How Quiet Is Ford's New 6.7-Liter Power Stroke V-8?

Bosch 3rd Gen Fuel System
The Bosch high pressure common rail fuel system for the 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 operates at up to 30,000 psi

We've told you the details of Ford's new 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8. Now, here's audio of how quiet it is.

The Bosch common-rail fuel system operates at up to 30,000 psi to send fuel to the engine’s 8 piezo injectors -- one per cylinder. Each injector nozzle has 8 holes and can deliver up to 5 injections per combustion cycle. Two pilot injections control noise levels, and a main injection is used for the power-generating combustion event. Two variable post injections are used to produce extra torque and for heating up emissions catalysts that scrub NOx and eliminate soot downstream from the engine. While cruising, only 3 or 4 injections will be needed.


What you hear at the start of the recording (about 5 seconds into the clip) is the engine firing only on the main injection event. The loud clatter makes it sound like an old 7.3-liter Power Stroke. A few seconds later the two new pilot injections are added. The result is something you have to hear to believe.


I know it's hard to tell from a recording, as - was the hood open? was the mic right next to the engine? was the mic volume cranked right up? But it sounds louder than the 6.4. But the hood may have been open with the mic right on top of it and the volume cranked right up. When you drive the 6.4, it barely sounds like a diesel. I like that. Is the 6.7 louder or quieter than the 6.4?

@Alex: There was no hood. Not even a body. It was recorded next to the engine in an anechoic chamber. It's very quiet and I think it will be even more so, once there's sheetmetal surrounding the motor.

Like a real rig... That's one of reasons why i don't like diesels in a passenger cars, but that's a big pickup truck and it fits, but here in EU we have a real problem - every second car is a diesel, and they're clatter noisy!

I think this tech is very cool and useful, but I prefer my diesel engines as loud as possible. That clatter that diesel engines make is on of the main reasons I like them. The louder the better IMHO!!! But, I can see not everyone would like an obnoxiously loud engine. NVH levels are not a factor at all when im buying a vehicle with a diesel engine. I always thought of diesels as loud, smelly, smokey monster with ridiculous amount of power, and THATS the way I like them :)

it better be loud like the 6.0 or 7.3

I am completely with Garrett on this one! I am still mad my 07 5.9 is not as loud as say a 2000 Cummins. Those ones were my favorite for sound anyway.

Still, it's a Ford. They think they can come up with a viable diesel in such a short time? And with aluminum heads? Give me a break. How long will it last? Remember what happened to GM? Cummins has made diesels as long as I can remember, and then some. I would rather stay with Cummins. Too bad Caterpiller got out of the highway diesel business. For those of us that actually work our diesel trucks, we need a tough engine, like the Cummins. I wouldn't trust the new Ford diesel with my business. Cummins = 6 cylinder= less moving parts. Proven.

Still, it's a Ford. They think they can come up with a viable diesel in such a short time?

It is a Ford. Ford has been building agricultural and industrial diesels for over 50 years.

Ford disel engines power the jag that gets 50mpg and has become the preferred small d engine in the UK. They already know how to make diesel engines and most Ford engines i have know have been over engineered to take a beating. I'll buy one of these right out of the box
Read all the way through this article and then say you don't think it will be reliable. I think Ford spent a ton of time and money on this to make sure they got it right. I think this engine is really going to shake things up. I'm just worried it will be too expensive. As far as noise, I agree with garret. i like it loud. What I love most are the power ratings. Ford always sucks when it comes to power, but did I hear 400 horsepower and 750 torque with Improved fuel economy? That's so much more than the 365/660 duramax (the new duramax will be better but probably not THAT much better) and 350/650 cummins. And I hear ford's new gas V8 will have atleast 400 HP and 400 Torque, which will also compete well or maybe outdo the other trucks. FoMoCo is really pulling their heads out finally. I love it.

Yeah, I agree with Garret. The louder the better. I love the ford diesels, especially the 7.3. I also have a F-350 V-10 and it has been extremely reliable with lots of power. Anyway, its all about rollin coal.

I can't wait untill this engine comes out sounds like a serious contender. Wish ford woul have never gotten rid of the 7.3.

My 7.3 F-350 with a long bed is still the envy of everybody who hears it. This new engine is the first engine i've read about that puts a squeeze on my wantin' gland. Nothing will ensure the future of this engine like commercial success. I hope they sell a ton of them.

If the govt smog regulations weren't so strict they wouldn't have to add such sophisticated EGR and all the other stuff that some of you feel unnecessary. I am sure Ford GM and Chrysler would have a lot less headaches if this were 1965, But is isn't. You are going to find most of all the same smog stuff on all the big three's diesel engines. As for the aluminum heads, most of the European and Asian diesels and GMs Durmax uses aluminum heads with great success for years. Can't wait to drive one with out the noisy corn binder diesel up front for a change.

Do you have to take the cab off to replace the fuel pump on the new 6.7 liter diesel in the 2011 F250?

if you want it to sound louder change the exhaust but its still one of the better trucks out ther it is true that they need to make a better chassie and body but still its the engine that matters to me

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