Recall Alert: Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon, Isuzu I-Series Pickup Trucks

Recall Alert: Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon, Isuzu I-Series

From our colleagues at, GM has issued a recall for 185,903 GMT 355 series midsize pickup trucks, including the 2004-09 Chevrolet Colorado and 2004-09 GMC Canyon twins and badge-engineered 2006-08 Isuzu I-Series, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The recall is to fix a faulty brake-lamp switch that could fail after becoming exposed to the environment, causing the brake lights to stop working or stay lit continuously.

The recall applies to pickups originally sold or registered in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Texas, U.S. Virgin Islands and Utah.

GM says a replacement switch will not be available until February 2010, so it will offer special coverage for all registered vehicles. Owners with the brake light problem can get free repairs but must return to a dealership when the newly designed parts become available. The inspection and replacement part will both be free.

Owners can contact Chevrolet at 1-800-630-2438, GMC at 1-866-996-9463, and Isuzu at 1-800-255-6727 or the NHTSA vehicle safety hotline at 888-327-4236.



From what I've heard the Colorado and Canyon tend to be fairly unreliable and have poor build quality. Malfunctioning lights are just part of the overall poor design of the vehicle.

I've seen several, they always seem tough in the showroom but then in real life just don't measure up.

Too bad. It's the only truck on the market available with a four-cylinder crew cab. That's a big deal for family guys in times of high gas prices.

I like the Canyon/Colorado, including its basic, cheap interior and its economical base engine. And I would buy one, except for the reliability.

C'mon Chevy, give me a reason to get our country's tax dollars worth! I want a Chevy Colorado with good reliability!

I haven't had reliability issues with my '07......I should complain to someone about it.

In the years of stocking trucks for dealers, I have never had a worse truck than a Colorado. Horrible ride, glitches, warranty issues, and not to mention next to impossible to retail. I would have them parked next to Tacomas for thousands less, and still no one would buy one.

I was behind a Colorado the other day, no brake lights except for the 3rd tail that was on the trucks bed cap.

If it's tail lights are out that just means the driver dosn't check his/her vehicle out often enough to realise their lights are out.

If it is an electrical issue causing the light problem thats one thing, but blown bulbs fall under the owner fault.


Could the faulty switch cause false indications? All my lights work the way they should except when I use my left blinker it blinks fast indicating that the bulb is burned out (according to the owners manual) yet it works! Similarly, every time I use the brake the left turn signal indicator lights up indicating some other fault (no answers in the owners manual)? It's crazy, the system is telling me there are problems yet everything works fine. Does anyone have any answers out there?

lol typical gm product.

Sounds like all these posts except one are from people that don't own one so what the hell do you know,I have had two, first one hit from behind by a moron no trouble at all with either one.I get 18 city and 24 hwy and thats with 4wd automatic 5cyl. And the 242 hp is great.

I bought a used 2004 Canyon with 12,400 in April.Only complaint is a lack of a decent coffee cup holder.Before this truck,if anyone told me to buy GM,I would have said I rather chew on glass and wash it down with molten lead!

I have a 2006 Colorado that wore out the right front tire after 8,000 miles. Chevy folks in the shop said nothing wrong with the front end alignment and it was just a crappy tire. They gave me a new tire. Than 8,000 miles later same thing happened again. This time Chevy said I had to go to the tire manufacturer, although now the service manager said there was something wrong with the front end design of the Colorado which causes the right front tire to wear excessively.
So within the first 16,000 miles I needed brake light recall correction, front headlight replacement, right front tire replacement twice, air conditioner failure, and seat covers replaced.

I dread thinking what this will be like after 20 or 30 thousand miles. Guess who will never again buy anything from Chevy.

I have a 2005 Canyon 4X4 crew cab with the 5 cylinder. It has been great. Now have 93K miles. No problems at all.
It has never been back to a shop except for alignment and normal tire rotation and oil changes. Do my share of 4 wheeling too but no abuse, just back country driving and pulling a small camp trailer. Guess I have been lucky. Even thinking of buying a new one. Oh also get 25+ miles per gallon on the highway.

I have an '04 Colorado I bought with 31k on the odo (now has 49k) and the only problem I've had is the drivers side window/door locks quit working. Weird thing is it started working again before I got it into the shop to have it looked at (that was a little over a year ago).

My only gripe with it is sometimes the thing ratttles like crazy, have not been able to figure what the heck is rattling and it seems to come and go.

But overall for the price I paid I couldn't have found a better deal. It gets me where I'm going, pulls my boat just fine (18ft bass boat) and no major repairs.

I guess the colorado is like my 2001 jetta I had, I had no problems whatsoever with it while my cousin who had the same year was in the shop every other month. Seems to be real luck of the draw with this one.

I have a 2008 Colorado LS. I've had to deal with pealing weather stripping, upholstery issues, bent passenger seat rails, doors that leak, windshield washer that from day one would not spray higher than the bottom of the windshield over 30 mph, ventilation switch failure, etc. These are small and annoying problems that were covered under the warranty. A few months ago in late July (09), I noticed that the passenger side front tire was worn smooth on the inside edge. The wear was unusual in that it didn't go around the entire circumference of the tire. It only wore less than a third, and badly at that. the other side was worn also, but felt scalloped. I rotated the rear tires to the front and replaced the rears, (Aligned and wheel balance too...) Not more than 2 weeks later, the tires that I rotated to the front began to show the same wear as the ones I replaced. Same strange wear on the right front. The vibration and sound are very noticeable. The wear can be easily seen and felt by running a hand over the tread... Had the alignment re-checked at 3 different places, each time it checked out okay. Had Chevy check for front end problems, like worn or defective parts, they said all okay all 3 times. Meanwhile, I am ruining a second pair of front tires and have no answers. Anyone out there in Chevyland got similar issues or answers. The dealership is telling me that the problem is that Chevy shouldn't have sold the Colorado with General tires. Yet, the strange wear is only on the right front side. Help!

I also have a 2005 Canyon 4X4 crew cab with the 5 cylinder. I like it. I only have 18,000 miles. Plenty of power, no problems at all.

I have a 2005 GMC Canyon I bought new with the 5 cylinder Crew Cab. It now has 41,000 miles on it. I love my truck. I have hauled Sod, Lawn Tractors, 30 bags of mulch many times. I don't understand all the problems, I have replaced 1 brake light on the drivers side, and the horn under warranty. Never had a battery problem (7 year battery), just put 4 new tires on the truck, same as it had on it new. Ain't broke, don't fix it.
GM rocks!

I own a 05' canyon with 73,000. Steering out of wack, 3rd brake leaks, ac blower stops working, idles rough, weird noise from under bed, and head lights build up moistier. I'm a chevy/gm man, but this truck has tested me. All problems are easily fixed thanks to the guys at Maybe next time i'll go with a full size GM truck.

I own an '05 with over 160 000km without a single defect or problem. I change oil regularely (syntec) just did tranny oil and filter and will soon do the rest of the drivetrain. I've had a few trucks in my time and I love my Colorado. I live in the great white north and if you can call this truck "unreliable" then I'm a monkeys uncle!

I am having trouble finding All Terrain tires for an 07 Colorado, Z71 Package, Crew Cab 4x4, P265 75 R 15's. Some dealers are wanting to substitute 31 by 10.5's and 31 by 9.5 tires. What works best?

Well I guess the colorado bug finally bite me too. My previous post (Oct 09) stated that I had not had any issues.

As soon as the odo rolled over to 51k I had to take in the truck because the abs warning light and the display (abs fault, traction fault) both turned on.

$900 dollars later I left with two new abs sensors, two new wheels hubs and a new bearing. Why these parts failed at 51k I don't have any clue, steering feels much better then it did before and seemed to cure some of the rattles.

I don't know if its a quality issue or if the guy I bought it from beat the heck out of it but thought I should add my comments about it.

Still like the truck, just hoping thats the last of the serious failures (especially with 51k!, on the plus side the chevy dealer was extremely friendly and gave me a 2010 Buick as a loaner for the week).

I have a 2008 Colorado. Has been in the shop numerous times for a weird problem. When stopped at red light or stop sign in park, engine revs, truck jerks forward and temp gauge bounces up and down. It's a very scary problem. Finally got the dealership to recognize problem, reset two functions and worked fine for about 2 months. Now, it's back to doing the same thing. Anyone else have a demon truck with this problem?


2005 coly, cylinder head problems, front running light assembly melted, dead battery had to jump and had the common driver side window and locks not working, fuel pump shot, pcm shot and the heat shield rattles like mad. I'm not saying I'm just saying.

i also have the idle issue at start up with the lights and blower on.

I have an 05 Canyon crew cab 4x4. On the whole very good, but it also has a few of the problems mentioned here - faulty upholstery, dead passenger's side rear brake lights, occasional, brief buzzing rattle. Then there are the annoying design flaws. Why can't GM make a reliable gas gage? Mine will say "low fuel" 3 blocks from the gas station where I just put $20 in. And what's with the signal/wiper/cruise control stalk? The design hasn't been changed since the one in my 1977 Buick! It wasn't that great then, either.

Let's hope outdated design and sub-par quality are things GM can fix with all that government money.

Picked up a crew cab Z-71 [2010]two weeks ago, have only 600 km. on it, as soon as I took it off the lot, I noticed a wind noise on the front windshield, anyone else have this problem? Also noticed my wiper switch is sticking when I flick it for mist. My other beef would be told it be in anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks, took 16 weeks. I am hoping that I will not have my share of problems as some others have.

I own a 06 GMC Canyon 4x4 crew cab with the 5 cly, I was on some slushy roads in wy (were i grew up) the truck pulled hard to the right I went in the ditch hit nothing and bent the tie rod a full ninety. went to a gmc maintance shop to get it fixed. this were i found out in mid production of this year they beffed up the tie rod from 14mm to 16mm. I guess what my question is why GM didnt recall the first sieres in this line to fix the problem. if the enginers thought it was bad enough to change midline then shouldnt all the trucks that went out before that have been recalled also.

Probably because it wasn't a safety issue, they probably strengthened it because people were bouncing their trucks around off road and bending them, the 90% of people that never take them off the highway wouldn't be bending them. It wouldn't make sense to recall (and replace at their expense) things that probably wouldn't fail.

Where do I start with all the problems with my 2008 colorado pick-up. No more than about 5000mi.into owning my truck I informed them of tire wear on all 4 tires they said nothing to worry about at approx 6000mi again told dealership something needed to be done wow imgaine that rear end had to be dropped re-aligned and shimed plus the cost of 4 brand new tires. Next was radio staying on after leaving vehicle coming back to now a dead battery. Next was a faulty low tire pressure sensor,head lamps burning out all the time, AND now for the big one they call it the phantom shift syndrome truck takes it self out of 2wd and goes into 4wd on its own the truck has been into the dealership to many tmes to mention they sent and engineer from the plant to try and fix problem still not fixed.Mean time im paying $540.00 monthly payment for what. They promised me a buy back what a jioke 2yrs late trying to find a vehicle for the same sticker price they owe us big time for this not just sticker price that wont get us anywhere with the cost of cars on the raise. We will see just how loyal chevy will be to me after being an owner of chevy cars and trucks for 28 yrs. My wife and my family deserve better than this.

Does anyone know what the cure is for the drivers side window issue. Tried battery disconnect and capacitor grounding with no luck. Thanks

I have a 2007 isuzu i290 39,000 Heater stopped working,cab floods when it rains, injectors malfunctioned, all tailights went out(recall issue) this truck sucks never again by a gmc product

I"ve owned a 2006 Colorado since Dec, 2005 and have had the pulling to the right, brake light prob, strange noises, and a left front speaker that has blown 3 times in 3yrs -- has anyone else had the latter? I want to speak to my GM dealer about that. It's a shame since the truck seems to have an amazing motor -- but so much else could have been designed better. I thought the influence from Isuzu would have made it all better.

I have a 2005 Colorado, extended cab, Z-71, 59000 miles. INNER TIRE WEAR PROBLEMS. I have inner tire wear only on inner part of front two tires. Backwindshield leaks heavy when it rains, even after I had the windshield taken out and re-installed. Does anyone know what exactly the issue with the tires is? Some of my buddies say it could be the ball joints or the tire rods.

We own a 2008 GMC Canyon, traded in a 2001 Chevy S10-extended cab, 4x4 truck. The truck had only 110 miles new. When it was to reach 8,000 miles the front tires were wore out. Took it back, GM replaced those and the dealer ship lined up the front end. The dealer ship replaced the next set of tires 2nd. Had the truck for 2 days and lined it up again. Said that the rest was on us. We then filed against GM on West Virginia's lemon law. It has been 2 yrs. with this truck and 18 months on the law case. The best thing that I have always done is keep an accurate log in the owner's manuel. While this has been going on we have replaced all 4 tires on this truck. We are now going to put the 6th set of tires on this truck. The ABS light has came on 4 months ago. There is NO dealer that will touch this truck for any reason because of the law suit. So we have had no warranty since back in January of 2009. I will not ever buy another GM vehicle. We were a GM loyal customer since 1980. We will be buying a Honda from now on. We have been given the runaroud by GM Lawyers.

I have 2008 Colorado (bought as a certified pre-owned vehicle in Aug. 2009). I have had several problems including a broken front axle, an issue with the service engine light, and the latest is an issue with the brake lights and cruise control. Took it to the dealer in March 2010 and they said they thought they found the short and fixed it. They also replaced a brake switch, but made no mention of the recall. They said at the time that if the fix for the short did not work to bring it back and the would look some more. The fixes worked for a couple of days and then the brake lights and cruise no longer worked. Took it back to the dealer and this time they said that the connectors to the brake lights were melted and said it was my fault. The truck had been 'somewhere hot' and would not be covered under warranty. There was no damage any where else on the vehicle. Called GM to complain and am still waiting on a resolution. To me me this is go obviously related to the recall, but when I mentioned the recall GM said they cannot comment on recalls!
Very disappointed, will not do business with dealer or GM again!

I have an 05 gmc canyon 4 cyl. I had problems with the truck idiling low and sometimes even shutting off when i was coasting in neutral (manual shift) I brought it to my mechanic (not a GC dealer because they don't seem to know much and couldn't fix it themselves) and he fixed it very easily. I guess all he had to do was spray some cleaner stuff up in the throttle body? Not to familiar with vehicles but believe this was what was cleaned.

to the guy who loves his truck but got rear ended, your brake lights were probably out, thats why the "moron" hit you. GM makes junk. To the used car guy, worried about retail value: why would I buy a GM pile of dookie, when its parked next to a Toyota?? Duh

Same problems as david, fault indications, but my brake lights wont light up, even though the tail lights come on for night time (as in, the bulbs function, but won't brighten)

We bought a 2004 Colorado in 2004 with 40 thousand miles. Within a month the front end and steering failed. (broken steering rack, leaking power steering hose, leaking axel seals...). Had to replace almost the full front end. Today the rear breaks blew up and they had just been inspected a month ago. They are also telling us the front tie rods are failing and "getting ready to cause more damage."
We have also had the light problems and the stalling out issue.
When this truck works it is wonderful but I'm almost up to $5000 in repairs and I have not even paid it off yet. Of course it has no trade in value and in the current economic crisis I can't afford another truck. It is my only vehicle so I'm grounded right now and live 8 miles from a small town and 20 miles from any public transportation. Not a big fan of Chevy anymore.

I have a 2007 Colorado pickup, purchased new in 2007. I had to have the clutch replaced in less than 2 years, last year, the master cylinder, brakes and the works and right front tire . I took auto to dealer and was told unusual wear and tear. The vechile was under 2 years old when the clutch had had to be replaced. Currently I have only 56,000 miles on this car. Anyone else had or having simarlar problems.

I had a 2006 Colorado (extended cab, 5spd, 2.8L) up until about 3 weeks ago, but some kid drove through a stop sign and slammed his father's Cadillac into my driver's side door. That truck had 105,000 miles on it and never gave me a single major problem. I did have an issue with the left front tire wearing out prematurely (regularly rotated) and the left front speaker blowing twice (low volume). Good on gas with a tank average of 27 mpg. Great truck all around! It allowed me to walk away from that crash with only a minor bruise, though it was totalled. I'm looking to buy another one.

I work on a friend's Colorado since she is a single mom with 3 jobs. There has been no end to the problems on this truck, from rubber trim peeling off the body, to brake problems, to water leaks soaking the interior, and now the 2 brake lights on the side don't work but the chmsl does. What a horrible truck. The thing is worthless as a trade. On the other hand, another friend has had 2 Tacoma crew cabs, the first, a 2002 which he traded with 120k miles, and the second, a 2006 with 95k. The total number of problems between the 2? One. A burnt out tail light bulb on the 2006. These were made in Fremont, CA by UAW workers, so obviously it's not workers or Japanese vs. American work ethic, but rather a management problem high up the food chain at GM.

I have had 2 GMC Canyon's going on 6 years now with minimal problems other than putting in gas and changing the tires. I found a very helpful site 355nation dot net for any questions I've had. Good gas mileage and easy to maintain.

I think if you don't own one of these trucks you really have nothing to say. Go and kiss Toco's butts. the recent toco recalls is just the surface of their crap.

I've had strange electrical problems with my 2004 Chevy Colorado. Sometimes the power door locks will stop working (including when I shift from park to drive). Had a bad wiring harness and set off my alarm as I was hooking a trailer to it and had to get the wiring harness replaced, was pulled over because my tail lights were constantly on (later found there was a recall), pulled over again by police when my tail lights completely stopped working a month later, and once in a while either the left or right side headlight and side marker lamp will not work. I had to get my parking brakes replaced twice and now my truck won't start. I jump started it only to have it fail to start an hour later but this time it wouldn't jump start. It is in the shop right now but tomorrow I will be taking it to the Toyota Dealer and trade it in on a Tacoma if I can afford one. If not, I guess I'll try a Ford. GM has lost my business for good.

My 09 Colo with 13000 miles has a clatter when it starts up, has done this since day one. The dealer says it is ok.... Sounds like a lifter or tensioner that's leaking down or oil pump losing prime or something oil pressure related. It only rattles for a few seconds, mostly after sitting for a few hours. I5 engine. Anyone else with this going on? Thanks, Woody

i also have the same problem with a ticking noise in the front top end of my engine, on startup its fine but after a min of idle it gets louder and brought it to my mechanic and he wanted me to bring it to gm to see if its a recall before he works on it. also have a major vacuum leak in the intake which has cost me over 100 kms of gas. front end seems to raddle like crazy but no tire problems yet. my master power window switch stops working every now and then and had it twice that my gauge cluster stopped working. so far no problems with brake lights. i have to say i am not inpressed with this truck, i owned a 90 chevy with 280 000 kms and had no problems with it what so ever

My colorado has been hacing electrical problems. First My ICU went out and then my O2 sensors and now my ABS is faulty

For the guy that had the front right tire wear out in 8000 miles. Mine were not wearing that fast but took it to 3 different alighnment places and all said it was ok. Took it more recently to an actual just alignment guy and he said it was in tolerance but that you some times actually have to use your brain and do some adjusting to make the tires not wear. If i were you i would find an alignment guy that does nothing but that and get it looked at.

My 2007 chevy colorado sometimes will crank but not start Wait a few minutes and it will usually start and run fine. I sometimes acts like it is going to start for just a second. Someone suggested the fuel pump might be bad. Could it be that I have a bad electrical connetion somewhere going to the fuel pump?

oh and one more thing! my abs starting going off when i would just slow down at stop signs it was dnagerous so i just took the abs main fuse out and they work fine but my chekc engine light and abs lights are always on check engine light has been for awhile once again garbage!

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