Ford Increasing Truck Production To Meet Demand

Ford Increasing Truck Production To Meet Demand
By Stephen Markley

According to our colleagues at, despite faltering SUV and truck sales earlier this year, Ford is planning to increase production at two of its plants to meet demand for the F-150 pickup truck and the Escape SUV. Both models are expected to see their highest sales numbers of the year when August sales are tallied.

The F-Series trucks will have its first year-on-year sales increase since October 2006, and the Escape will come close to matching its own sales record. Ford, however, seems to be well aware that August numbers will be wildly inflated by the federal government’s Cash for Clunkers program, and it’s ordering only minor production boosts that take into account the vehicles’ pre-Clunkers sales rates.

The move will send 2,800 employees back to work full time at Dearborn, Mich.’s F-150 plant to build 10,000 more units through the end of the year. The Kansas City, Mo., plant will add a third shift to make 2,400 Escapes and Mercury Mariners by the year’s end.


way to go ford, its about time we see job increases instead of layoffs

I'm wondering if Ford is going to let Mahindra piss on them? Ford could have put a in-line four in the F150 2wheel drive. The ranger may have been an even better choice. Would have been a great hit in the suburbs. For the rest of us the 4.4 diesel that was/is going into the Range Rovers. Make it a crewcab 4x4 with optional 8ft bed and walla. America's new favorite work truck. Every fleet will buy them. Instead, you cut back, lay off people and let the Indians eat your lunch. What is going on in corporate? Too much imbreeding? Sounds like Ford wants to get in a race to the bottom with Chrysler/dodge.

Ford is doing just fine. Anyone who really wants that Indian truck or thinks it will amount to anything is a fool. That's all I have to say.

Ford the only trucks that lasted 20 years with out changing trannys. Ford rock this just means people need a real work truck, ford need to supply a lifetime or 20 year drive train warranty to meet and increase demand!

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