Pontiac G8 ST To Go On Sale In Australia

Pontiac G8 ST To Go On Sale In Australia

There's good and bad news from GM via its subsidiary Holden. The good news is that the canceled 2010 G8 ST sport truck will actually be produced in limited numbers. The bad news: The G8 ST will only be sold in Australia.

Based on the Holden VE Ute, the surprise decision is an effort to clear out excess body parts that were stockpiled in preparation to build Pontiac G8 badged cars before GM shut down Pontiac as part of its bankruptcy restructuring.

The Pontiac G8 ST is expected to fetch a $1,000 AUD premium ($825 USD) over a comparable Holden SS-V Ute. Throwing more salt in the wound is that the 6.0-liter V-8 G8 ST will be sold with a manual transmission.

[Source: Carpoint.au via Jalopnik, Autoblog]


I think you have this all wrong. This is one of the ugliest things i have ever seen.

I think its kinda neat. El Camino or Ranchero anyone?

Heck this may one day become a collectors car as its is limited to only one country and will be one of the last Pontiacs.

Interesting indeed.

Yuck! Sorry folks...but that is one bad (terrible) idea. Glad to see it being scrapped.

Well sucks for GM, i doubt too many Aussies will choose this mutilated version of their true blue Holden Ute, but hey theres some weird people out there, like the ones who cancelled pontiac. If you want one, line up your containers I'm sure you could get one.

Now with GM out of the pic Ford should move in with its Australian ute the new Falcon Ute FG series, although im not sure if the work truck model would appeal to americans might just have to use the sportiers XR's and the FPV (Ford Performance Vehicles) ones like the F6 Tornado and Pursuit.

First of all this car should be called the (Chevy) El Camino. Second it should have at least other front end, because now it's only an unlabeled Holden - nothing exciting for me, especially for the US market. It's just the same thing like with the last Pontiac GTO - fine car, but no true exciting, emotions to the past cult cars from this brand! I just want to say: get it to the USA, but design it car, like this mini truck should looks - maybe with some retro emphasis to the past El Caminos...

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I want one........seriously, I want one.

This I like need to sell them in the u s if u sold it down here I buy one

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