevy 1500).
Currently The Policía Federal (federal police) patrol are a f150 crew cab 4x4 and it becomes like in the US ford crown victoria the official anti-crime potrol.
Here in Mexico we produce the dodge Ram 1500 and 2500 at the Saltillo Coahuila assembly plant(and possible the Nissan Titan); at the Silao Assembly plant in Guanajuato Mexico the Chevy Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 Crew cabs (formely assembly the Suburban, yukon xl, Escalade ESV and EXT), and at the Tijuana assembly plant the Toyota tacoma for the american market

I assure you that the real American customer, who pays no selfish critics who refuse to do good things for other countries will recognize the Vellez of this model and I'm 100% sure they will ask for the U.S..

The older model looks a lot more classy. I hope changes are made before the new model is offered in the US.

Yep, the only Mexicans in Mexico that will be able to afford the Lincoln Mark LT PickUp Truck will be those Drug Lords of those Border Drug Cartels. With all of their illegal drug money, they will be cruising the streets and alleys and doing their drive-by shootings on innocent civilians and Mexican Police Officers in Style !

it anger's me ar the remarks made about the mexician peopilmost of the peopil are poor but honost and don't deserve the dis respect that you all seem to have and neather does ford co they have a real classy truck and i wish that they were still made fore sale here and that i had one

I just recently bought this Mark Lt and its the best truck i have ever had it was close to 60k.. It is well worth the price i love the chocolate leather navigation system and wow its only available in MEXICO what a great deal... I had to buy this truck since everyone drives F150 or lobo or a Doge Ram i had to be differet ppl go out and but this truck its amazing u will love it




I like the mark lt, alot of the new ford f-150 trucks in my opinion are ugly i hate the little dip on the tail gate and the lettering logo looks like a child's sticker the mark lt regardless of were its intended for is rare here and makes it that much more luxury!

I have one of those, and i´m an arquitect, you should come one day and stop being so ignorant.

Stop being so ignorant you haters for mexico. You hate cause you know mexico is a beautiful country you think everyone in mexico is poor, dont be an idiot we have doctors lawyers architects etc. who can afford even to buy two lincoln trucks. Just check this out the richest man in the world now is from mexico he owns telmex. Ja,ja

hey u haters u wish u could have a truck like this or even afford one!

It really is a win for ford mexico, and that the Yankees decided to discontinue in 2008, and brings the best additions that f150 platinum, (dvd, beverage coolers) in addition brings GPS locator and immobilizer so the traffickers do not use, they using the Avalanche, Escalade and Suburbans. Only thing bad is the engine and drivetrain weaker the market, I recommend waiting until the end of 2010, as they will be using the new Triton 404 hp 6.4 liters being built at the Ford plant in Chihuahua City Mexico, which are also producing the new Power Stroke diesel 6.7 liters of heavy duty 2011. By year's end, only the Mark LT get started using the new 6.4 lts triton late 2011 and the full range of the f150, so in Mexico will have the scoop on this engine rather than the gringos.

I agree haven"t warmed up to the latest mexican bound Mark LT. However, the previous Mark Lt is totally a different story. I recently purchased an 08 Lt and this truck is amazing. In a vast sea of F150's, this truck really stands out and turns every head i pass. Incredible truck!

Why ?



Love it. Own one in the past. Now drive a 2009 F-150 King Ranch. Love it too. But Love the Mark Lt best. I will love to have one of the 2010. The truck drove great, love traveling in it, very comfortable, turned a lot heads. How can I get a 2010 Lincoln? I think it can do well in the U.S. if you bring down the price. Try it and see. If you bring down the price offer lower interest rates, trust me, the trucks will sale. Everyone I come in contact with love my trucks. I can make this trucks sale here in the South, if I can afford another one. So please tell me how I can get a 2010 Lincoln Mark Lt. If you want a vehicle to sale, put a woman behind the wheel. Bring my truck back to the U.S. I got to have one.

Will they offer the new 6.7L Turbo Diesel Engine in the Lincoln?

Primero que nada como estan procedo alo siguiente,pero la camioneta por que la tienen en venta solo en mexico,yo soy dueño de una lincoln aviator y pues si me gustaeia tener una de camioneta como esa pero lastima que no la vendan en mexico y no en estados unidos gracias por hacerme grato de el..

I was on the phone for 1 hour with Ford. They informed me that the 2010 Mark LT is manufactured in Detroit, however the only way for an American to purchase one is to call a Mexican Dealership, buy it there and to pay to have it shipped right back here. Really? I refuse to purchase a vehicle made in the USA when it drives right by me to go to Mexico! Ford has lost a 20 year customer forever.

when we see a Mexican with a nice truck we say "what a truck" when we see people in the U.S with a new truck we dont envy his payment"

I've seen a lot of these trucks speeding in south San Diego with about 10 illegals riding in the back.

I disagree with all these ignorant people stating that only drug lords can afford this lincoln truck in Mexico. There are many well educated citizens in mexico that can purchase these expensive trucks. Mexico has wealthy people and one of the richest person that surpasses bill gate and your dearest oprah is from Mexico. So don't assume something that you don't know. Ford knows that Mexico is great place to sell a high dollar vehicle where mexicans can appreciate it's luxury. To bad it's not sold in the us.

i use to be a dedicated lincoln owner. i have owned 7 lincolns in the past 10 years. i now own a 2006 lincoln mark lt and a 2004 lincoln town car ultimate series. not dedicated any more since i heard about the 2010 mark lt and how its only sold in mexico. we americans should have been given the chance to buy this truck. after all, is ford not an american company? is it? lost the desire for any more fords. where has this country gone to. shame on you ford.

I own 2 Lincoln LT trucks. A 2007 and a 2008 long bed, 4x4. Love my trucks. I am very unhappy that FORD did not make these new years available to US buyers. FORD PLATIUM is not the same vehicle in my opinion.

I ordered my 07 Mark lt in Sept.06 I picked it up on Oct.31...I have had many new Ford f-150s ....This is by far the best truck ever.

You're wrong Brad...probably drives a Yugo or Datsun.

For the haters, in Mexico they build all ford vehicles and bring them to the US. Those hating on Ford probably own a old Chevy with the paint coming off. And the haters probably drive a dodge and are jealous of Ford making better trucks.

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