July 2009 Top 10 Year-to-Date Pickup Truck Sales

June 2009 Top 10 Truck Sales
Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales, Year-to-Date, July 2009

July 2009 Top 10 Truck Sales


Dodge continues to loose the least. Last month they made similair gains.

How did Tundra sales beat Ranger when they sold less?

@paul: It's ordered based on year-to-date sales. Month to month sales are shown for reference only, not ranking.

It's interesting to see the ancient Ranger beat up on the Tundra. I remember in 2007 when they were saying the Tundra would change it all and take over the F-150. lol.

ford is beating gm in total trucks sales. way to go ford

not a ranger guy really but kinda cool to see it makin a comeback when its redesign is so overdue. :D

gm sold more truck ,imagine if ford dont have a new model every body no gm always sell more pickup exepct ford people..

Ram lost the least sales % again, it has been that way all year, way to go 2009 Dodge Ram

That Titan is a joke.Nissan might as well get out of the pickup business entirely.Think what they are wasting on advertisement and development costs.I'm surprised Renault is letting it happen.

Since when is losing the least a gain? Ford, GM and Dodge all increased sales this month from last. The bottom line is the Ram will always sell the least with no end in sight.

Dean yet another bash on Dodge for no reason. The truth is Dodge has gained more market share then any other truck out there this year. Meaning the Dodge is having a more sucsessful launch.

Will Dodge ever out sell Ford or GM. No, but they have been closing the gap. Especially this year. Remember every Point of market share gained is a point taken from Ford or GM.

This is market share from adding up the Ram, Tundra, Sierra, Silverado, F-series, and Titan full size trucks and comparing 08 and 09 totals.

The actual truth is the Ram improved 2% in market share over last year.

F-series also improved 2% in market share from last year on top of the market share they gained last year.

Given that the Ram lost market share last year, one would expect the new Ram to do better.

Ford is selling almost double the amount Dodge is so I don't know how you can honestly say the Ram is more successful specially with the launch...it was one of the worst launches in recent times with several recalls already.

@dave: wtf r u talking about, what makes you think it was a bad launch, when I am pretty damn sure the new Ram won more awards than the new F-150. All new trucks r going to have recalls. The Ram has increased it's market share much more than Ford and thats a fact stated by pickuptrucks.com. Conclusion: The 2009 Ram is the better truck period. Just admit it and own it. All you Ford guys are just sore losers. From all my comments on here the only guys that backlash, make mindless arguments, and complain, are ford guys. Never here any whining or crying from chevy, toyota, or nissan guys.

Considering the Ford outsells the dodge almost 2 to 1, how can you say it's a better truck then Ford? That is subjective at the very least. If you go by the numbers then it seems the Ford had the better launch. Also, since you make the claim that Dodge has won more awards then Ford, please provide links to backup your statement.

wow....I understand the ford undoubtedly sells more than dodge, but thats not the point. My point is the new ram is the better truck because they both debuted at the same time and the new ram is gaining market share. To dumb it down for you...the new ram has obviously persuaded some truck buyers, presumably some from ford, that the new ram is the best new truck. Therefore the new ram has had the better launch.

Never thought I would see the day when Dodge would make it into the "Ford or Chevy? argument" lol. What the Dodge fellows are trying to say is... look BY the percentages of sales. Ford: -32.4%. Chevy: -32.8%. Dodge: -25% THUS it means its only selling 25% less than it did in the previous years. LOT less than the competition. with the exception of the Ranger at -25.8% which isn't even in the full size class.

I think that nissan has to do something about the frontier. They made a few changes, and think that this makes it fresh enough for selling it a few more years. They should make the 2.5 litre four cilinder with 4x4 like they used to do. And they should stop with the Titan or come up with something new instead of these minor changes. That really doesn't work anymore because ford, gm and dodge have better trucks. Nissan should rearm. If I had the money for a new truck, it would be a Ram, F150, Silverado or Sierra. Dodge gained some marketshare, but the complete market is getting much smaller, so I understand why some people think that dodge is closing the gap, but they are the first of the big three that would have to leave this segment because they are still 3rd. That's something that won't change that quick. I hope they can all survive because they are all nice trucks.

@neoncrazy: thank you.....finally some one gets it

@ chris: all i'm saying is give dodge some credit for making a successful truck in market in turmoil. They have gained market share. End of story. Thats all i'm saying.

@ RAMMAN: Yes, you're right. I hope they can continue with this. The new Ram is a great truck.

Mopar or no car! Coming from an obvious dodge fan, ford and chevy have alwayse sold more trucks. But this time just like in 94 they've hit the nail right on the head and when the new hd's come out i believe that they will see another jump in sales. All new trucks and cars will have their problems and recalls and to say one truck is better than the other is a never ending arguement. I grew up in dodges. While the "the new dodge" trucks (94-2001) have too many recals to list i must say one thing: I own a 98 ram 2500 4x4 and have never had any major problems with it. Currently 264,000 on the cummins. Awesome truck.

Another blunder with the Ram launch in addition to the recalls and poor quality was the poor crash test ratings. They still haven't put the side airbags in on the 2010. Shame on Dodge.

The Dodge Ram with standard side airbags received a Marginal rating. The Ram has standard head-protecting side curtain airbags, but it lacks torso airbags. Both side curtain and side torso airbags are standard on the F-150. Ram needs to step up their game and improve the side airbags to a good rating. GM is even worse with no bags at all and poor ratings.

It's sad to see what importance Dodge and GM put on safety and Dodge still has not added the torso bags for 2010.

Three Half-Ton Pickups Rated Poor or Marginal in Crash Tests:
"...The Dodge Ram with standard side airbags received a Marginal rating......it lacks torso airbags....the Silverado’s optional side airbags don’t improve its rating over models without them. "

Yet another idiotic reason that Furd owners bring up to make them think there truck is better then the world.

First it was build quality, that was a mith from the git go. Now that the 09s have come out, Dodges have put the rest of the feild behind them.

Then it was towing, which NO half ton should pull more then 7000 anyways. Now for 2010 Dodge has leveled that playing feild.

Now it is saftey, Dodge doesnt have "torso airbags." I work in law enforcement. I see fatal car accidentls quite regularly and normal accidents all the time. I have yet to see anybody driving a Pickup, of anykind, get seriously injured while getting "T-boned." It just doesn't happen with pickups making this a minor argument at best. To prove that this is an overrated argument. Why is it, in the late 90s when Ford was making a "truck" that A LOT of people were getting seriously injured when getting into accidents that Ford was still the #1 truck seller. It was NOT because of safty, it was becasue Ford owners follow ford BLINDLY and DO NOT take any allow any other thought of other trucks being far better then the F-150, which many are, enter there simple, little, scull.

Then I heard some uninformed argument about Furd outsells Dodge by 2 to 1, thus making it a better truck. That only PROVES that Furd guys follow a company blindly. All Furd guys do is regergitate marketing ploys that make them feel better for owing an OBVIOUSLY INFERIOR truck.

Why is that you can't get a Ford with a 330, 340, 350, 360, 370, 380, or 390 HP? Not to mention get 20 mpg Highway with it. You can a Dodge.

Why is it that you can't find a Ford can't build a truck that actually looks good? All reviews I have seen point out that the styling of the Ford ALWAYS comes in last when compaired to Dodge and GM.

The only fact I cannot argue about it recalls, yes Dodge has more, But Dodges redesign is a 75% redo. While Fords is more like a 25% redo. The 2009 F-150 looks, and performs exactly the same as the 2008. The only thing re-enginered was some of the interior and the front clip. They still use a lot of the same parts in the 09s as they do in the 08. The Dodge recalls are in effect from Dodge re-enginering more of the truck, they use less carry over parts from 08s and it is the new re-enginered parts that are causing the few recalls that they have had.

There is NO obvious advantage of owning a ford over a Dodge. There ARE obvious advantages of owning a Dodge over a ford PERIOD

What a idiotic comment in regards to DODGE being superior over the Ford. I don't think customer follow the brand bindly. It is the given reputation that it has. If we all like the same the world would suck. In my opinion, FORD makes the best truck of the three. DODGE well, it just plain SUX.

Toyota Tacoma sales were actually up July 09 compared to July 08 and still dominates their category overall!

Only the Tacoma and Ranger were up in sales for the month!

Don't kmnow about you guys, but if im buying a new truck to work with the last thing i care about are crash test ratings and mpg. The 8o model trucks were just as good and they didn't need any of the car like features to get the job done. And i do agree with the statement: no half ton should tow over 7000 lbs that what the hds are for! IE 2500

game over.....the ram is better than the ford. My big reason this time....look at the arguments "fordsux" and I (RAMMAN) post in response to these ford loving idiots. The latest example, look at Franks response to fordsux. End of story. Your towing argument is gone and now your trying to come at us with air bags.....seriously?!! give up already and admit the truth.

@ RAMMAN, i appreciate the way you type, your grammer, and your inability to provide sources to some of your claims. all that mixed with your arguments to the "ford guys" makes me really want to go out and buy a dodge. what a d-bag

how bout a red-blooded Texan who can recognize a good truck when he sees one.

I think anybody who does buy vehicles on reputation alone, is "following blindly."

ramman you douche do this every month, you tell everyone the dodge lost the least sales. You can't lose much if you have very little to lose you ignorant moron. Get your head out of your crappy rams rear and pay attention to details instead of just assuming you know everything. The f150 has won about 7 times more awards than the ram, just look it up. Then that fordsux guy, your a retard as well, if dodge redesigned it 75% and ford 25% thats sad cuz a almost completely new dodge vs a kinda new ford, and the ford is still better hahaha. Then you throw the low hp numbers in our face. Dodge has 390 hp while ford only has 310 but the ford can pull more. Whats up with that? Maybe get some of that magic spring dust again and maybe it'll make you smarter and stronger cuz you can't beat a redneck

Wow what a pissing match. The be all and the end all guys is that yeah the Dodge ram is a good truck, I will admit that. The F150 is a good truck too, they are targeting different markets at this point.

If you Dodge lovers want to fight how about the fact that the Dakota is no where to be found on this list? Toyota has both of its trucks on the list, GM has 3 trucks and hell even Nissan with their offerings managed to get both in the top ten. The part that kills me is the fact that the Ranger isn't just out selling the Dakota but it's absolutly smashing it. Hows that for a truck that hasn't seen a redesign in what feels like a half century even though it's only been 11 years.

Seriously though if it's an argument you want come with the numbers dont just say "and I'm pretty damn sure".

Trying to stay out of this since I don't own a Dodge truck (only Neons, Sebrings and a Grand Cherokee) but the most resently design of the Dakota is the most uglist truck I have ever seen, with the exception of the Lincoln Mark. That and anyone doing their research will see that the Dakota is going to be replaced I think in 2011? so with the fact that it is ugly and being discontinued could lead to it not selling well. Plus, IMO the Dakota that was once in the "league of its own" as the only true Mid-size truck, those days are gone. They are still the only midsize with the option for a V8 though but I think the Colorado(?) is even getting a V8 soon. I think. don't quote me on that though.

oh also, I've always been a fan of the Ranger design. Its kind of like the design of the old Cherokee's (84-01)

Hey jacob do the look up the awards yourself. Read and weep you ignorant ass.

You want to talk about towing performance. Look up edmunds towing results about a recent test. The dodge performed the best of them all. Read and Weep. You forget that ford did the exact same spring dust thing when the Tundra came out.

If the ford is still better with a 25% redesign why is it that my 08 Ram outperforms my buddies 09 F-150, pulling the same travel trailer, 0-60, 1/4 mile time, looks better, not to mention better fuel economy then the 310HP 5.4 trition(what a joke). His truck averages 15.3 mpg, my truck regularly gets 15.7mpg. Read that and weep as well, that is hard proof. Name one area where the Ford clearly out performs the Dodge.

As for the Dakota, there is a reason why it being out sold. Age and performance. They closed that gap a lot with the new 4.7, but it is hard to polish an almost 10 year old turd.
It does a lot of what most 1/2 ton trucks can do, just dosent match well with the rest of the segment anymore.

I was wondering what you think would look good on a 08 Ram?

wy ford advertized the best payload.and mrtruck tacking about ford payload,this is the worst truck to pull a trailer.wy they dont just said the true about this truck,this is not the best truck to pull preriod,,,wy drive a truck whit a big payload numbers .and keepour friend wating for you at the top up the hill...

Why does it show F-series? doesn't that number include F150, F250 and F350 sales. It would be a better comparison if they broke out F150 from the rest of F series line when it comes to sales figures. Once that is done you will probably see that both Chevy and Dodge beat Ford sales in the half ton market

Ford Owns, Tundra sucks, lets finish it off!

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