Pricing for 2010 Nissan Frontier Pickup Truck Announced


Nissan has announced that pricing for the 2010 Frontier midsize pickup starts at $17,540 for the entry-level Frontier XE King Cab I-4 4x2 with manual transmission (please see our road test of the 2009 Nissan Frontier XE) and $22,290 for the Frontier SE Crew Cab V-6 4x2 with manual transmission.

There are a total of 13 King Cab and 14 Crew Cab Frontier models. In addition to King Cab and Crew Cab body styles, available configurations include a choice of two-wheel and four-wheel drive, 2.5-liter inline four-cylinder (King Cab 4x2 only) or 4.0-liter six-cylinder engines, manual or automatic transmissions, regular or long beds (Crew Cab only) and XE, SE, LE and PRO-4X trim levels.

The sole exterior change for 2010 is the debut of a new paint color, called Night Armor.

Standard safety and security equipment is added to the 2010 Frontier, including side curtain airbags on all models and stability control for V-6 models.

Other changes include the increased availability of the Frontier's five-speed automatic transmission for XE models, standard Active Brake Limited Slip (the truck's ABS system is used as a virtual limited-slip differential) for all SE and LE V-6 models, and standard hill start assist and hill descent control for all SE and LE models with four-wheel drive and an automatic transmission.

[Source: Nissan]


I see Nissan still cant figure out how to make regular cabs .
If they sold the regular cab longbed Frontier they sell everywhere but the USA they might actually increase there sales here , I would trade my truck in heartbeat , oh well thers always Mahindra .

And the diesel version for sale elsewhere will be available in the US... when?

If you need to haul a cooler if you have a problem and need to haul something super duper short and if you can find them maybe you can hire the Nissan team .

Take apeek around and see how many noncommercial regular cab pickups you see on the road. Nissan chose to stick with King Cabs and Crew Cabs because that is what sells. After owning two regular cab Rangers, I would never buy a regular cab again. Especially a compact truck. No real storage. Add a tool box and you might as well have bought the extended cab ad you remove a foor plus of the bed length with it.

I do think they should consider a long wheel base version to add a bit more bed space like they did with the Titan.

The extra cab and crew cab sales are tanking because all the wannabee family truckster types aren't buying trucks anymore they are buying cars , if Nissan cant figure that out then they are doomed to be on the ash heap of truck history , Nissan was the first to make an extra cab and a crew cab in the USA so far as I know perhaps its time for them to lead again and bring back regular cab long bed work trucks and actually increase there sales , because as it stands I may well be buying a Ford Ranger in 2012 or 2013 because I am sure Ford will be making a RCLB 4x4 Ranger .

I've owned a crew cab 4x4 Frontier Nismo since 2005 and I absolutely love it. No problems whatsoever. It's great on and off road, handles nicely for a truck and stops great too. I'd own another in a second because Nissan builds great trucks.

Very informative post. All pick up trucks pull and carry loads nearly twice from their weight, but these massive engines were gaping fuel drains. Manufacturers are building more economical trucks, like the Silverado Hybrid and the Ford 150 SFE. Nissan Frontier is a four cylinder mid-size pick up truck. In terms of feature it was basic. Seats are very comfortable and very spacious. For more details refer

I have had my Frontier for over a decade. It has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned (41 years as a driver)! It is disturbing to read that Nissan is going to Dodge for it's large trucks.

I hope the Frontier is spared. Dodge is the lowest in CR reliability.

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