Ford Would Consider Selling New 6.7-Liter V-8 Diesel To Other Manufacturers

Ford Would Consider Selling New 6.7-Liter V-8 Diesel To Other Manufacturers

Ford's innovative new 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 turbocharged diesel (please see our detailed first look) will debut under the hood of 2011 model year F-Series Super Duty pickups but the motor might eventually find its way into the engine bays of non-Ford trucks too.

Adam Gryglak, lead engineer for the 6.7-liter Power Stroke, told journalists at a preview of the engine that Ford could build the engine for third parties, if there's interest.

"We’d consider selling this [engine] to other manufacturers," said Gryglak.

The 6.7-liter diesel has been in development for more than three years but during that time demand for big trucks has declined steeply since the start of the U.S. housing bust, a spike in fuel prices in 2007-08 and through the ongoing recession.

Unlike previous Ford F-Series Super Duty diesel engines, that were developed during a 30-year partnership with contract diesel engine manufacturer Navistar, the 6.7-liter was designed and engineered entirely within Ford and will be built at a Ford plant in Chihuahua, Mexico.

The back portion of the engine, where the transmission is attached to the motor, follows an industry standard SAE 12-bolt pattern that could be used to join the 6.7-liter PSD with an independently supplied gearbox.

Company execs won't discuss the engine's production targets but they are now likely below what they were when work on the engine program began. Selling the engine to other truck manufacturers could help Ford recoup and profit from its investment faster.


Way to go Ford, the engine is made in Mexico.
At least GM's Duramax is made the good ol' USA.
Even if GM needed a tax payer loan to get rid of
the poor management, i'll never own a mexican Ford!!!

@madmax: I'll assume that you're not aware that GM builds some Silverado and Sierra pickups at its factory in Silao, Mexico.

I agree with mike levine, madmax your ignorant, even dodge's trucks are built in mexico. Is that the scorpion motor that they keep talking about? Anyway i hope it works out for them remember what happen to gm when they tried to build their own diesel, it was a mess. If i didnt drive a tundra it would for sure be an f150, so i hope its a good motor for them, im rootin for Ford, especially cuz that raptor is so bad a**

Lets see a few thousand jobs in US or Mexico.
I know Fords answer, the Duramax is built in Moraine Ohio.
That employs US workers, wat to go GM!!!

I would agree that jobs in the U.S. are better but when you have union people making them your cost goes way up. We need to change the pay standards here if you want the big 3 to produce more in the states. I'm all for people making a living but there is no need for people to make 6 figures to put a car or truck together on an assembly line. I would imagine that I just signed my death wish on here now:(

Oh yea,
I hope the Scorpions sting isn't as bad as the 6.0 ltr.
Or as thirsty as the 6.4 ltr.

@Mike Levine:
Mike, you of all people (being the administrator of the site) should know the answer to madmax's point. His post never said anything about GM trucks being built in Mexico -- he was only comparing engines. The Duramax is built ONLY in Morraine at the DMAX LTD plant.

lol who cares about the engine being built in mexico i live in canada the raptor comeing out is starting at 50000 bucks in the usa 39000 i bought a hennssey camaro built in ontario canada sent down to sealy texas to have the supercharger and all the hennessy stuff put on the car is costing me 70000 bucks look at how much trucks cost more up in canada its crazy

If the engine only makes 360hp 750ft-lbs, what engine would it replace?
GM's 6.6 V8: 365hp 660ft-lbs
Cummins 6.7: 350hp, 650ft-lbs

My question to Ford would be: Is this engine capable of being used in heavier class trucks? If not, I don't know who would buy it.

That was always a problem with the powerstroke. It was fine for 1 ton pickups, but it simply wasn't strong enough for, say Class 7 applications. That's why you can get a Ford F750 with a Cummins 6.7L, but not with a powerstroke.

This story is funny , the next time I see a hot chick I will tell her I would consider a date with her if she asks me .

Fords rule, sound amazing fords are the kings, either way for had probs with the 6.0 and minor ones with the 6.4 this one will have none, it will just work more and more, fords diesels have always been the best seller either way, and there are lots of high mileage 6.0's out there. drive it like a ford.

to go along with whats been said fords didn't use the PSD in class 7's but were always rated to tow more then the other 2 in its class, the 7.3L is used in school buss dont forget, and ford diesls are the pulling low end torque king.

@madmax: I'll assume that you're not aware that GM builds some Silverado and Sierra pickups at its factory in Silao, Mexico.
Posted by: Mike Levine



Drudge Report is also reporting GM is forming a Chinese venture to make trucks in China and export the trucks under a GM name in the future.

It will be interesting to see if Ford finds any takers for this engine. Once the medium and heavy truck manufacturers was known for offering several diesel options from a variety of engine manufacturers, but the trend is towards proprietary (in-house) engines. Kenworth and Peterbilt are going with Cummins only, Volvo and Mack have their own engines, Freightliner and Western Star will soon only offer Detroit Diesel, International has their own (and possibly some co-developed with Caterpillar). Wonder who would be interested in the 6.7L?

I hope the ''scorpion version'' of the powerstroke will be durable like the ol' internationals considering they're going with aluminum heads which is almost unheard of in a diesel engine with hotter operating temps and high compression

Duramax is designed by izuzu which is japan so shut up dude.

Dosnot matter wear its built the powerstrok is a joke. any eng that dose not produce power intill 2500 rpm is totally usless in anything but marine application.

Jengel. I hope you're not a dura scrap fan cuz you say the powerstroke is a joke but i know a contractor with a silverado hd with a duramax and a superduty with a powerstroke and he traded his silverado in for another superduty diesel because the duramax couldn't handle a 20,000 lb load like the powerstroke did effortlessly

And in addition to jengel. That contractor is a dedicated gm fan. Explain that

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