New Lincoln Mark LT Spotted In Mexico

New Lincoln Mark LT Spotted In Mexico

We hear from sources that "it looked much better in [modeling] clay." The new Mexico-only Lincoln Mark LT, based on the 2009-10 Ford F-150 Platinum, has been spotted in production trim south of the border after we first spied it in March.

Lackluster sales led to the removal of the Mark LT from Lincoln's U.S. lineup in 2008 but it was a relative success in Mexico, so the decision was made to continue production of the high-end hauler for Mexican truck buyers willing to pay a premium for the Lincoln logo.

The Lincoln Mark LT is expected to go on sale in Mexico by the end of the summer.

[Source: Autocosmos via Autoblog]


I am a huge ford fanatic. But that thing is hideous

holy mother of god that thing is ugly ! I thought the f-150 was bad....

ford fails again

It's no wonder they decided to only sell that thing in Mexico! That thing would be laughed off the streets by the escalade, especially with that front end.

Leave it south of the border....FoMoCo is going the wrong direction with design

Looks like Ford's trying to revive Pontiac by slapping on the grille of a '78 Sunfire onto it's truck and calling it a Lincoln.

It's alomst as bad as Infinitie's SUV.

The only thing different on it is the grille, ya morons.

i kinda like it guess im weird

Unless you're planning on moving to Mexico the truck won't affect you, ya morons.

Yes it's ugly, but I don't live in Mexico. Therefore I don't care.

yeah i dont really care...but couldnt help but add to the point ford fails!

Yeah I prefer the Platinum grille, and Ford badging on a truck. I guess Bling is still in down there?

I like it but I like the F-150 grilles better. You Government Motors boys need to stop hating everything that isn't Goverment Motors. Just because Goverment Motors failed, doesn't mean you have to wish for everyone else to fail to make yourselves feel better. If you guys would just take a step back, you would realize Ford isn't bad and actually has the best truck on the road. Maybe one day you will see this when it comes time to buy your next truck.

its interesting and the grill goes with the line of the other lincoln models. ya its a rebadged Ford with interesting apeal, but one of the only real fits i have about the f150 is how they changed the tail lights.

It's not too bad. I have seen other photos of the Mark LT, and it's actually a nice looking truck. The grille is a bit shocking, but they're trying to have a similar grille on all Lincoln models. It does bear a slight resemblance to the Lincolns in the 1940's.

There's a lot of Pontiac influence there.Now that the tin indian is dead,I guess its time to raid the coffin...

Barack Motors, The reason i don't like this truck has nothing to do with anything you mentioned. I don't like this truck because it is butt-ugly, i wouldn't even like it if it was a GM.

man i like lincoln but they re wrong for putting this out
the one thing that makes the escalade truck more successful is cuz it doesnt completely look like an avalanche inside and out...u can tell it is but they do enuf to make it look obviously didnt do enuf of the same for the mark LT

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