Marginal Changes to 2010 Honda Ridgeline

Marginal Changes to 2010 Honda Ridgeline

Honda is making only marginal changes to the unibody Ridgeline pickup for 2010 after last year's mid-lifecyle styling refresh (please see our 2009 Honda Ridgeline road test).

Three new exterior colors are available: Alabaster Silver Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl and Polished Metal Metallic. There are no new features or component changes.

An all-new Ridgeline is likely to replace the current model by 2011.


I would not trade my 99 Silverado for this. My truck get close to or better mileage than this Ridgeline..Also way better looking than this too. Sorry I'll past... LOL

The Ridgeline is the pickup for people who dont need a real pickup.

I'm seeing a lot of them on the road around here lately, although like was said earlier it doesn't get any better mileage so whats the point really. You can get a full sizer that rides just as good, gets better mileage and has more room, not to mention can tow and haul much better.

Well considering that I own one of them, I like the looks, have hauled dual axle trailers, it gets between 21 and 25 mpg AND its better built than any American POS, I would say keep it just like it is. I don't like the new bumper on some of them, as mine is an 06 but until you guys get behind the wheel of one and use it as a work truck, don't talk trash. thanks.

the only thing i liked about it was the bed opening thing...i like honda cars...but they failed at this...but buy what you want

I didnt know they had a dual axle for your jet ski. What a pos. My uncles averages 16 mpg, and cant get out of its own way.

Come on BEN be truthful now!!! If it got that kind of mileage people be going after them. Now as far as Trash talking its you!!! It only get 15 city and 20 on HWY... LOL

So when is this thing going to grow up and turn into a real truck.

I'd like to see Honda make a true full size truck.

Toyota was very cautious entering the truck market and actually it took decades to finally introduce a true full size truck. The reason for this was it did not want to offend any domestic truck owners. Honda didn't do this, hence all the negative comments posted here. As for myself I may be one of them but I just cant see me in a Ridgeline.

Honda needs to step up its game! All the civic drivers finally got there wish for honda to make a pickup like mini van. And when you two your dual axle trailer and run premium gas and get 5 miles to the gallon its still towed it! I bet it hardly even knew it was back there! Honda step up your game to put pressure on the "American POS" becuase it looks like you are behind the eight ball.


Once you've owned one, you'll never be able to go back to a conventional truck again. I have an 06 with 75,000 miles.
The things I like best about the Ridgeline are:
1) Highway mileage: 24 MPG (best mileage begins after full break at about 20,000 miles)
2) The trunk. First day of ownership it was pouring rain. Went to the store and filled up with groceries and kept it all dry on the way home.
3) No rattles -- no squeeks - tight quiet body and cabin.
4) Handling and ride - Independent rear suspension.
5) Tire wear - still running the original tires after 75,000 miles.
6) Break wear - still running original brakes after 75,000 - I expect to get 100,000 miles from the original brakes.
7) Tail gate. I use the side swing to open it 90% of the time.
8) AWD/4WD - detects when you need traction and engages the rear wheels as needed.
9) Sound system - built in subwoofer kicks.
10) Honda's 60 degree V6 engins is the smoothest power this side of the turbine. I-VTEC kick up power on demand.

Easy to park, fits in almost any garage, probably exceed the mpg rating on the highway and works for people who want a cargo area they can get messy and still seat 4-5 people like an SUV or van. I can see it's niche.

The one thing they need to improve is the MPG. The Subaru Baja had slightly less towing and payload, but easily topped 20mpg city. Baja's are still in demand used. Very hard to find. My stepfather is looking for one as he fishes and does lots of outdoor stuff where he like having an open air cargo space to wash out. He really doesn't need the mpg penalty or extra size of a full sized pick up to tow his 14ft aluminum boat either

I've had six full size 4x4 Chevy's/GMC's in my 52 years. All for construction. I bought an '08 RTL Ridgeline last September when Honda was having their Labor Day sale. 33K down to 26K. I'm retired now and don't need a full size truck. I wanted a nice riding, smaller vehicle with all the comforts, but still be able to throw crap in the back. Agreed, the looks need work, but once you drive one of these you get past the looks. It is a very comfortable ride w/o the pickup truck rear bounce or stutter, tracks straight as an arrow on the highway. I can parallel park on main street, it fits in every parking garage in New Haven. Size wise, its two inches narrower, two feet shorter and four inches shorter than my last GMC 4x4, four door, short bed Sierra. It's fantastic in the snow. I average 17mpg around town and get 21-23mpg on trips to Vermont. Its not a full size American truck so making comparisons to one is ridiculous. If you need a truck get a truck. If you want a real nice handling/riding, roomy, SUV and still be able to throw twenty rolls of sod, or half a pallet of granite blocks, or whatever in the back, and be able to park anywhere a car can... its the perfect vehicle. After being in pickup trucks my whole life, its a refreshing change. My only real complaint is its extremely annoying warning alarm when you leave the back window open, unbuckle your belt to get money out of your pocket for the drive-up window, or leave your lights on (which go off automatically anyways!) Yes, its time for a refresh. And for God's sake... get rid of the alarm!!!!

Did Honda install their new 6 speed automatic?
Did Honda use the 3.7 V6?
Did Honda fix the transmission selector: it had D5 (button for D3) 2 (for 2nd gear starts) 1. You can not tow with that. D3 is too short, D5 is too tall.

'iVTEC' what is that guy talking about? If you don't rev above 4400rpm or so, you never engage the camshaft profile swapping system.

Dual beam headlights, the Smart car has better headlights.

What about wider tires, say 265/60 17?
The nv246 transfer case in GM's and Chrysler's pickups 'detects when you need traction and engages the FRONT wheels as needed.' Even Ford is finally getting such a system.

The independent rear suspension is nice, but is it any better than the Ford SportTrac? (especially V8 & 6 speed auto)

Its a compliment that you guys continue to compare the Ridgeline to other full size trucks. Thats like comparing a Bobcat to a backhoe. The Ridgeline does what it was designed to do exceptionally well.

It's not a pick-up. It's an SUV with an open bed...plain and simple.

I have an 06 just bought it a month ago!! Let me have a "REAL"truck it must rattle,bounce around,steer like a truck & most of all when you drive long distances...& get out of a "REAL" truck you have to feel like you've been beat to death!! Nope....been there done that....I 'll keep my RIDGE!!

Is the article title a play on words?

Marginal changes to a marginal truck

1. The Ridgeline is too expensive for what it is.
2.The Gas Mileage is execrable.
3.Some of the Design Build is shockingly Cheap, take a good look at that flimsy rubber front end and the Radiator sitting right behind it. Any low speed contact and that thing is cooked.
4.A lot of you anti-truck Guys have obviously not ridden in any of the new Trucks-my F150 has a superlative Highway ride and no squeaks or rattles. My Gas mileage is the same or better with a V8 versus the V6 in the H, cost less, has more room, has WAY more capability, and looks better to boot.

SK1363 - Do yourself a favor and take a look at the 08 and up Silverados and tell me that will fair any better on approach angle off the dealership lot. Every test I read where the Silverado goes off highway, the small spoiler on the chin is ripped off in short order. This isn't an HD off roader. It is a Honda Pilot/Odessy with a bed for open air hauling. Let's keep it in perspective shall we?

Like Howie Long says "Honda stick to Lawnmowers" Honda can't even make a full size riding mower. That has got to be one of the best commercials I've seen in a long time. It must suck to spend all that money on an over priced mini van with half of it cut off. LOL!!!!!!! Maybe you can put your honda push mower in your in bed trunk.

Minature Avalache and Escalade copy. Only Avalance and Escalade look 400 times better!

i don't see how any of the ridgeline defenders can say they are getting over 20 mpg. my girlfriend has a honda pilot, which this vehicle is based on but supposed beefed up (more weight), and when she and i take highway trips (just us), we see 19mpg when we're lucky. she averages 14-16 mpg in town.

I spent the past couple months looking at trucks. I looked at Chevy/GMC, Toyota, Nissan and Honda. I'm a Chevy guy at heart. Honda was my last consideration as I didn't even know what a Ridgeline was. Test drove a 2008 Ridgeline and it was all over. I purchased a 2008 Ridgeline a few weeks ago. In my humble opinion, as far as the ride is concerned, there is no comparison to the other trucks. The Ridgeline drives like a car. Plain & simple. I'm averaging 20 -22 mpg and that is with the AC cranked. It's incredibly roomy inside and I love the inbed trunk.

honda = FAIL

Nice way to keep women out of vans buy them a ridgeline! Honda is not even close to being in the truck game. How many do they sell a year?

As of 8/22/09 ridgeline will be terminated from production 2010 will be last model. My roomate from college is a manager for honda and he said that this will go down as a failure. They can not ever recover the cost of design and production with this failure.

I think they should do a base model ridgeline with half-doors in the back and an access cab (like the pre-runner access cab).

And also offer a 4 cylinder option.

What do you think?

I own an 08 Ridgeline RTS and I would not trade it for the world. I can't say for sure what the gas mileage is but I really don't care. If it is 15 or 20 or 30 mpg, I like the truck. I can afford gas and not complain about fuel efficiency.
It is not a GM, Dodge or Ford work truck, so it should not be compared to one. I am sure that the average person, like a Ridgeline owner, doesn't do any more with their American truck than they would if they owned a Ridgeline. You use them to pick up a couple sheets of plywood, some 2x4's and top soil and mulch from home depot. The Ridgeline can do this too, and is more comfortable. I have yet to see the commuter in his chevy 2500 going 4 wheeling in the mud after work.
Oh, and at least Honda isn't begging for money from the government.
The 2010 Ridgeline may be discontinued, but Honda will still be there. How long will GM and Dodge be around??

And about the Ridgeline looking like the Avalanche and Escalade? There is only one vehicle from Honda with this shape. The American companies take one car and market it with 3 different names. Real creative there. Ford, Mercury and Lincoln all made the Explorer and Crown Victoria with different names. GM, Chevy and Cadillac made the Tahoe. Lets rebadge and charge more for nothing but more plastic.
The Ridgeline was marketed for the person looking for a vehicle that had the capability of carrying loads and people without sacrificing comfort and ride. There is nothing wrong with that.
What was the point of the El Camino? What is the point of the Lincoln pickup?
If you don't like the truck, who cares. Ridgeline owners obviously didn't like the American trash enough to purchase them either.
That is the nice thing about variety. A little something for everyone.

Come on. Most people buy trucks for hauling and towing, not for hauling home two 2x4's. Who does that? You can't haul much in a 5' bed. And 4,500 max tow means you're doing little towing. You don't know if the mileage is 30? Try 15.1 mpg as tested by who also said comfort was hit or miss and they could stand to upgrade the interior a couple more levels to match the interiors of the better trucks out there. They also said, "For about the same price, full-size pickups are now achieving nearly identical EPA ratings while boasting greater towing, hauling capacity and passenger space with V-8 engines. In this light, the case for a midsize rig isn’t terribly compelling, especially one that trails its rivals in the areas of power and capability." Yes, you may love the Ridgeline but there is not much benefit to the average truck buyer for buying one.

My point about fuel efficiency was that if you are worried about how many miles per gallon you are getting when you buy a vehicle that is not fuel efficient, your probably buying the wrong vehicle. If you want better gas mileage, don't buy a truck. I know the Ridgeline does not get better than 20mpg. Would a Chevy owner have bought a Ford truck instead if he got 2mpg better? I don't think so.
And yes, you can carry a lot with a five foot bed. Just fold down the tailgate just like F150 owners do with a six foot bed. And that is not rocket science either. I have loaded 20 sheets of 1/2 inch fiber board siding @ 40 pounds a sheet with four passengers and only 1" of sag in the suspension.
Towing capacity. If I owned a boat or backhoe I never would have looked at this truck. But I don't and am sure that most Ridgeline owners don't but if they do they bought a truck that was capable of towing for their needs. Its not like I am going to rent a backhoe every weekend and bring it home to dig up my yard.
There is much benefit to buying one.
1. It is a Honda.
2. It is more reliable and cheaper to maintain over its lifetime.
3. It is more comfortable.
4. Has 4 wheel drive with locking diff. Will get you out of almost anything the average driver would encounter. If it can't, you probably should not be driving in those conditions.
6. 5 foot bed with built in liner and storage space. Where do you American truck owners put your five passengers and their belongings. No stupid cover needed here.
7. Power back window. How long did it take American trucks to have this. Oh, some still don't.
Posted by: Mike D |

at least honda hasn't gone out of business or had to take government bailouts because they've made crappy products for the last 2 decades!

having said that, my '07 ridge has all wheel drive, 4 wheel disc brakes, and leather interior and independent rear suspension, can't get that in an american made truck for anywhere near the 25 k i paid for it. plus the ride quality and peace of mind knowing it's a honda and won't break down like my last truck, a 99 ram quad cab 4x4 which was in the shop more than it was out, is good enough for me. oh yeah it also got 8 mpg... city and highway, i bought a motorcycle because it was cheaper to buy a bike that put gas in that pig

yes it won't haul the same weight as an f-150 or silverado, but the tow rating is pretty close, my ram could only handle 6k on the tow. but those of us who buy these trucks know that, we don need to haul around that stuff or we would have bought a tundra. the ridge can haul a 4x8 sheet of plywood flat in the bed.. try that ford or chevy

in the end it all comes down to what you like, me i'll keep my honda truck, my honda bike, and my honda lawnmower.. thanks

If you don't own one or have never driven one you will never get what they are all about, I've owned many will never get me to give up my Ridgeline. It's as close to a perfect vehicle as I have ever driven. Jim

OK, for all you haters. You really need to stop comparing the honda to a full size truck. You want a full size, go get a full size. I am a contractor, I own 06 Dodge Ram Cummins diesel. Its a work horse and drives/rides like a truck and I love that truck for work. But I cant wait to come home and take the honda to run errands and if I dont need my trailers, I can still throw my tools or what ever in the bed, or the trunk so they dont get jacked. To put it in perspective, drives like an accord with a tacoma 4 door short bed for body. It does great off road and the versatility of this truck is the best all around truck I have ever owned. Plus its a Honda. We all know what that means.

AndreRL interior designers are not really contractors? LOL. Do you really need a Dodge diesel to hual around wallpaper samples. LOL.

Ridgeline just doesn't do anything great. I would be more apt to purchase one if gas mileage was worth it. Why does the Pilot get better gas mileage?

Ridgeline was out of date before it came into production.

And I do believe all the ridgeline owners wish it was a real pickup truck, I'm pretty sure I could hual more stuff in a pilot then I could a ridgeline????? Someone should do a comparision on that!

Also, put a 6'2" person in the back seats of the ridgeline and take a photo??? Then you will see four doors does not equal five people on this. I see these big guys driving around town in this thing and there heads are clear into the roof. Look like that movie "Harry and the Henderson" LOL.

This thang is a luagh.

HAHAHA, just read the comment that the Ridgeline will be discontinued! You friend that works at Honda, maybe is not getting his facts straight, Honda won't get rid of the Ridgeline cause it's a great vehicle! The only thing that it isn't a cheap truck, but it beat a F-150 off the line and is more reliable than most American trucks. If I wanted a full size work truck I would buy a Toyota Tundra. FORD = Found On Road Dead!

2005 - 42,593
2006 - 50,193
2007 - 42,795
2008 - 33,875
2009 - 8,959

U.S. Ridgeline sales, it does have a niche market a very tiny one at that! LOL.

Looks like a a pinto and el camino got together and Ridgeline was the result.

"Ford=Found on the road dead" is this really how you roll.

Wacko = First grade at best. Just end Honda to continue production for another year of terrible sales becuase Wacko writes its a great vehicle! LOL.

1) Keep hearing it is the most comfortable. This is not true if you read the reviews. The interior quality is also among the lowest.
3) It is not more reliable.
4) Storage: less room up front, less room in the back for people, no load flat floor
5) your dinky storage space is also filled with the tire. no much storage can happen here and if you load up the bed, it is not accessible
6) i remember the bed creases people get from going off road
7) if you think this is great, good for you, but the facts speak for themselves

Have an 07 Ridge. It IS homely looking but drives great, especially after the bouncy Tacoma. Also have an 02 Silverado with the 5.3 Vortec. Honestly, the Ridge is peppier with the V6 when it comes to towing. Better gearing. Ride is amazing. No more hopping when hitting bumps on curves while towing at speed................overpriced unless your purchase timing is good. Interior materials not the best and my Silverado has less rattles with 104,000 miles. Mixed bag. Average mpg is 18-19 in mixed driving, 20-21 on the road. Anyone who claims 25 mpg is coasting downhill.

Ford fan boy No I am not a interior designer and not sure where you got that.. But, I had f150 and burned the thing to the ground towing a cargo and a dump trailer on daily bases to job sites. The ridgeline is my second vehicle as I got tired of hitching and un-hitching trailers to do errands. The ridge does what I need it to do. There is alot of truck out there, and this one is not for you. But everyone who has this truck, says its the best vehicle they ever had. Don't be a hater that you can't afford a second vehicle and pay cash for it.

In response to "yeah yeah"'s comments on Aug 26:

If you don't like some feature of the Ridgeline or it doesn't fit your particular needs (it's not for everyone), that's fine but can you quit it with the uninformed fanboy nonsense? The Ridgeline is a well designed truck that actually was designed around how many people use their truck, not how they imagine themselves using their truck. There are legitimate criticisms one can make (personally I'd love a diesel version) but most criticisms I read are simply uninformed and/or biased. It's ok to like a F150 or a Silverado and also like a Ridgeline for different reasons. They each have their advantages. Pick the one that fits your needs best.

In specific response to your comments:

1) I did better than "read the reviews" since I actually own a Ridgeline and have test driven just about every other pickup on the market. The Ridgeline is very comfortable, probably the most comfortable I've driven, though some others are comparable. Your claim that the interior quality is poor simply isn't true. You might like it or you might not but it's built quite well and with good materials, especially on the RTL.

2) You seem to have missed a number

3) Consumer Reports disagrees with you on the reliability and I'll take their word for it over yours. Plus since I own one I can verify that at least so far, mine has been bulletproof. VERY reliable.

4) "Storage: less room up front, less room in the back for people, no load flat floor". It seats 5 adults very comfortably with no problems at all. The interior is actually quite spacious even in comparison with bigger full sized pickups. How much space do you actually need? Don't know what you mean by a load flat floor but the seats fold up in the rear and the floor is flat there. The bed is big enough for anything I need to do and I can transport 4x8 sheets of plywood or an ATV or motorcycle when needed. It also has the bed trunk which no other pickup has which from first hand experience I can tell you is extremely useful.

5) "Dinky storage space"? I presume you mean the built in trunk? It's big enough to hold all the power tools I usually take with me to a job without even needing an inch of the truck bed. It's big enough to hold several suitcases, more than my sedan actually. It's big enough to hold 120 beers and the ice to keep it cool for hours. (Best tailgating truck EVER) Heck, *I* can fit in the darn trunk. The spare is further up and doesn't get in the way had you actually bothered to look. Plus Honda has provided a way to mount it in the bed if you need access to it when the trunk is blocked.

6)"i remember the bed creases people get from going off road". Umm what? No idea what you are talking about. The Ridgeline handles occasional offroad duty just fine and without undue damage. Not designed for the harshest offroad stuff but then 82% of pickups never or almost never go offroad. ( The Ridgeline completed the Baja 1000 - offroad enough for you?

7) "if you think this is great, good for you, but the facts speak for themselves". The facts do speak for themselves but you don't seem to know what the facts are. The Ridgeline is a great truck. If it doesn't fit your needs or tastes, that's cool, but don't bash something you clearly don't understand and are apparently biased against.

FORD = Found On Road Dead!

well, at least it moves,

Honda = How Odd, No Damn Acceleration

I bought the Ridgeline for one reason - it was the only crew cab pickup that would fit in my garage. I only needed a part-time pickup and this fits me fine. I bought the '08 RTL and love the ride and interior room. Buy what you want or need and forget all the other BS.

lol. You are changing your arguments. First you said the Ridgeline was more comfortable, more reliable and has more storage. Now you are just saying the Ridgeline is comfortable, reliable and has storage. You clearly you are the one who is biased as you were when you said you did not know if it got 30 mpg when actually it gets 15. Have a good day.

I would be pretty upset if for 30k I got a V6, less than a half of a bed,also made of plastic that scratches easy, no real 4wd.

I saw one the other day going down the Highway could not stop luaghing. Guy pulling a Travel Trailer, back end swated down so far, I thought the bumper was gonna start dragging. Has a topper on the bed, WHO IN THERE RIGHT MIND THANKS A RIDGELINE LOOKS DECENT WITH A CAP ON THE BED! Its so funny!!!!!

Nobody can answer my question of why wouldnt you just buy a PILOT? IT MAKES MORE SENSE!!!!

From fordfanboy "I would be pretty upset if for 30k I got a V6, less than a half of a bed,also made of plastic that scratches easy, no real 4wd. "

I would too but that doesn't describe the Ridgline at all.

I can't figure out why you care if the engine is a V6 or V8 as long as it has enough power to do what you need. There are people who actually need V8 power and there are trucks available to suit those needs. Most people don't actually need that much power if they are being honest with themselves. For me the Ridgline has as much power as I'll ever need. I can tow a car or a trailer and it has plenty of acceleration for normal driving.

The bed is NOT "less than half of a bed". It is a 5 foot bed which is the same as that on a Tacoma crew cab and only 0.5 feet shorter than the much larger F150 Crew Cab. The largest bed available is an 8 food bed and last I checked 5 is larger than half of 8. If you need a longer bed, buy a truck with a larger bed. Personally a 5 foot bed is big enough for anything I need including hauling 4x8 plywood and carrying a motorcycle.

The plastic bedliner is quite durable and like a bed in any truck it will cosmetically scratch when used for real work. If you don't intend to actually use the pickup bed for work then why are you getting a pickup?

I don't know what you think "real 4WD" is but the Ridgline's 4WD system is automated and is as real as any other system I've seen. You can lock the differential at low speeds if needed - otherwise it just turns on an off automatically when needed. MUCH less of a pain than many other systems. If you are buying a truck to do plowing or the like, you probably aren't interested in a Ridgeline anyway so I don't see your point.

"Nobody can answer my question of why wouldnt you just buy a PILOT? IT MAKES MORE SENSE!!!!"

I looked at a Pilot when I started considering a Ridgeline and bought a Ridgeline. Why? Lots of reasons:

1) I often do construction work as a part time gig and it's pretty hard to load lumber and tools into a Pilot without trashing the interior even if you can do it at all. With a Ridgeline I don't have to care. If I need to protect something I've got a tonneau cover and the in bed trunk.

2) I can and do carry larger items like furniture and motorcycles in my Ridgeline that I couldn't do in a Pilot. Tell me how much luck you have putting a motorcycle or ATV in a Pilot. Sure you can tow it but why when you don't have to? Plus the Ridgeline has a larger rated towing capacity.

3) I never need the extra seats available in the Pilot - usually it's just me and my dogs. The fold up rear seats in the Ridgeline are perfect for dogs. I've never needed more than seating for 5 and if I do, we can take two cars.

4) The Pilot is pricier than the equivalent Ridgeline usually. I got some pretty good incentives when I bought mine that aren't available on the more popular Pilot.

There are other reasons besides. There are reasons to buy a pickup and reasons to buy an SUV. It's usually pretty obvious which category you fall into so buy accordingly.

BTW I agree that I really don't understand the point of a cap on ANY pickup. It looks just as dumb on a Ford as on a Honda.

Its okay to be upset you got hosed by HONDA!

Marginal changes to a Marginal vehicle! Typical Honda!

I just walked out of the dealership with an 09. I test drove a new Jeep Wrangler X and then a Pathfinder. I had already had a Tacoma Pre.

The ride is amazing. I wanted a car feel for long drives and I needed some space to haul some stuff, and kids and all. It's not a contractor's vehicle, and the gas is not that great, but it drives like a dream and has amazing pickup.

Alround it's a unique car not built for for hauling around drywall and equipment.

My intention was to buy a car I could have for the next ten years with little hassle.

I think unless you have actually got in it and driven it you're not in a position to comment. I was sold in 5 minutes. Love the Toyota too, but the 4runner was a bit small and the Tundra was over my budget.

It is a Honda and that along with Toyota will probably end up with the US market in a few more years. Really sad to say that but I just cant see the american consumer changing their ways.

Ford Fanboy,

I owned a ford F-150 for all of 6 days.... on the 6th day my engine basically ripped itself apart, from mild use. (truck had 350 miles on it)

Took it back to the ford dealer and got my money back for such a horribly built vehicle.

On my way home with my g/f at the time, I saw a Ridgeline in a parking lot and when i got home, I did my research. This was January 2007... Two days later I was test driving it, in the snow in NY, and i bought it right then and there.

Since then, I have used it to fish Jeeps out of the sand, Silverado's, F-150s and Ram 1500's out of the snow, and used it to push my dad's 09 Ranger 10 miles to the mechanic when his tranny blew (hrm, 2 bad ford engines....)

Recently i took the truck cross country, with almost 1500 lbs of cargo in the bed, plus my father and I, and about 350 lbs more of supplies and cargo in the back seats. Very comfortable ride, and averaged 23 mpg for the whole trip, including 21 mpg through the Rockie Mountains.

And recently, the ridgeline's value has INCREASED long term, based on KBB's website since i checked 4 months ago... can't say that about the Detroit trucks.

I know 15 people with pick up trucks... 1 uses his for work only. the other 14 have NEVER towed anything or put anything bigger than a couch.... if a boat is being towed, we use the ridgeline because we can fit 5 guys who weigh 220 lbs + in the truck COMFORTABLY!

My only wish for the Ridgeline is a Diesel option.

WOW! Your ridgeline pulls all these vehicles out of the snow! Amazing why is it not a standard tow truck then! Honda could sale more!

This vehicle is absolutely amazing nothing can or ever will stop it! I go buy one now! "Chinese sacrasim"

I own an '06 RTL. The Ridgeline is a good product. It doesn't inspire me like some of my past vehicles, but it does everything so well. When I look at the landscape of current truck options, the lack of a similar combination of features makes me stay put. I'd love to see a fullsize pickup with the lockable storage capabilities of the Ridgeline. That's what allowed me to move to a pickup from a SUV. I needed a place to put my junk while not taking up the passenger area. I just don't see a fullsize going to an independent rear to allow for this. Ram's truck boxes are close, but they really don't have much continguous room. I need a place for guns, blankets and occasionally golf clubs. Could it use more power? Sure. That said, it's a niche you could grow with some additional engineering.

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